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URGENT: Prayers for POTUS...

Q703 Prayer said every single day in the OO. JFK - Secret Societies. Where we go one, we go all.

Prayers for POTUS and beautifully stated by @striderraven1: Heavenly Father, Protect this President, his family, and his friends. Let no evil befall them. In Yeshua's name we pray. Amen

Trump-2Terms – 2020 @Natasha78d reminds us of the California fires. Here, she gives us a different point of view.

[1] Maybe they are burning the child trafficking tunnels. ...and here:

[2] So imagine what PGE Outage is really about, they may have had to shut down electricity so they could burn the Child Trafficking tunnels & all of the evidence am I close @GavinNewsom Asking for California

Q3568 [24hr Warning]. Be vigilant. See something. Say something. Know your surroundings at all times.

@jonvoight Tells America: Let Us Stand [VIDEO1]

Thankfully, we have a President that truly cares about our brave women and men who sacrifice for our country. Our President truly loves his citizens. [VIDEO 2]

Meanwhile, our former FBI director has this to say:

@Comey: Those are my 7-year-old godson’s Star Wars toys. We promised not to take them down. And they are awesome anyway.

President Trump delivers remarks at Values Voter Summit [VIDEO3]

Hooray!!! Our troops are coming home. Finally, a President who doesn’t want war. [VIDEO4]

@kbq225 writes: And demons fled in terror! Amen. Here, we have Pastor Brunson praying over POTUS [VIDEO5] Today, in such turbulent times, prayer is more important than ever. We can change the world if we collectively pray together to overcome the hopelessness. Many are expressing their grievances to me of how this oppression is affecting their lives. It is in these times, if we are willing to deliver our sins at the foot of the Cross,

He will lift us up and show us the way. Our President is burdened with more spider webs than one can ever imagine. In our daily prayers and meditations, we can lighten not only our loads but the loads on our President and his family as well. Let’s turn these ruthless attacks from the sinister forces and bring light back into the USA.

Q2494 This was not simply another 4-year election, but a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov't. Panic in DC. Q

My sincere apologies to those who were expecting a live stream from me on Saturday morning. Well, Friday evening, with the assistance of my IT tech friend, we discovered my computer couldn’t handle the load of live streaming with the App that was needed. Somehow, in that process, the YouTube feed started up the chat room.

Well, "you know who” promptly issued a strike on this channel implying the live feed was spam. I’ve appealed the decision considering I was never able to start the live stream, but I’ve received no response from them. Now, "you know who” has restricted me from making live streams.

I truly appreciate everyone who is sharing these videos, since this channel is buried deep in the abyss. Your sharing these videos is probably the only thing keeping this channel going. I could never do this without you. We are in this together as a TRUE TEAM, and I am the luckiest lady to belong to such a great group of Patriots.





Fallen Soldier Coming Home June 9, 2018 Carmel Legault



Trump Gets Emotional While Talking About Syria Oct 10, 2019 Gateway Pundit


President Trump Delivers Remarks at Values Voter Summit Oct 12, 2019 The White House


President Trump: "It's Time for Our Troops to Come Back Home" Dec 19, 2018 The White House


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