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How To Decipher The Clock and Understand Mirrors

How To Decipher The Clock and Understand Mirrors

Before we get started today, I need to share with you how to find me with the inevitable event I am removed from this platform. I will also have the links in the description box as well, just below my required sponsor ad. The correct address is:

and I am also on the sister platform as https://wg1wga/ProjectWeepingAngel Remember to include the https://

I'm sharing this with you because the attacks against this channel are unprecedented of late. As you will notice, on most of the videos, there is a skipable commercial. Well, someone is getting paid for these, and it is not me. As you will see, the standard for my videos is to deem them as "Not Suitable For Most Audiences"; therefore, these produce no monetary compensation to me, yet my audience is forced to deal with them anyway. Legally, if they are airing ads on videos, then these videos with ads should be subject to compensation to the channel owner, but that is not happening. Somehow, they have figured a way around it. Meanwhile, they are playing with the the video Volume, Views, Likes, Notifications, and Subscribers continually. It is a matter of time. If you like this channel and don't want to miss my videos, it is important that you join me ASAP at . I've already started uploading the most recent videos there, so go enjoy!

Now, to get to the message for today...

Since 8Chan has been down, we have learned a lot about ourselves. In Q's last post Q3570 You have more than you know. Q was reminding us to use the skills we've been taught over the last two years. ...and I have certainly seen this happen over the last two weeks. There are some basic skills Q taught that I think deserve a refresher course that will be a huge help to our deciphering some of the previous posts.

Last year on June 18, 2018, NeonRevolt introduced Evil Wulf to us.

Once the app was completed NeonRevolt gave us this very important link. BTW, this link will be at the bottom of the description box for those who wish to download the application onto their computers.!8op1XBqB!bxLdiy6ayTdjf5CEZP7YAv6dBepKUMewxeTwWNybZ3A This is the link to download a workable Q clock

Here are the instructions for how to download the clock Download the program zip here: QClock

Unzip it into a new folder. I named mine “QClock,” naturally.

Open up that new folder.

Run “Qclock.exe”

The first time you run the program, it will ask you to “Set a Location.” No, it’s not asking for your street address. It just needs a folder to download all the Qdrops into. So, what I did for my setup was create a new folder inside the Qclock folder, named QData.

[add Q-clock data block from images in Q-clock documents]

The program will “think” for a minute or so, while it downloads all the Qdrops from

Once its done with that, you’re good to go!

Evil Wulf on Gab created this amazing Q-clock

Here is Neon Revolt's link to Evil Wulf's amazing app:

Here is the section where Neon Revolt is explaining how Evil Wulf's app works and how to go about the download process:

However, remember to go to this link to get the actual app:!8op1XBqB!bxLdiy6ayTdjf5CEZP7YAv6dBepKUMewxeTwWNybZ3A

What the QClock allows you to do is navigate to a certain date, and pull up all corresponding #QAnon drops from that date.

So in the screenshot, you see the field up top marked “04.” That’s where you input what time you want, from 0 to 59.

Below it, highlighted in blue?

Those are the corresponding days Q posted. So for day “04,” Q posted on 12/11, 02/09, and 04/10.

If there’s a date, but it’s not highlighted, then there were no posts for that day.

To actually see the posts from a day, all you have to do is double click on the day.

That will open up a little window with the Q post inside, as well as the number of posts up top.

So you can see here:

That selector lets you see not only the number of posts from that particular day, but allows you to cycle through all the posts.

You can open as many of these little windows as you want at any time, to display any amount of Q drops.

All data is pulled from, and the genius bit about it is – if Q comes back and drops more intel – all you have to do is his that “Update Q button” in the main window to pull down those posts to the program.

There's one catch. This is a Windows-only program right now or at least at the time of that post.

I found this path and training at Neon Revolt and you can check out Evil Wulf on Gab at

So, this is how you use the Qclock the easy way. Well, what if you don't have access to your personal computer? You can still work the clock manually, and here's how"

To decipher the Qclock the old-fashioned way, you will do so by creating a 60 minute clock

On the Q clock: 60 days equals 60 minutes

The Clock starts on 12/07/2017 the the year the Q clock began

The marker given is 00 for that day.

So, for the sake of this video, we will go with the first Q-clock posts.

Circles on the clock equals the dates that Q posts

For instance, today's date is August 23rd, so there would not be any post circled on this day, since Q isn't currently posting

So following the Q-clock of 12/07/2017 we see the dates on 12/07/17, 02/05/18, 04/06/18, are circled, and on these dates 06/05/18 and 08/04 2018, those are not circled and 10/03/18 and 12/02/18 those dates are circled, and 01/31/19, 04/01/19, and 05/31/19 those dates are not circled, and finally the date 07/30/19 is circled.

Most likely, all the circled dates with posts in line of number 00 as in 12 o'clock are related.

Here's where things get a little tricky. When Q posts something like: Q1953 Think MIRROR. This is what that means. The mirror of 12 o'clock or 00 will be 6 o'clock or 30; since there are 30 tickers between the two sets of hours.

There, we will find posts on the 6 o'clock time, but remember each hour is counted as minutes, so we are looking at the 30 mark

The circled dates are 01/06/18, 03/07/18, 09/03/18, 11/02/18, and 03/02/19

So, you find the exact minute of the date you are on, Find the circled dates that line up, and when Q says, think mirror, move to the other side of the clock and follow those circled dates. There you have it, these are the groups of post that will somehow be related that Q is communicating to tie together.

However, thanks to the amazing work of Evil Wulf, this manual process can be all but eliminated.

We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Evil Wulf and Neon Revolt for helping make this process much easier from this amazing app.

As we have learned to dig and probe, we have been able to recharter history. Much have been unveiled in spite of the removal of 8chan and the Q boards. A lesson we have discovered in this feeble attempt from the Deep State to remove our favorite source of intel is:

Q 1102 PEOPLE have POWER. Don't forget how to PLAY. TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG. Q

#qanon #qanondecodes #censorship #WeepingAngelII

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