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Don't Panic - Patriots Are in Control

Q3387 Listen very carefully (again). Note past (2) years. Note next (6) years. You were told what was going to happen. You were told what battles we face. Strategic. Pre_planned. Patriots in control.

Abraham Groening and his father Abraham Sr. were staunch Mennonite parishioners in a church located southwest of Hillsboro in Marion County, Kansas. Young Abraham went by the nickname AA. He was hired by his father at age 16 to teach children—most of them his siblings. AA’s father had immigrated to America from the Ukraine.

When the first war broke out, a draft notice was sent to AA Groening, but being a pacifist, he tried to dodge fighting in the war. Vigilante groups in Kansas are out to prove their patriotism and protect America by kicking some German pacifist’s butt. One night, they pick Abraham Groening as a target. He received wind of it and drove his family to his brother-in-law’s house. John Siebert hid the car in the barn and the Groenings in the attic.

Then he told everyone to keep quiet. The vigilantes came on horseback with torches and guns, circling the house but not entering. Shortly thereafter, on September 18, 1918, Abraham Groening had a quick farm sale and moved his family to Canada.

The draft-dodging AA Groening married in Canada, and had a son named Homer. When the war is over, AA continued graduate work at the University of California and returned to Tabor College as a professor in 1920. By 1930 he was Dean of Tabor College and instrumental in starting the athletic department.

This man went from teaching in a one-room school at age sixteen to a doctorate in science. He spent time at Kansas University, the University of California—probably Berkeley, and the University of Chicago. Somehow, he was able to return to his Mennonite Brethren alma mater as faculty and even briefly as Dean without controversy.

He moved on to Oregon and continued a distinguished career. His religious affiliation later in life is unknown.

Homer Philip Groening was born to AA Groening and Elizabeth Nickel in 1919.

In 1930 Homer married Margaret Wiggam. He had strong aesthetic interests and worked in advertising. He also made films and wrote poetry and cartoons. He fought in World War Two as a pilot—which probably produced some interesting conversations with his father AA.

Homer Groening forfeited a teaching career over a career in advertising, media and illustration. His wife Margaret Wiggam; however, was a teacher. [1]

So, how did the cartoonist of today, come to illustrate and produce some of the most proleptic cartoons of our day? Matthew Groening who grew up in a family of strict Mennonite religion, has produced videos that some would even say were sacrilege. We know these cartoons as “The Simpsons”.

Q3567 How do you get ahead of a story? Coincidence?

In 1997, Groening teamed up with David S. Cohen know known as David X Cohen. [2]

Cohen graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in physics and from the University of California, Berkeley with a Master's degree in computer science. Cohen was classmates in the Harvard physics department with Cats & Dogs and Antz director Lawrence Guterman. Both studied under physicist Sidney Coleman. [3]

How have these two producers been able to produce animated videos that come to life years later? Perhaps this video may help you understand a bit more. [VIDEO 1] Did Groening and Cohen learn these prediction methods using Sidney Coleman’s Quantum Field Theory?

As pointed out in this article in The Wrap, "The Simpsons" has an eerie knack for predicting the future, from Donald Trump's presidency to U.S. beating Sweden for an Olympic gold medal in curling. There are at least 14 times the long-running comedy series got it right. [4]

Which brings us to the latest predicted warning. Here at “Before It’s News”, we learn there are connections validating a warning for 11/3/2019 in Seattle? Could it be 11/3/2020? 3/11/2020 or some other date and place? The writer suggests we must warn people of possible plans.

This is a good example of how the men behind the curtain communicate. It will be hard for them to catch us off guard if we are always watching and exposing. As a watchman, we are called to share any messages we believe to be of important nature.

Here is a message from Julian T: [VIDEO 2] I personally, think this is a stretch, but many are convinced the coded messages in “My Pet Goat” are actual warnings from the illuminate.

The author reminds us, it’s been a long time since 9.11 and he believes a much bigger event is coming soon. Order out of chaos is their motto. Stay vigilant friends! [5]

The wicked master minds love the concept of three elevens. Why? Because three elevens equal 33; the Master Masons number. Speaking of 311 and 911. Did you know there was a 3-11 in the past? Well, on March 11, 1968, the Deep-State put a Russian sub near Pearl Harbor, and it blew up in the sub and the sub sank.

Otherwise, if this bomb had not exploded prematurely, we would have experienced WWIII. It is said the Russian Deep State set this plan into motion and was going to blame it on China. Can you only imagine? Thankfully, we have a greater power watching over us.

We have been reminded by Q to remain calm. Some have questioned if even POTUS has time traveled. Perhaps Q has time traveled. Some have even referred to Ingersoll Lockwood’s publications of “The Adventures of Baron Trump” with Baron Trump as a time-traveler.

As I have researched for this video, I am becoming more convinced there is more to quantum physics than meets the eye. Is this how Q has been able to always be one step ahead of the game? Is this how POTUS has been winning at 4-D Chess? I think looking into the studies of Sidney Coleman certainly warrants investigation.

Meanwhile, after this research, I am feeling much more confident that our military teams and our amazing president now have this all under control. Meanwhile, prayer is ALWAYS the best guide in decision making. No, I don’t know the future, and I’m certainly no mathematician, but it is always wise to remain vigilant.

Q3568 Be vigilant. See something. Say something. Know your surroundings at all times. Q








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