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“Barr Promises Mueller Report” [See Sara Carter Tweet][1]

Today’s video is taken from Sara Carter’s article Barr Promises Mueller Report. DOJ Must Now Investigate Attempted Coup. Before we get started, I’m asking my Subscribers to recheck if you are still Subscribed. I’m receiving messages people are being unsubscribed. Remember to click the bell also to get notifications. Ok, let’s get started.

Those hammered by Mueller’s investigation are now demanding a full investigation of AG William Barr into the FBI’s probe on President Trump’s campaign. This entire charade to ensure Hillary the election or to remove a duly elected president has been seen as a coup according to all the evidence.

Americans deserve full transparency of what really happened and who was behind the operation. AG Barr is promising we will all be able to read the report soon. This decision seems to be the end of one investigation and the beginning of the next. He plans to be ready to release the report to the entire public without the White House review by mid-April or sooner.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s team and other law enforcement officials are inspecting sensitive classified information to be redacted. This is seeming to be more and more of a coup. The DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe sometime this summer as well.

The fact the Obama Administration officials along with Christopher Steele relied on disinformation is evidence for the accusation of a coup. It doesn’t stop there. The national media were complicit in this plot as well. This abuse of power and weaponized intelligence must be fully investigated.

People like Rep. Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and others connected to the Obama Administration were pushing this narrative all along. There was an entire conspiracy around the effort to remove the duly elected president.

Obama claims to be unaware; however, if he was receiving a Presidential Daily Briefings frequently, and if the FBI opened an investigation into the Trump campaign, Obama would have had to know.

More than 5% of NSA’s searches of databases derived from upstream collection of Internet communications and increased unmasking of Americans according to Sara Carter’s and John Solomon’s journalistic investigation. These were the tools used in the Trump campaign investigation of alleged collusion.

People like Obama’s former senior advisor Valerie Jarret, National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and Deputy National Security advisor Ben Rhodes would have had to know this illegal surveillance was taking place. Additionally, John Brenan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, and Sally Yates would have such knowledge and warrant investigation as well. Not to mention, James Comey would have been directly vested in the operation.

According to Sen. Rand Paul’s high-level source, John Brennan was the person who insisted the unverified and fake dossier be included in the intelligence report for the Obama and President-elect Trump in January 2017. Paul is calling for Brennan’s immediate testimony under oath. Here is Brennan calling President Trump a “traitor” and a “charlatan”, when all the while Brennan is one of the main players who set up the entire charade.

Since the FBI went to London to gather a chunk of the fake information, the CIA stationed in London would have had to be aware that Steele was passing the information to the FBI. Brennan would have had to know as well.

AG Barr had noted that the Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone else associated with the campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Still, the Democrats are clinging to the Russia collusion theories; demanding the entire report be declassified and made public. They are refusing to take Barr’s word for it and are doubting their once hailed hero Robert Mueller.

Yet, President Trump has stated that he too wants the full report made public. Additionally, the House passed a full resolution 420 to 0 to make the report public. So, it is most likely we WILL be reading the report in the very near future. President Trump is calling for full transparency including Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes’, request for the declass of hundreds of pages of documents. President Trump has also promised to declassify the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Application warrant on Carter Page as well. Congressional investigators and senior lawmakers are certain the FISA document will reveal the FBI and DOJ committed criminal actions in acquiring the warrant on Carter Page. This revelation will certainly expose the need for a full investigation.

If Barr and Horowitz effectively do their jobs, the details will prove how some former senior Obama officials, FBI, and DOJ conspired to remove the president of the United States. This is most likely the most important investigation the United States has ever experienced, and there is no room for error for Barr and Horowitz on this investigation. For this nation to have restored faith in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and NSA, the scales of justice must be balanced, and this injustice must never happen again.

The outcome of this investigation will determine the legacy of Barr’s DOJ. [2]



Rep. Eric Swalwell: “I Don’t Trust AG Barr, He’s Protecting The President” By Jennie Taer - April 4, 2019


Barr Promises Mueller Report. DOJ Must Now Investigate Attempted ‘Coup’

By Sara Carter - March 30, 2019

Video Source:

Ken Starr: House Democrats declare 'all-out war' on Trump Fox News Published on Apr 4, 2019

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