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MUST SEE: Ukraine Clinton Connections...

Q2943 If 'evidence' exists(ed), why did R+D members of the Senate conclude NO DIRECT EVIDENCE EXISTS …………..?

This report is narrated from the article titled “I helped Hillary, her victory would be vantage for us, - NABU or the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine” (audio)13:29,

The Head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) Artem Sytnyk stated that he helped the headquarters of the U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, as is stated on the audio-recording provided by the Ukrainian MP Boryslav Rosenblat.

[Video:] A person with a voice which sounds a lot like Sytnyk’s says that Clinton was favorable for America and the world, and it would be better for Ukraine if she won. “I helped him as well. Not him, but Hillary… Internal issues are more important than external ones for Trump. Hillary is one of those politicians favorable for America and the world. It would be better for us, but what Trump does is better for Americans,” Sytnyk admits.

Besides, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Head stated that his establishment sent information on “black accounts” to the U.S., yet, it did not help Clinton. “Their system works strictly. When I investigated black accounts, we revealed information about Robert Porter who was imprisoned. He was the head of Trump’s campaign. Trump doesn’t care, his system works like a clock. A week before the elections, FBI resumed investigation against Hillary. That’s why Trump won, though not easy. I don’t understand why Trump struggles against FBI, when they helped him win,” Sytnyk said.

On March 14th, the Ukrainian Member of Parliament Boryslav Rosenblat accused NABU Head Sytnyk of “leaking black accounts” of the Party of Regions to the headquarters of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Rosenblat gave a USB flash drive with audio records of Sytnyk’s conversation. [1]

If this audio is proven to be authentic, an investigation must be opened up into Hillary and her campaign much in the same way Donald Trump and his campaign have been investigated.

Q2902 When the real TRUTH re: Russian collusion is right in front of you but the FAKE NEWS media prevents public awareness.

It is time to open the book on Hillary Clinton, her campaign, how it was financed, as well as the financing of the Steele dossier the FBI used to secure FISA warrants.

The only problem is the Democrats currently control the House, so leadership will more than likely block any efforts made to bring Hillary to justice. [2]

Manafort’s work for Yanukovych caught the attention of a veteran Democratic operative named Alexandra Chalupa, who had worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison during the Clinton administration. Chalupa went on to work as a staffer, then as a consultant, for Democratic National Committee. The DNC paid her $412,000 from 2004 to June 2016, according to Federal Election Commission records, though she also was paid by other clients during that time, including Democratic campaigns and the DNC’s arm for engaging expatriate Democrats around the world.

A daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who maintains strong ties to the Ukrainian-American diaspora and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Chalupa, a lawyer by training, in 2014 was doing pro bono work for another client interested in the Ukrainian crisis and began researching Manafort’s role in Yanukovych’s rise, as well as his ties to the pro-Russian oligarchs who funded Yanukovych’s political party.

In an interview this month, Chalupa told Politico she had developed a network of sources in Kiev and Washington, including investigative journalists, government officials and private intelligence operatives. While her consulting work at the DNC this past election cycle centered on mobilizing ethnic communities — including Ukrainian-Americans — she said that, when Trump’s unlikely presidential campaign began surging in late 2015, she began focusing more on the research, and expanded it to include Trump’s ties to Russia, as well.

She occasionally shared her findings with officials from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign, Chalupa said.

She said she shared her concern with Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly, and one of his top aides, Oksana Shulyar, during a March 2016 meeting at the Ukrainian Embassy. According to someone briefed on the meeting, Chaly said that Manafort was very much on his radar, but that he wasn’t particularly concerned about the operative’s ties to Trump since he didn’t believe Trump stood much of a chance of winning the GOP nomination, let alone the presidency.

That was not an uncommon view at the time, and, perhaps as a result, Trump’s ties to Russia — let alone Manafort’s — were not the subject of much attention.

That all started to change just four days after Chalupa’s meeting at the embassy, when it was reported that Trump had in fact hired Manafort, suggesting that Chalupa may have been on to something. She quickly found herself in high demand. The day after Manafort’s hiring was revealed, she briefed the DNC’s communications staff on Manafort, Trump and their ties to Russia, according to an operative familiar with the situation.

A former DNC staffer described the exchange as an “informal conversation,” saying “‘briefing’ makes it sound way too formal,” and adding, “We were not directing or driving her work on this.” Yet, the former DNC staffer and the operative familiar with the situation agreed that with the DNC’s encouragement, Chalupa asked embassy staff to try to arrange an interview in which Poroshenko might discuss Manafort’s ties to Yanukovych.

While the embassy declined that request, officials there became “helpful” in Chalupa’s efforts, she said, explaining that she traded information and leads with them. “If I asked a question, they would provide guidance, or if there was someone I needed to follow up with.” But she stressed, “There were no documents given, nothing like that.”

Chalupa said the embassy also worked directly with reporters researching Trump, Manafort and Russia to point them in the right directions. She added, though, “they were being very protective and not speaking to the press as much as they should have. I think they were being careful because their situation was that they had to be very, very careful because they could not pick sides. It’s a political issue, and they didn’t want to get involved politically because they couldn’t.”

Here is Chalupa giving an interview with what was the state-run Ukraine Today TV channel (officially shut down in 2016)… [VIDEO 1]

The Washington Times reports that the White House stated that the real collusion with a foreign power during the campaign was between the Democratic National Committee and Ukraine.

“If you are looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than the DNC which actually coordinated opposition research with the Ukrainian embassy,” said White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Fending off questions about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential race, Mrs. Sanders noted at the daily White House press briefing that the DNC’s work with Ukraine was well documented.

DNC operatives worked with officials at the Ukraine embassy in an effort to spread dirt on Donald Trump during the campaign, according to reports.

“This is not an accusation. That is an on-the-record action that they took,” Mrs. Sanders said.

“No one in this room to my knowledge really had a problem with that,” she said.

Fox News’s Sean Hannity exposed the Ukrainian collusion with Hillary Clinton prior to interviewing Donald Trump Jr. [VIDEO 2]

Hannity likewise closes his interview with Donald Trump Jr., by once again citing Ukraine’s collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign… [VIDEO 3]

Finally, the hypocrisy of the Trump Jr., narrative being played out by the Hillary Clinton liberal left media is not only found in the fact that Ukraine did side with “her” to sabotage Trump during the US elections, but that Ukraine’s US election meddling was not the only time Hillary colluded with shady sources to damage Trump and sabotage US democracy… [3]

Finally, this woman MUST be brought to justice.

Q2743 Disinformation campaign designed to buy ‘them’ more time by attempting to ‘con’ enough people in order to remove the duly elected POTUS in order to ‘save’ themselves from prosecution. Enemy of the People. Q



“I helped Hillary, her victory would be vantage for us, - NABU, March 14, 2019



Video Sources:


I helped Hillary, her victory would be vantage for us, - NABU Head (audio) 112.UA International

Published on Mar 14, 2019

[2& 3]

Don Trump Jr.: The media have done themselves a disservice Fox News Published on Jul 11, 2017

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