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WARNING: Demons Among Us . . .

Q133 Does Satan exist? Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

I found this incredible thread on Twitter the other day. Susan Small with the handle @Susyqzee

has some amazing information on her Twitter feed. I highly recommend you visit and follow this lady. Well, today I want to share this particular message from her feed. It begins with:

1. These are the fallen angels run by Azazel. They are vampires and seek to destroy everything. They astral project and attack Gods children’s. They will be destroyed when Christ returns. They worship the Sun God Horus. They are known as the “travelers” from the bible.

2. Azazel wrote: The Heart is the portal through which the Sun God enters your lives.

ENKI wrote: When temptation comes, I give my covenant to those who trust in me.

Frater_Puck wrote: Strike, strike the master chord! Draw, draw the flaming sword! Crowned Child and 2. Conquering Lord, Horus avenger. These people are nuts!

3. Here is the sick Twitter feed Azazel opened in 2012. In August of 2014 he wrote: Sacrifice all, #Seeker. Damning yourself will bring eternal liberation. May nothing be left sacred to you.

5. In Susan Small’s next tweet, she writes: The Black Hole is an opening to the spiritual realm where the fallen angels exist. They are coming into our dimensions. Children of God we are going through end times prophesy. These are the “travelers” from the bible. You must prepare spiritually. Come out of any sin or occult

5b. Then she writes: This is the work @CERN the most evil of witches have been doing with your money. Creating black holes for TIME Travel. The LHC=stargate. A portal!! And they do the Shiva dance and Ritual dances to usher them in. They’ve been sending things back and forth into the dark dimensions.

5c and a-o Susan Small gives a YouTube link depicting the satanic influence of the Simpsons and their cynical messages.

6. Next, Susan sends a plea to President Trump: Please arrest and detain these disgusting creatures who state clearly their mission against us. Show your true loyalty to God and not to the fake Sun God Horus whom the illuminati worships. Are you a true Christian or a fake one? Show your hand, make arrests.

7. Then she writes: Oh, look who is part of it too. No surprise there !!!

Q133 Eye of Providence. Follow the bloodlines. What is the keystone?

And here is a tweet from David Rothschild saying: Getting lost is not a fate to avoid, but a destiny to be embraced. Only when you’re lost, can you stop following the same path and discover a new one.

8. So I took a detour to the link in the bottom of his tweet page which led me to his natural products page. Here at this website, you can see his business reeks of illuminati. His logo is a double pyramid with the sun above, and of course the reflection of the water below. Notice the logo shows the business being established in 2025. …and of course, who can miss his business statement: Live Curiously?

9. On his website, he explains the future 2025 date with this statement: Maybe you noticed the date above the logo says 2025. This isn’t a mistake. The Lost Explorer is an experiment and doesn’t exist yet. Just as, in many ways you and I don’t exist yet. Who will we be tomorrow? Who knows. Everything is changing fast and staying nimble is how we future proof ourselves. But we’re here for the long haul. What? How weird! My guess is there is something up his sleeve for 2025.

10. Oh, and then I found this telling image on his website. You will notice the Iceberg and the reflection has a mirror image of a man standing, yet the man isn’t standing on land. Everything tells its story in the reflection including the upside down characters of live curiously. This is all part of the satanic illuminati messaging.

11. Back to Susanne Small. Here she tweets, Azazel and the Rothchilds are clearly close. And they mock Gods children over their global warming lie. David de Roths writes, love posting about global warming/ Climate change gets all the Conspiracy nutters hot under the collar. Wait 4 it.

Q133 “Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan” Q


Video Sources:

The Simpsons: Satanism, CERN, and Reptilians yebo Published on Apr 21, 2019

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