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The Last Home of Eleanor Dare and the Great Temple of the Sun Goddess

For almost two centuries residents of the Nacoochee Valley and the many tourists, who visited there, have pondered a cone-shaped hill, which is 3,500 feet (1 km) southeast of the famous Nacoochee Mound. It is shaped like an “Indian Mound” and had stone ruins and many Native American artifacts on it. However, it also seemed have natural stone boulders in it in some places. Some thought it to be a massive mound built by giants, who were able to lift large boulders. The real history of this ancient mini-volcano is extraordinary, but has completely been left out of the history books. It should be a national historic site, but is completely ignored by federal, state and local government officials. You will now learn its fascinating story.

To learn more about the late 16th century and 17th century colonization of the Southern Appalachians by Europeans and why it was left out of the history books, go to: A Spanish Fort and Trading Post in the Nacoochee Valley.

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