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What’s Happening To The MSM???

What’s Happening To The MSM???

Q3124 Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN].

@theSharpEdgeOne tweeted this: Watch Maddow tear up over the nothing burger Mueller report. Aaah. Good times.


Then @Luke4Tech responded with this: If this is true, I suspect MadCow has a big reason to cry since she/he made the list for taking payment to deliver Hillary’s talking points.

Here, you will a portfolio of MSM profile images, but before we look at these images, listen to this:

Since the start of Donald Trumps presidential campain in 2016, these journalists have been relentlessly accusing him of collusion with Russia to sway the election. However, we have learned it was THEY who were taking payments from Hillary Clinton’s advisors to deliver her talking points to the public. Americans were kept in the dark about her crimes against the American people and believe instead that Trump is illegitimate and not working for the betterment of the country. Here is the list of traitors to our country. Take a good look at each of them.

@BunkHee replies with this epic message:

Wow...I would be pooping in my pants if I were one of them. They can’t hide any more.

@Usemyspork writes: MAMMA says jamie ac0sta will be in gitmo soon.

Q2788 People are craving TRUTH. People are craving TRANSPARENCY. People are craving EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW. People are craving GOOD. People are craving RIGHT.

People are craving TRUE FREEDOM. People are craving SAFETY & SECURITY.

People are craving ………..(fill in the blank). PROOFS NEGATE FALSEHOOD/CONSPIRACY ATTACKS.

Those who attack have an agenda or remain plugged into the biggest disinformation campaign to be ever witnessed. Q


Video Sources:

President Trump: Fake news is the enemy of the people Fox Business Published on Feb 24, 2017

LOL! Sarah Sanders TROLLS Jim Acosta After He’s Caught Criticizing The WRONG PERSON

The Next News Network Published on Mar 23, 2019

Trump calls fake news biggest enemy Fox News Published on Jun 18, 2018

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