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REVEALED: Red Cross, RED RED, and Those Pesky Flies.


Q3550 [VIDEO] Anon video

Q post from January 7, 2018: US taxpayers are paying for it all. Paris accord=scam (trillions) Red Cross=scam (billions) Foreign Aid=scam (trillions) WAR=scam (trillions) …...on...and....on....... Who audits where the money actually goes? Who actually receives the money? The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down. Slush funds everywhere. Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket? The hole is deep. Feel sick yet? Then in Q3550, Q writes, Unrelated but worth noting. Q3560 writes Logical Q. In this drop, we are taken to a link to Battle Born’s Tweet:

Why does the Red Cross have all this money? Where is it going? [VIDEO]

Q1249 Define smuggle. What is smuggled? What funds are used to pay for the goods? These people are sick. Relevant to events about to unfold.

Q3561 The More You Know…MSM coverage? When you control the media, you control public opinion. Next, Q leaves three very important links:

In this first link, we see a 46-page auditor’s report of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on the Consolidated Financial Statements 2017. In this report, there are a group of supposed campaigns where monies were raised and the International Federation of Red Cross did not claim the proceeds as income, but rather contingent assets. These campaigns include the 2016 campaigns for Save the Children International, Bloomberg Family Foundation, Inc, and the 2017 campaigns the German government to support forecast based financing, Red Cross & Red Cresent Movement for the UK, Nigeria complex emergency appeal, and the emergency plan for Yemen.

Then the next link takes us to a 309-page document outlining the gross negligence and waste of $487 Million donated to Red Cross for the Haiti Assistance Project.

This final link takes us to National Public Radio Dot Org. Here, we see an article titled “Report: Red Cross Spent 25 Percent of Haiti Donations on Internal Expenses”. This article is about Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley’s report, and it tells how the charity's top officials stonewalled congressional investigators and released incomplete information about its Haiti program to the public. It concludes "there are substantial and fundamental concerns about [the Red Cross] as an organization."

American taxpayers have been duped by the not-for-profit foundations. Worse yet, those who were the most vulnerable who depended on their help were left in unspeakable conditions. Those trusted to bring hope and healing were in fact bringing death and greif to wonderful people worldwide.

As we all may agree, the leaders of the pack can be seen in this image Q gave us in In Q3562. Here Q reminds us of Psalm 78:45: He sent among them swarms of flies, which devoured them, and frogs, which destroyed them. ...and who can forget those disgusting flies??? [VIDEO] This video by Stash Prada titled: Revolt of the Deplorables explains perfectly how Flies are attracted to death; and Obama and Hillary are a death curse. ...but it doesn’t stop there. There are those posed as bearers of light that also bring death.

We have, Q3563 that reads Godfather III. It's going to be BIBLICAL. From there we have a link that leads to Pope Francis @Pontifex: Let us pray that the Lord will free the victims of human trafficking and help us to respond actively to the cry for help of so many of our brothers and sisters who are deprived of their dignity and freedom. #EndHumanTrafficking [VIDEO]

Well, here was my response to @Pontifex. I wrote:There is still time for you to pray for repentance. Repent of your sins and ask Yeshua Christ into your life, He will transform you, and your sins WILL be forgiven. He gave his life for you and me and our many sins. Once you do this, you will no longer need to cling to paganism. You may be shocked I wrote such, but believe it or not, if this man truly repented and followed those steps; even his absolutely abhorrent evils will be forgiven. But one thing we have learned for sure. We now know who Q is referring to without a doubt as Godfather III.

Q274 Godfather III. Be prepared for what you find. Q

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Video Links:

Warmonger Hillary Clinton and Obama attract Flies? Stash Prada Published on Oct 24, 2016


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