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Dark to Light Discernment Not for The Faint of Heart . . .

Kris Jenner Candles -Wicks of Wisdom -

WW = 23 50% of chromosomes - 46 equals perfection or completion of Baphomet.

Q3182 Be careful who you follow. Follow the money.

The INSIDER Summary writes this: Kris Jenner once hosted an infomercial for "Wicks of Wisdom" candles. The candles were developed by a "psychic medium" who claims they can improve relationships, health, and more. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is well known for promoting questionable health and beauty products, especially on Instagram.

Collectively they've endorsed waist trainers, "detox" teas, and even something called "butt plumping cream."

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But no endorsement can top the time that matriarch Kris Jenner attempted to sell "spiritual" candles in a 100% real, very low-budget, 28-minute infomercial.

The line of candles is called "Wicks of Wisdom" and was created by Dr. Linda Salvin, a woman who "became a psychic" after surviving a plane crash in 1981, according to her website.

She claims her candles "can help you tap into universal energies that can help you overcome the most hopeless of situations," There's one set of candles to solve money problems, another to attract love, one for increasing good luck, and one for improving health. [1]

Q3124 The face of a watch/clock has multiple versions.

So, it is said that Kim’s husband Kanye West gave his live to Jesus Christ after a break-down in 2016? Today, he is growing a movement known as Kanye’s Sundays Service. Here is a recent production as found on Lagos Publicity TV.

Jesus Is King is the ninth studio album by American rapper Kanye West. The album follows a Christian theme, with West describing it as "an expression of the gospel.

Then, we have Kim involved with the First Step Act. [VIDEO 3] Kim while in law school continues to keep her busy schedule in photo shoots, care for her children, and now she has become an activist in the criminal justice reform.

It seems this family has traveled from the dark corridors of satan’s den to the light of Holiness.

However, as I scrolled through Kim’s twitter feed, it was hard to trust the transformation as she is deciding between glam or goth for halloween. Especially when I read this from @NoemyeWest


As I look at their eyes and look at the fruit it isn’t jiving. Yet, who am I to say? This is only my personal feeling. In the meantime, because they are influencing so many, and a HUGE following is still hopefully hearing a Gospel message, I urge everyone listening to this video to please keep the Kardashian-West family in your prayers. We need to pray for discernment and for divine intervention over this family. We also need to pray these same prayers over their fans.

In the meantime, @mediamaven06 reminds us when talking about POTUS and the criminal justice program: Everyone deserves a second chance to make their lives better and more productive. Criminal justice reform is going to help so many who wouldn’t have a shot at turning their lives around rejoining society. No other President got this done for jailed individuals who need our help. This applies to most people as well.

If this family is using our Holy Father as a lure to trick and trap innocent souls for the intent of darkness, there will be certain justice. If they have been truly delivered, there will be certain blessings. Time will tell. What are your thoughts? Has this family truly seen the light?

President Trump has taken the first step in justice reform, it is up to us to take the second step with him.

Q2528 Power belongs to the people. You are what matters. All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER. Trust yourself. Think for yourself. You are not alone. Open your heart and your mind. Where We Go One > We Go ALL!!! Q



Dark 2 Light TAV Sep 10, 2019

Dedicated to Tomorrow... and every day after that. Never Forget. @not124getYQU




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Kris Jenner talks Candle Magic, Real Spiritual Results for Money, Love, Luck and Health SPELLS

Dr. Linda Salvin May 10, 2012 728 subscribers 13:14


Pres. Trump & Kim Kardashian West on The First Step Act Elex Michaelson Apr 2, 2019

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