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WARNING: Four of the Most Dangerous Elements...

One of my favorite Twitter researchers, Christine Polon1 did an amazing job showing us how the crooked government has waged an assault against our President and we the American People.

This is a message I encourage each of you to archive. Because of certain words being banned on this format, there is a certain word I will omit, but I bet you will be able to figure it out soon enough. Here we go:

Lady War Anon tweets: 1) Understanding Military Strategy and the Four Levels of Attacks. I will explain this the best I can in this thread, and hopefully we will all better understand #HowWeFight 1. Tactical 2. Operational 3. Strategic 4.

Political Q has said repeatedly, WE ARE AT ATTACKS. #QAnon #WWG1WGA

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Q reminds us: When you don’t have the facts to support your arguments (present logical reasoning). You must resort to the above tactics. The NARRATIVE is designed to keep people in a constant state of FEAR thereby forcing ANGER, RAGE, VIOLENCE. Emotionally unstable people are easier to CONTROL.

HUBER will bring SEVERE PAIN TO DC. SESSIONS forced release of name [HUBER] to House created another variable. Use Logic. Why would we tell you the plan in in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in HUNTING?

You are witnessing first-hand, the demise of those in power [OLD GUARD]. Those who push simply have no grasp of reality. Those who push simply do not understand Fighting tactics.

Q 1581 posted January 20, 2018 reads: We serve at the pleasure of the President. We left the decision on timing to him. Today, at the rally, he made his decision. Shift in tactics. Attacks.

This drop opens with [INTERNAL CIVIL ATTACKS]. This drop instructs us how the D party is using the propaganda arm of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA to launch their all-out-assaults against our duly elected President. Then lastly, informs us: WE ARE AT ATTACK.

Lady War Anon tweets: 2) Tactical Fighting A. DIVISION - THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED - The individual level thru division B. This tactic starts now thru the next 48 hrs. C. Level where one sees the face of battle (PANIC IN DC). Political has the ability to affect the 3 other levels. Q 2994 STAY UNITED

A simple definition, though not an ironclad one, of the tactical level of Fighting might read (my words): “The tactical level of Fighting is that level where men meet and fight from the individual level through the division. It is the realm of skirmishes, engagements, and battles.

Planning at the tactical level starts at “now” and occurs out to roughly 48 hours in the future, or at most a few weeks. The tactical level of Fighting is where one sees the face of battle.” Most weapons systems used in Attacks.

Q post 3304: March 29, 2019 Managing Editor at NBC/MSNBC Bullies Journalist to Hold Story so She Could Clear it with DNC. [Dafina Linzer] FAKE NEWS –propaganda arm of the [D] party.

Q 2994 March 6, 2019 PEOPLE ARE PAWNS IN THEIR SICK GAME OF GLOBAL DOMINATION. PEOPLE ARE DIVIDED TO PREVENT A RISING OF THE PEOPLE. Following, is a list of all the ways the corrupt globalists divide those they perceive as pawns.

Q 1581 January 20, 2018 We serve at the pleasure of the President. We left the decision of timing to him. Today, at the rally, he made his decision. Shift in tactics. Attacks.

Lady War Anon tweets: 3) Operational A. Blueprint - Bend the enemy to your will. B. Campaigns - Designed to win the larger objective. The Dem Party uses the #MSM, press as a propaganda (lying) machine. Psychology 101. #EnemyOfThePeople "Every battle is won before it's ever fought." #GodWins #QAnon

The operational level is somewhat more difficult to define and understand. Operational level planning occurs with the intent of setting missions and objectives that will bend the enemy to your will in an entire theater of operations. Think of this as the blueprint that helps you build a house from a bunch of bricks. Each brick is a tactical engagement.

You put them together to make a wall, and then a house. Operational level plans are known as “campaigns.” and by design each consists of a series of battles and engagements (ie. the ‘tactical level’) designed to win some larger objective. The operational level of Fighting is the realm of generals.

