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North Korea’s 2 Million Dollar Bill For Otto Warmbier

The Washington Post is reporting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sent a $2 million medical bill for care of the late Otto Warmbier. The report cited two anonymous sources who said that the request was given to the U.S. special envoy sent to return Warmbier to the U.S. following a series of negotiations between President Trump and Kim. According to the report, the U.S. envoy signed the agreement. However, it’s unclear if the bill was ever paid. There’s no record of payment with the U.S. Treasury Department, according to the post.

Warmbier was jailed in North Korea after he allegedly stole a poster from his hotel during an organized trip. After his arrest, North Korean authorities forced Warmbier to admit to the crime. Further, Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. Warmbier was returned to the U.S. after serving 17 months of his sentence.

Warmbier tragically passed away only days after his return, with what medical professionals could only speculate was a severe brain condition.

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President Donald Trump on Friday issued a forceful denial that his administration paid any money for the return of Otto Warmbier following reports that North Korea issued a $2 million medical bill in exchange for his release.

“No money was paid to North Korea for Otto Warmbier, not two Million Dollars, not anything else,” Trump wrote in a tweet in which he falsely contrasted his position with that of his predecessor and criticized a hostage swap that took place in 2014.

“This is not the Obama Administration that paid 1.8 Billion Dollars for four hostages, or gave five terroist [sic] hostages plus, who soon went back to battle, for traitor Sgt. Bergdahl!” he added.

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