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NEVER FORGET: The Day Before

Q1401 What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)? Stay vigilant.

In a public speech to the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Department of Defense “cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.” CBS later calculates that 25 percent of the yearly defense budget is unaccounted for, and quotes a long-time defense budget analyst: “[Their] numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year.” Coverage of this rather shocking story is nearly nonexistent given the events of the next day. In April 2002 it was revealed that $1.1 trillion of the missing money came from the 2000 fiscal year. Auditors would not even quantify how much money was missing from fiscal year 2001, causing “some to fear it’s worse” than 2000. The Department of the Army stated that it would not publish a stand-alone financial statement for 2001 because of “the loss of financial-management personnel sustained during the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.” These $1.1 trillion plus unknown additional amounts continue to remain unaccounted for, and auditors say it may take eight years of reorganization before a proper accounting can be done; which was never done until 2017. [1] Q1746 NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS THE MEDIA WILL NOT PUSH THE TRUTH. MSM IMPLICATED IN HIGHEST LEVEL TREASON EVENT IN US MODERN DAY HISTORY.

A Zogby poll in late August 2004 found 49 per cent of New York City residents and 41 per cent of New York citizens overall agreed that “some leaders in the U.S. government knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to take action.” With attempts at identifying a new ‘external enemy’ so far failing, is it possible that, instead, this growing suspicion around 9/11 developed into an unprecedented public scandal? But what are these suspicions about? Are they simply the result of rumor and ‘urban legend,’ or could some of the disturbing allegations now being made be found true in the future? Let’s examine Donald Rumsfeld’s behavior the day of the attacks.

As U.S. secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld was on this day second in the military chain-of-command behind the president. Yet details of what he did during the attacks are sketchy and from what we currently know, he did nothing in response to the crisis until it was too late to make a difference.

According to Rumsfeld, on that morning he was hosting a breakfast meeting at the Pentagon for some members of Congress. He told them that “sometime in the next two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve months there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong healthy defense department.” Soon after, someone walked in and gave him a note saying a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Yet Rumsfeld apparently was not moved to take action. His meeting was adjourned, and he went into his CIA briefing. While in his office with the CIA briefer, Rumsfeld says he was told of the second plane hitting the WTC. Yet he went ahead with a meeting in his private dining room at the Pentagon with his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz and U.S. Representative Christopher Cox, to discuss how to win votes for Bush’s defense plan.

During this meeting, Rumsfeld was apparently oblivious to the fact that an airplane was heading towards Washington. Then he predicted: “let me tell you, I’ve been around the block a few times,” he told Representative Cox. “There will be another event.” For emphasis, he repeated: “There will be another event.” Just minutes later the Pentagon was hit. Rumsfeld says: “I went outside to determine what had happened. I was not there long because I was back in the Pentagon with a crisis action team shortly before or after 10:00 a.m. On my return from the crash site and before going to the executive support center, I had one or more calls in my office, one of which was with the president.” Rumsfeld didn’t enter the National Military Command Center within the Pentagon though until 10.30. Brigadier General Montague Winfield says: “For 30 minutes we couldn’t find him. And just as we began to worry, he walked into the door of the National Military Command Center.” As the 9/11 Commission concluded: “The Secretary of Defense did not enter the chain of command until the morning’s key events were over.” Nor is Rumsfeld on the record as having given any orders that morning.

Yet, according to military procedure, if the Federal Aviation Administration were to notify the National Military Command Center of a hijacking, with the exception of “immediate responses” the NMCC was required to “forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval.” Of course, 9/11 would easily come under the heading of “immediate responses.” All the same, Rumsfeld has yet to be asked whether he was contacted in line with this military procedure and, if so, what did he do in response?

Interestingly, since 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld has made statements suggesting why he may have wanted an event like 9/11 to occur. For example, in a televised interview two years after the attacks, he described how he thinks about what a senior leader in the Gulf told him, that maybe 9/11 was “a blessing in disguise,” and a “wake-up call” for the world to deal with the growing threat of terrorism. Rumsfeld said he agreed with this, that 9/11 was indeed a ‘wake-up call.’ Or, was this event in fact a two-fold planned event to (a.) preparation to implement George Herbert Walker Bush’s 1000 points of light and (b.) cover up the $2.3 Trillion unaccounted DOD monies. [2]

"Until last year, DOD was the only large federal agency not under full financial statement audit," President Trump’s appointment for the DOD financial management team David L. Norquist told the most recent House Armed Services Committee. "Together we have changed that."

The DOD audit was extensive, he said. DOD has $2.7 trillion in assets and $2.6 trillion in liabilities. The audit involved more than 1,200 auditors reviewing hundreds of thousands of items in more than 900 site visits to 600 locations. These audits verify the count, location and condition of military equipment, property and inventory. These audits test for vulnerabilities in financial business systems, and validate the accuracy of personnel records. Well, now we have solved the DOD financial crisis. Let’s finally get to the bottom of the most tragic day in US history. No one buys the Wikipedia story that the bots will slap on the thumbnail of this video and all videos today that illustrate America’s mistrust for the false narrative of the biggest false flag in history. [3]

Q3432 "DRAIN THE SWAMP" does not simply refer to removal of those corrupt in DC…. GOD WINS. Q





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