In Q 2751 the dialogue between the anon and Q is appropriately titled: The Lord Is Leading Us All in This Battle of Good Vs Evil

Q3387 reminds of POTUS’ Speech That Defines This Movement.

Q drop tells us the Think [WAPO]. FAKE NEWS readers (asleep not attentive or alert inactive) told to SUPPORT SESSIONS? “Every battle is won before its ever fought.” Are you awake?

Lady War Anon tweets: 4) Strategic Level: A. Grand, Nat'l, Mil Planning B. Highest levels (classified) C. How will we win D. Where decisions occur (NCA) Army E. Nat'l Resources F. Objective (MILITARY planning at its finest)

Thirdly, there is the strategic level of Fighting. Over time there have been various definitions and subsets of this overarching term. There has been “Grand Strategy” and “National Strategy” and “Military Strategy,” all of which address slightly different aspects of the same general concept. This level concerns the planning and conduct of the Attacks at the highest levels.

Strategic plans aim for objectives that lead directly to, or at least significantly toward, peace. In other words, these plans seek to answer the question, “How will we win this Attack?” It is easier to understand strategic concepts not by assigning a force level as a definition, but by understanding the level at which decisions occur.

Within the U.S. Army, strategic level decisions occur at the highest-level headquarters in the field, most often in conjunction and with the approval of the National Command Authority. This is the echelon that approves changes in force structure. Strategic decision also determines the allocation of portions of national resources.

Decisions about production of material and allocations of raw material and personnel occur at this level. Strategy plans lay out what the lower level campaign objectives should be, allocate forces, and choose the theaters in which campaign occur.

Q reveals this movement is The Greatest Military Intelligence Operation of Our Time

Q assures us to Trust the Plan, Full Control

Lady War Anon tweets: 5) Political Level A. Civilian Government - Congress - Declaration of Attacks B. Weapon - power of the press/reporters/MSM (Saving Private Ryan) C. The will of the People D. This level can affect the 3 other levels You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

We, the People hold the power. UNITED WE ARE STRONG. - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute new Government...

In the Political Level of Fighting, decisions involve the interrelationships between allies, decisions regarding the factors of production, the national will, and societal issues. And it is here that another profession holds great sway, one that operates in the realm of influencing civilians. Here, one of the most critical tools - “weapon” in all but name – is the power which is held by the press, by reporters.

A political decision may directly result in a tactical engagement and even have bearing upon the conduct of that engagement. For example, and to return to our Normandy example, it was a political decision made at the Attacks Department that resulted in a new rule that pulled sole surviving siblings out of combat zones.

(Yes, Saving Private Ryan is at least partially based upon a true story.) A political decision about something like Rules of Engagement or a desire not to seem too militaristic – such as the idea not to send U.S. armored vehicles to Somalia early in – can also have effect on the nature of these fights.

Here in Q 1700 Q reminds us of the 1776 Declaration of Independence and implies it is time to use prudence in possibly removing the corrupt government as it is.

Lady War Anon tweets: 6) The "weapons of our Fighting" are spiritual, not carnal. "Our God is mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.' Have faith. Faith works by love. Trust the plan. #TheGreatAwakening Weapons of our Fighting - Ephesians 6:10-18 1Corinthians 13:4-13

This Q drop 1432 recites Ephesians 6: 10-18 reminding us to Be Strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power.

Here Q reminds us of what love is all about in the Bible Scripture 1 Corinthians 13: 4-3

Finally, we are once again reminded of Q 1700 the 1776 Declaration of Independence. It is the Right of the People to alter or abolish a destructive government and institute a new Government.

Sources: Trump: What Biden did was a disgrace

Sep 23, 2019 Fox News

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected October 24, 2016 Berikande Mångfald Trump spars with CNN's Acosta: You have an agenda, you're fake news Feb 15, 2019 Fox News

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