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ON VIEW: Great Burning Fires ! ! !

Q3304 [Dafna Linzer] FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party.

Who in the world is Dafna Linzer? Well, let’s see:

This press release found at broadcasting cable dot com on Oct 8, 2015, reads: Heading into the 2016 election, NBC has named Dafna Linzer to the newly-created post of managing editor of politics for NBC News and MSNBC. The political desk will report to Linzer, who will divide her time between Washington and New York and report to NBC News president Deborah Turness and MSNBC president Phil Griffin. Now, let’s further explore why Q mentioned Dafna Linzer in association with the Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party? [1] [2]

In this Wiki Leak’s dump, you can see an email exchange between Lou Miranda and Mark Kornblau with Dafna Linzer included in both exchanges. We are able to learn these two were trying to arrange for Mika and Alex Korson to meet with a person they were referring to as the Chair. Understand, Luis Miranda was the Communications Director of the Democratic National Committee. In these email exchanges, it is clear these parties; The Communications Director of the Democratic National Committee and the Senior Vice President, Communications for the NBCUniversal News Group were fraternizing at a dinner with one another. Is this Chair they were referring to, meant to be Hillary. [3]

[VIDEO 2] Q520 BIG news week? Future proves past. What news was unlocked? Do you believe in coincidences?

Q1515 THE BRIDGE: PODESTA GROUP. Bridge between media, FBI/DOJ, HRC+. Why did the Podesta Group close?

[GET IMAGES FROM THIS LINK 3] This ZeroHedge article is filled with information. In fact, an entire video can be made over this one article. For the sake of this particular video I am highlighting only a small portion of the information on the Bridge closing from this article. It reads: Former Podesta Group employees have spilled the beans about their former boss, Tony Podesta - in a scathing Wall Street Journal article which details the firm's collapse. As part of the report, The Journal got its hands on "internal Podesta Group accounting," as well as "financial documents, calendars and communications."

The D.C. lobbying firm founded in 1993 by John and Tony Podesta folded shop following Hillary Clinton's monumental loss in the 2016 US election, when a flood of clients ran for the door virtually overnight, realizing the Podesta Group's influence ended with the Clinton campaign.

The Journal describes Tony Podesta's fall as a "calamitous collapse" following the 2016 US election: Then he fell, a calamitous collapse propelled by unexpected blows, delivered by fate and made worse by hubris. Financial problems, legal threats and the election of President Donald Trump took it all away—the clients, the firm and, finally, Mr. Podesta’s position as one of Washington’s most influential players. From there, the lists of crimes and unethical behavior is enough to keep us all awake at night.

The lovely part is President Trump tells it like it is in this tweet:

@realDonaldTrump: The biggest story yesterday, the one that has the Dems in a dither, is Podesta running from his firm. What he know about Crooked Dems is.... [4] (Hmmm...wonder why POTUS left out the (s) in know.)

Well at President Trumps latest rally in New Hampshire, he said this: [VIDEO 3] President Trump spoke at that rally with a resolve I’ve never seen before in his past messages. We’ve witnessed a trove of activity these past few weeks. From False Flag shootings to Epstein’s so-called suicide, we have been watching a movie which seems like something more out of the Twilight Zone.

So, guess what we learned on Fox Business by Mary Anastasia O’Grady? [VIDEO 4] I suspect the heat is getting hotter. While Hillary is scheming and dreaming in Ireland, looks like her welcome home is not looking so welcoming.

There are things we can be doing to combat these traitors in powerful places. I have teamed up with to do my part in bringing structure back into DC. On the COS Home page, there is a link to download the Article V pocket guide with a Petition, which reads: Sign the Petition to Call for a CONVENTION OF STATES:

I support the Convention of States Project; a national effort to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.


Q1815 We have the server[S]. Q

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