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DECODED: The Burning Man's Last Post...

Q112 Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings. Repeat. Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings. More false flags imminent.

Most of my findings for this video came from titled, “Arnav Gupta: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know” Today, I’m using Gematria as a decode to the message I believe the Deep State is sending. Please, never use Gematria as a means to predict future events. [1] Arnav Gupta, age 33, [Notice his age 33 – the highest order of the Freemasons and a very significant number in Freemasonry] … well, he has been identified as the man who set himself on fire on the White House Ellipse [ the White House Ellipse totals 211 in English Ordinal, this Gematria value is the same value as workplace shooting] on May 29, 2019. [ May 29, 2019 totals 62 = Mason and also Black Magic] The Secret Service and other law enforcement rushed to put out the flames, but Gupta suffered severe injuries and was pronounced dead at a hospital a few hours later.

I will not air the video, as it is too graphic.

[2a] [2b] Here’s what you need to know. Arnav Gupta’s family members said they last saw him at his home in Bethesda, Maryland. He left the house on Cindy Lane around 9:20 a.m. [9:20 totals 2] on Wednesday, May 29 [using the full spelling of Wednesday, May 29 totals 64]. [2 + 62 = 64 = Chosen & Spell]

They later reported him missing to the Montgomery County Department of Police. The department issued a press release stating they were concerned for Gupta’s “physical and emotional welfare.” But the release did not go into further detail as to why Gupta’s family believed there was a risk for his safety.

The Montgomery County Police shared the bulletin on Twitter at 2:46 p.m., [246 = 12, and 12 reduced is 3. In freemasonry, of the five human senses, the three which are the most important in Masonic symbolism are Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling, (as in a human burning) because of their respective reference to certain modes of recognition, and because, by their use, Freemasons are enabled to practice that universal language the possession of which is the boast of the Order.] more than two hours after Gupta had set himself on fire near the White House. Strangely, the post was updated on May 30 to say that Gupta had been located, but did not include that he had died. [3]

Arnav Gupta Attended Boston University & Was an Alum of the Landon School in Bethesda

Arnav Gupta appears to have grown up in Bethesda, Maryland. An online search of records indicates that he graduated from the Landon School, a private college prep school for boys, in 2004.

His picture was also included in a Landon Magazine article from 2013 that highlighted what alumni were up to. Gupta was pictured at Everest Base Camp in Nepal. As you can see here:

After high school, Gupta moved to Boston for college. He studied International Relations and Affairs at Boston University. He appears to have graduated in 2008. [3b]

Arnav Gupta Previously Worked as a Coach & an Education Consultant in Bethesda

Arnav Gupta worked as a personal trainer while he was a student at Boston University. An online search of records shows that according to his Linkedin profile, which has since been hidden or removed, Gupta was associated with Town Sports International. During high school, Gupta was an intern and translator with the Montgomery County Language Minority Health Project which is provides medical services to the low-income, uninsured Hispanics. Which was founded by Ms. Pillar Mollish and Dr. Michael Morris.

After graduating from college, Gupta returned to his hometown. He got a job as a coach at the Landon School, where he appears to have stayed for about two years.

From 2009 to 2014, Gupta appears to have worked in property management. His recently removed Linkedin information shows that he became an executive assistant to the CEO at Alfredhouse Eldercare, an assisted living facility founded by Veena Alfred. Gupta’s last position is listed as an “Education Consultant” at Chance Academy which is a homeschool cooperative dedicated to families in DC and nearby Prince George’s County. I’ve taken note of Gupta’s work connections noticing he worked with the youth and the vulnerable.

However, Arnav Gupta also Created Artwork & Wrote Political Poetry [4] Here, you see a piece of art titled, “Memoirs of a Shadow President” priced at a whopping $10 Million. What was his inspiration? Why such fantastical price tags? Arnav Gupta appears to have expressed his political ideas in artwork and in writing. His website, called Arnamania found at, depicts a few pieces of artwork he says he created. Notice, the phrase, “love thyself”. This phrase is often associated with satanic worshipers.

Gupta was previously registered to vote in Maryland as a member of the Green Party, but his voter registration was not active at the time of his death, according to the state’s Board of Elections database.

The Twitter account associated with the website has one only tweet. It was posted at 10:10 a.m. on May 29, 2019, and reads, “FEEL THE BURN!!!” [116 which totals to Execution and Saturnalia. Saturnalia is a satanic pagan feast ritual and wild revelry] [5] This page with his “Feel the Burn” tweet has since been removed only receiving this message 404 PAGE NOT FOUND. On April 23, 2019 Gupta appeared to have self-published as a ghost writer for Erin Laviola who is a writer for The writing is the titled, “Memoirs of a Shadow President. In this, Gupta rails against the Iran nuclear deal. What I found shocking on Scribd was this single paragraph clearly describing this person Arnav Gupta, it reads: “How an inside joke between a group of Landon School Alumni blossomed into the underpinnings of Elections 2016. From the ghostwriter himself "A CIA draftee reveals the background for some major events in US and world history. This is the story of how just a few words and the exploitation of your data can forever change the trajectory of your life." This one phrase tells me all I need to know. Did Gupta reveal something regarding the 2016 election, the CIA didn’t want revealed? Was Arnav Gupta forever silenced and shamed for exposing what he learned as a CIA draftee? This certainly seems plausible.

Witnesses Recorded Arnav Gupta Engulfed in Flames as Law Enforcement Rushed to Help [6] [7]

Arnav Gupta lit himself on fire around 12:20 p.m. on May 29. The incident happened roughly two hours [two hours =139 = Freemasonry] before police in Maryland announced that he was missing and that they were concerned about his mental state. Is there a significance to the two-hour lag time?

Witnesses recorded Gupta engulfed in flames as he appeared to be running across the lawn. Officials with the Secret Service, the National Park Service, and the United States Park Police responded to douse the flames and care for Gupta. In a news release, the Park Police simply stated that the individual was extinguished and taken to a local hospital for treatment, without going into details about his injuries. [8]

Arnav Gupta set himself on fire within the Ellipse, [=78 = Jesuit and Scottish-rite] [9] so, it’s likely that many people witnessed the situation, as the Ellipse is an open area located along a tourist trail. The Ellipse is south of the White House in President’s Park. It lies north of Constitution Avenue and the National Mall.

Summary: This episode reeks of Scottish-rite Freemasonry and Jesuit black magic. Was Arnav Gupta a trinity message to those other draftees who were part of the CIA? Or was he a sacrifice for bigger plans? Based on his history as a student of an elite boy's school and his experience working in the humanitarians with health and education, it seems Arnav Gupta was a CIA plant going rogue. Did the CIA coordinate with the Scottish-rite Freemasonry-Jesuit order to silence this man? Understanding his written piece “Memoirs of a Shadow President” and his last post “Feel the Burn”, it is most evident there is much more to this story than the MSM will ever let us know.

Q3077 See Something. Say Something. FAKE NEWS attempting to REBRAND HARMFUL TESTIMONY and instead provide MISLEADING info to their readers. Q


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