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Mysterious Deaths & Missing Dogs...

Q3124 Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN]. surrounding death of former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, 57, deepens as judge issues gag order on all investigation documents

  • Linda Collins-Smith's body was discovered in her home in Pocohontas Tuesday

  • Neighbors said they heard gunshots a day or two before Collins-Smith was found

  • Sources said her body had decomposed, which made it difficult to identify

  • She was married to former Circuit Court Judge Philip Smith but divorced in 2018

  • As a state senator, Collins-Smith introduced or co-sponsored multiple bills seeking to expand the places where concealed weapons could be carried

  • Collins-Smith was also owner and operator of Days Inn and Suites in Pocohontas

Steve Outtrim (@steveouttrim) tweeted :

NOTE: She owned the Days Inn in Pocahontas AK. Coincidentally (?!) the Days Inn is where Isaac Kappy checked in immediately before his mysterious death (in Bellemont AZ). The Senator had appeared on #QAnon channel Patriots Soap Box; Kappy was also a Q supporter Norman police confirm a man found dead Wednesday night inside a residence in the 3900 block of Annalane Drive was 53-year-old Jonathan Nichols. Nichols was a former state senator. Police say he died from an apparent gunshot wound. Investigators are working with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office to determine the exact cause and manner of death. Police say the case remains under investigation by the NPD Criminal Investigations Division.Nichols served in the Senate from 2000 to 2012. He was currently serving as Senior Policy Advisor for House Speaker Charles McCall.

I love 4 10 20 tweeted: Former State Senator Jonathan Nichols was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound inside his home on Wednesday ... Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found shot to death at her home on Tuesday... #Cabal

[1] Curious Dancer wrote: 1) There have been 3 suspicious/unexpected deaths in the last week, plus 1 missing cop/mayor. 2 "suicides" and 1 homicide plus 1 potential suicide. Tragic events happen all the time, but these four instances are definitely unusual. Here is a breakdown of them....

[2] 2) Brian Brady (57) New Jersey; former NJ Cop/Mayor; rental car, 5/22 in NJ, suicide note written 5/24, brother rcv’s 5/28, reported missing 5/30. Cop suspended asking for unauthorized backgrnd checks. Resentencing scheduled 5/31. MISSING...

[3] Article about Brian Brady:

[4] 3) Steven Silks (62) NY; Deputy Chief of Queens; suicide shot in head 6/5; weeks away from mandatory retirement.

[5] 4) Linda Collins-Smith (57) AR; former AK State Senator; originally Dem, switched to Rep 2011. Found murdered 6/4, neighbors heard gunshots 6/2. Body wrapped in rug inside home and decomposing. Lived in Pocahontas, AR.

[6] 5) Joe Calabrese (58) NY; NYPD Homicide Dectective. Left hospital visiting wife (minor procedure) at 2 a.m. Found dead around 3 a.m. 5 minutes from home – suicide.

[7] 6) 6) Jonathan Nichols (53) OK; shot inside his home with gun on table across the room. Someone called police with report at 8:44.

Then, there is the husband of a Georgia Assistant Attorney shot dead.

Here’s another one re-tweeted by Tribunal Report: #BREAKING: ANOTHER DEATH, U.S. Commerce Department official Lola Gulomova, who previously worked for NASA and the World Bank, was killed on Friday in Washington D.C. Her role in the department was substantial. The original tweet came in from BON news: JUST IN: U.S. Commerce Department official Lola Gulomova killed in murder-suicide in Washington, D.C.

Q617 How do we truly protect those important to us? [19] immediates [no longer with us]. Self-suicide if actioned. Real life. Q

But here is the big one: Did Hillary suicided her own bro?

Tony Rodham is the youngest brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is a former repo man, prison guard and private detective who used to work to secure foreign financing for a company. In October 2013, Tony Rodham joined the advisory board of VCS Mining, a Delaware-based company that was planning a gold mine in the Cap-Haïtien and was awarded the contract for carrying mining activities. It was a both lucrative and controversial deal, because Haiti has an estimated gold reserve of about $20 billion and the permit for mining was not issued to anyone in the last 50 years. Haiti, hmmmmm....

Here’s an interesting tweet from Steven Lundgren: Clinton/Rodham/Libya/Haiti/Gold Thread. We Came. We Saw. He Died. But where is the Libyan gold? 'Newly discovered’ Haitian Gold? ThanQ

Did Clinton’s brother betray his evil sister, so he was included in suicide weekend?

Steven Lundgren also tweeted this suicide: Eyes On.. Another 'Apparent Suicide' Philadelphia’s openly gay sheriff and LGBTQ liaison died by apparent suicide ahead of city’s PrideDay

So, what’s with the criptic lost dog tweets? Seems these criminal cabal members have resorted to lost dog comms. AB Robinson: Dwelling in the land of lost doggos rn. Kamala Harris: Atlanta! Keep your eyes open. If you see Gumbo please email Here’s the picture of Gumbo. Notice the rainbow collar. ...and here is Cory Booker’s video looking for Gumbo. [VIDEO] But wait! Why is Barack Obama posting this? What a life. American history has always been driven by visionaries like Leah Chase—and all the men and women who worked and ate at Dooky Chase’s over the years—folks who serve up progress one bowl of gumbo at a time. Seems like Gumbo may be next...but, who is Gumbo. Well, on The Sainted Anon Channel on YouTube, Bill Smith clues us in. [VIDEO] Q1445 Track ALL suicides. Example 1: Think Spade. Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY). Trace to Import/Export. Trace from China/MX to Long Beach. Trace sale/spin off of Co. Trace to CF. Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)). Who granted? Hussein/HRC. Expect A LOT more. Q

Video Sources:


BREAKING : Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins Smith found dead at 57

Raging Rob Published on Jun 4, 2019



Deep State infiltrators Liv2.O/ 'Where's Gumbo'.. Bill Smith The Sainted Anon Channel

Published on Jun 8, 2019

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