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Intro To World Domination

Over the last few weeks I’ve been blessed with great supporters who have submitted excellent topics for me to research. I’ve had Scott send information on the Sabbatian Frankest. I’ve had Sean Callahan provide information on the population control agenda via pharmaceuticals and bio/chemical agendas, then John Richard Wynn so graciously sends information with Clinton ties to NZ as the latest. Lately, Mary Carmel has educated me on the Noahide Laws taking place right here in my country. In fact, you may read her work and connect with Mary on Facebook at Mary Carmel News and Gab under Mary Carmel and Minds @Mary Carmel News. Today, I am showing a preview of images prepared for me by Mary Carmel. I strongly urge each of you to visit this link: to watch this video in its entirety.

As a result of the research I’ve been doing over the last few months, my heart is becoming increasingly heavy with revelations of how much we have been lied to in every faucet of our lives. It has been extremely hard for me to accept many of these truths. Some have accused me of being anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic as a result of some of the information I’ve released. However, I am quite the contrary. My heart is with those amazing Catholics and Jews, and yes, even Muslims who have been wrongly represented. Our good people have been hijacked by Pedophile Priests, and Cultic Rabbis, and Islamic extremists with the intent of bringing forth the agenda of satan.

I am of recent, feeling compelled to shift from the political arena on this YouTube channel into the most important aspect of our lives; truth. Having said this, it is important that each of you research every word I say for yourselves. Truth has been so completely obscured, that even my very own research isn’t truth-proof. Each of us holds a responsibility to study everything we say and believe. A heavy weight is tugging on my heart to offer this message to my audience. I’m concerned much of what we are hearing, even in the truth movement has been twisted. The only real truth is that which is given to you in your heart by the Holy Spirit. Pray often and ask for guidance as you look for your answers.

We have been silenced by Social Justice Warriors who falsely accuse us of being anti this or anti that for calling out those who are assaulting the very ones we are being called anti over. I come from the thought that the Children of Israel ARE YHWH’s chosen children, and the Gentiles are grafted into the family. So, I want this to be understood and clear before you watch these clips. There is a Zionist sect who are offending the Orthodox Jews greatly. These Zionist Jews are known as the Chabad Lubavitch sect. They have brought the Noahide Laws into many countries; including America. The research I’ve done on this and its connections to masonry, lead me to conclude that the cabal has used the horrors of Sharia Law to usher in Noahide Law. The theory based on masonry concepts is if people are horrified enough of the Sharia Law, they will gladly accept the seemingly lovely Noahide Law. I have a couple of videos on this subject, and I encourage you to watch those videos. I also urge you to watch as many videos on Noahide law as you can to get a good understanding of how dangerous this is to our country and to the entire world. In March 2018, every single state governor of the United States signed the Proclamation. Prior to last year, only the Presidents beginning with George HW Bush had signed the federal portion of the Proclamation. We must each reach out to President Trump and our state governors to remove this Noahide Law from the Education and Sharing Day Proclamation immediately.

These images were sent to me by Mary Carmel. She took these images from the video titled: Chabad Lubavitch NWO Movement – They Are Everywhere! By Shaking My Head Productions. Please take an hour of your day and go watch that video. It has shaken me to my core.

Chabad Lubavitch NWO Movement - They Are Everywhere!

Shaking My Head Productions

Published on Mar 11, 2019


[1] Inexorable by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



[2] The New Order

[3] Apocalypse

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