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WARNING: This Is Not A Game...

Facebook survey ask users if they condone pedophilia. Q 3449 Worth remembering. Q

As far back as February 26, 2017 President Donald Trump has made good on his pledge to use the “full force and weight” of the U.S. government to break up child sex trafficking rings and lock up sexual predators.

Since Trump was sworn in, authorities have arrested more than 1,500 pedophiles in the United States. President Donald Trump issued an executive order giving the FBI extra power to crack down on human trafficking offenses.

The numbers are “staggering” when compared to the less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests made in 2014 according to the FBI. However, as you will learn shortly, there are still rogue elements in the FBI. So far, we’ve learned people in high places are the stronghold of a horrible practice continuing to unfold around the world. [1]

In the 1980s and 1990s, George H. W. Bush Sr. was alleged to be a leader of a large congressional homosexual pedophile sex and blackmail ring, "Operation Brown star". The "Boys Town" or Franklin child prostitution ring allegations were claimed to be part of a much larger pattern of abuse. Other elites allegedly associated include Ted Gunderson, Lawrence E. King, Jr. (aka Larry King), George Pender, Dick Cheney, John Sununu, Barney Frank, and others. "The Grand Jury dismissed the case as a hoax but former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp later investigated the claims and was horrified to learn that they were indeed legitimate. "Allegedly, those who revealed some of the illegal activity were "suicided".

Going back to June 2017: There were 238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust.

The Department of Justice conducted a series of raids across Los Angeles and arrested 238 people in connection with a Hollywood pedophilia network. According to police, the arrests included some "major Hollywood players" as well as politicians, white-collar professionals, a monk, and other high-ranking clergy members. Codenamed "Operation Broken Heart III", the sweeping raids targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography. [2] Then, on February 18th of 2018 we learn Actor Patrick Boll was arrested for soliciting a prostitute “with a group of men in a Florida hotel.”

Now that the founder of NXIVM has been found guilty of notorious sex crimes against children, and Jeffry Epstein is sitting in jail awaiting another trial for sexual crimes against children, we are all learning the painful truths of the horrors committed upon our children. Yet, why are those reporting these crimes continuing to suffer? Are there still rogue players in the FBI? Next, I will reveal some shocking revelations concerning a controversial researcher. Although, I think her tactics were concerning, she was reporting on serious allegations, nonetheless. [3] [4]

Q1371 Threats are real. This is not a game. This blog at Galactic Connection dot com tells the concerning news. On July 10, 2019, Patriot and Childrens Rights researcher Tracy Twyman mysteriously passed away at the age of 41 after receiving many threats and meeting with the FBI who refused to take her treasure trove of information on child trafficking. According to Tracy’s friend, the crooked FBI wouldn’t even meet her in the FBI building! Nothing is going to change in our country until the dirty FBI is cleaned up! Clearly with this happening to Tracy, it’s not been cleaned up at all! They are completely corrupt and covering up pedogate to this day! Please tweet this story @realdonaldtrump @potus and tell him to clean it up! Obviously, there are still rogue elements within the FBI.

Before Tracy passed, she recorded a video which was uploaded by a friend in case of the inevitable. Here is a note from person who posted the video:

Researcher Tracy Twyman sent a video on May 24, 2019. She asked not to share it publicly at the time because she was in fear for her life. She had been in communication with Isaac Kappy about threats she had received related to a campground near Williams, Arizona. Kappy lost his life very close to the campground. Today I learned that Tracy passed away at the age of 41, after quitting all social media including videos. I do not know the circumstances around it all, but if someone says “I’m afraid for my life” and then suddenly loses their life, this warrants further investigation. The timing of this as Jeffrey Epstein is arrested is highly suspicious. I note the mysterious disappearance of Robert the Deplorable, and also the sudden passing of researcher Jenny Moore in August 2018.

Here is a note from the blog where this story appeared:

Tracy was a guest on The Higherside Chats podcast a few times. This video was released on the 10th, but she made it two months ago and gave it to a friend. Her greatest fears have been realized, and her friend posted the video she made to be released in the event of such tragedy. This is the message she wanted to get out, but didn’t post because of her fears.

She apparently discovered a trove of pedophilia videos for sale or perhaps even the children themselves via the videos. She gathered binders of evidence, and took it to the FBI to report it. She was completely boxed out and they refused to take her report, even in the initial contact.

She had located a specific school in England near Yorkshire where it appeared many of the children there were being sold via a video outlet that I’m unable to mention. Many of the videos on that video outlet were also specifically designed as threats to the children. To learn more, please refer to the Galactic Connection source material at the bottom of this video. After reporting the video crimes to the FBI, Tracy’s internet connection starting frequently malfunctioning, and her phone was acting very strangely. Then she was receiving many threats with fears seemingly personally tailored to her, they apparently knew everything about her.

Kyle, a friend of hers and the host of the higherside chats, had a mental breakdown after beginning to investigate this information. Here is the 27-minute video link for you to watch at your convenience: this link can be found at the bottom of my description box listed as Tracy’s video. Please note: For many reasons, I cannot play her video on here, but I encourage you to scroll to the bottom of my description box and research the links I’ve left. You may also visit my blog at to continue this conversation. [4]

Q3447 What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH? What happens when the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can no longer control the narrative (when disinformation is no longer swallowed and/or accepted as auto-truth)? CHANGE IS COMING. THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q






[4] Galactic Connection

Video Sources:

Tracy’s video


Pedophile Ring Uncovered One America News Network Published on May 10, 2019

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