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BREAKING: Attempts Against POTUS Come to A Screeching Halt...

Attempts Against POTUS Come to A Screeching Halt...

Q586 Those [good] who know cannot sleep. Those [good] who know cannot find peace. Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable. Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there. The Salute to America festivities took off without a hitch. As the old saying goes: Celebrate today and fight tomorrow. Today, we learn that VP Mike Pence has left D.C. Tribunal Report on Twitter wrote: BREAKING: Immediately after the July 4th celebrations in DC, VP Mike Pence has swiftly boarded a small government gulfstream and left Washington DC. The destination is unknown, updates will follow. As you see here, Red and Black Attack tweeted: Why would a USAF Gulfstream Aerospace C-37B be using the call sign AF-2? You can see here the images of the flight pattern along with details of the plane VP Pence is flying in.

Then we see where deplorable nationalist Trump Kennedy tweets: An assassination plot was foiled earlier today, if it was revealed today it would place them in further danger. A premature reveal would affect the timeline, events, etc., once the snakes are in the box, Camelot & others won’t get bit or need additional protection. Who may those snakes be? Well let’s explore.

Revolution was responding to this tweet by confirming this: FLOTUS looked nervous and POTUS kept holding her hand and pulled her back for kiss before speaking. Not normal for them.

As we have all witnessed, the MSM has gone bonkers trying to undermine what may be one of the largest celebrations in the history of the United States. So, why would the enemies of the state be so intent on destroying this celebration? There was much chatter taking place prior to POTUS taking the stage. The shadow government is furious that “We the People” along with our fabulous POTUS are coming out of their bloody grip. Perhaps they didn’t like being called out. Penny LS Shepard tweeted: Trump names all my favorite psychos I hope to see go downtown to GITMO: Comey, Strokz, Clinton. Now name Bush, Obama, Clapper, my brother John. I will keep praying.

As we see in her tweet, Bush is listed. Maybe that explains this eerie tweet from Jeb Bush himself: Three presidents die on July 4th. Just a coincidence? Then he leaves a link to Constitution Daily that explains about John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe’s July 4th deaths.

In my opinion, Jeb Bush tweeting such a cryptic message is foolish and arrogant at the same time. For decades, evidence has mounted to implicate his father in the death of JFK, yet Jeb spitefully tweeted this message on a day that was intended to be a celebration for all Americans coming out of the grip of his father’s 1000 Points of Light.

The threats didn’t stop with Jeb. Here, an Obama sympathizer retired Major General Paul Eaton tweeted on July 3rd: It was my great privilege to serve 7 years as a general. Donald Trump says generals are thrilled with his appalling plan for Independence Day. More Trump Fiction. Generals speak softly. And carry a big stick. They never “thrill”. And should not stand near Trump tomorrow.

Notice his last sentence. ...and should not stand near Trump tomorrow. Q1222 Think public & private Twitter accounts. They all have them. These people are stupid. We have it all.!

Here we learn of a direct threat against our President Trump. On June 30th, a troll went into the Q boards and posted: We are going to assassinate President Trump July 4th with a high-powered rifle round to the face. The part; change our minds is cut off. Then it is signed WWG1WGA!

An Anon replies: USSS Anon here. We will indeed change your mind. Nice ISP you have there.

Of course, not to seem intimidated the provocateur replied in a series of posts: Come get me. I will kill you. We will kill you, then we will kill POTUS. Prove us wrong. You know who we are. Come get us. And in Red Bold Letters: HEAD SHOTS STOP COMPLETE. The next post continues with: Not trolling. We are actively planting bombs and plotting the assassination of Donald Trump. F Q team. Nope. We already have a plan. A REAL plan. Not like Q. Pay attention July 4th.

Another Anon chided the troll by responding with: nobody plots assassinations and brags about it. Stop (you)ing the troll. Then the troll responds with: Wrong. We do. Nothing will stop what is going to happen. Beware.

Somehow, I have a sneaky suspicion, this is what all the treats were about: John Q. Will tweeted: BREAKING: White House sources say steps are being taken for DECLAS to occur on the 4th at the same time as parade and ARRESTS. [Happy 4th] National Security.



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