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Was There A Pence-Ryan Ticket In The Makings???

Were there plans for a Pence-Ryan ticket??? [show image]

[Video 1] Imagine, if this car was not stopped by the guard-rails, this car could have possibly ended the life of President Trump. As we all know, there have been various attempts on his life. We naturally assume, these attempts are coming from the Deep State. However, these attacks may very well be coming from those we suspect the least. Remember this video? [Video 2] This video today is taken from a piece titled, Pence-Ryan 2016 Emails and the Cleveland Deal posted by Ami Tiel on American Digital News.

Q2630 "….and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, John Burks." When did Paul Ryan announce he was retiring? Why would the Speaker of the House retire? Age of Paul Ryan?

Rumor has too much power in today’s media, but this piece starts with the rumor that Donald Trump actually wanted General Michael Flynn as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Alas, we are not inside the Trump inner circle, so rumor is all we’ve got.

As the election nominee process evolved on the Republican side, the RINOs and NeverTrumpers were apoplectic at the thought Trump might actually win the nomination and with General Flynn as a VP they knew their days would be numbered in single digits. Then how did Trump end up with Mike Pence, a Globalist, as his running mate?

If you think Pence is loyal to Trump you probably don’t even know about the Cleveland Deal made just before the Republican National Convention. Oathkeeper NavyJack @USNJack shares, “There are a LOT of NEO-CONs in the cabinet (Pompeo, Coats, Haley, Perry, Cohn, Preiebus, etc.). All of them came with the Pence/Cleveland Deal. Paul Ryan was about to change the rules to allow delegates to vote however they wanted that on the first ballot. Trump would not have been nominated.”

So how could Ryan alone change it? The rules had to be voted on by delegates. NavyJack shares, “And they would have voted for it had Ryan allowed it to come to a vote. He did not because of the deal.”

Did the Cleveland Deal include Pence/Ryan picking Trump’s cabinet for first year?

So, Trump picks Pence in July and by October the Globalist (DEMs, RINOs, NeverTrumpers, etc) are in a panic. Trump is gaining ground on the Globalist pick – Hillary Clinton. Time is running out and their options are limited. So, Pence and Ryan continue to connive:

On October 9, 2016 writes to a string of emails including this: Jim, This is going down tonight. Where are we on the launch? We are going rule 9 right after the debate and we don’t have time to fuck around. I’ve made calls, rats are bailing. -J

So, we have a thread of communications via secure protonmail to review. Looks like we have Speaker Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Jim Atterholt, Pence’s Chief of Staff, GOP power broker John David Hoppe and “Chase” at Patrol Design.

This email with the Subject: Where are we?? Sent on October 9, 2016 from to and and a string of others reads:, Password: ChaseIsOnTheChase The guys have been working on it all night. We will move to once approved. Signed, Chase -No Job Is Too Big

Pence and Ryan were not on the Republican ballot at all so you must be wondering why they would be discussing hijacking a national presidential election.

Then we have this email response from Paul Ryan himself. Sent to and and a string of others saying: WTF is this? John---Is this a joke? We are about to go hot??

It might be because they already knew some of their past sins were well known and discussed by the Trump Election team. By this time, they were already aware Hillary’s lead was slipping dramatically and most Bernie Sanders fans were not about to vote for Hillary.

So responds to Paul Ryan and Mike Pence and others with this: I’m looking, Chase??

What options did they have to sway voters and insure the globalist plan continued to move forward as many of their financial backers insisted? [Video 3]

Again, on October 9, 2016, responds to with this: Spkrryan, U gave us, like a napkin. Look, it needs polish, but this is rapid prototyping. The guys had about 3 hours to work on this and I had to get guys under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) already so what did you expect?? Tell me what to change. Get me some solid copy. We can make this work. Signed, Chase -No Job Is Too Big

So, Chase got busy after securing the guys under a non-disclosure to make a purse out of pig’s ears, well, a Pence-Ryan 2016 website from a napkin.

Q2630 Sometimes reading between the lines demonstrates those complicit in treasonous / traitorous acts are no longer (or soon to be) in positions of power. Forced? R's easier to remove than D's? [video this link]

If these emails are REAL, it looks like Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were preparing to take over the 2016 Presidential nomination. Let’s finish the email thread.

On the same October 9, 2016 day, sent to along with Paul Ryan and Mike Pence and others this message: SCOTUS Page? We can’t use this. Plus, he’s not f***ing up completely. Holy God, he might actually win this. What then?? John, what does speaker want to do if he wins??

Then responds to and the string of others with this:

Chase, what the hell is this? Jim: he’s NOT going to win. He’ll win Drudge and whatever the f*** but that’s IT. Need to get this s-h-i-t TOGETHER though. Are we really going to sell a gun??

Then responds to and the others with this:

Guys, my SCOTUS notes say “9 Scalias” literally. That’s it. What do you want it to say? What graphic do you want? That’s all you gave us. This is place-holder stuff, folks. It’s just a work domain. We will migrate to real hosting and add flash and donation framework and security. This is just phase 1. Give me other stuff and we will rapidly integrate.

Then sent this to and the others with this:

John, We’re working on the site. Okay? This was all last minute. In order to have a prayer of keeping Trump’s voters we need to promise them 100% Trump just without Trump. We discussed: we can sweep up the elephant’s cage later. We go full Trump on launch. Clear Rule 9. Win the election. Then we can throw them a bone. Some high profile deportations or some s-h-i-t. Chase, get some intelligent copy in there. I’ll contact you on the phone.

Then Mike Pence shares that Trump is not losing, in fact he’s winning support to the Trump Team/Train.

From to, he’s not losing. I’m getting calls. Fischer wet her pants, she’s back on TT (Team Trump). Stand down. We’re going with plan B.

Might this be Deb Fischer??

Debra Fischer was a United States Senator from Nebraska. She served as the Nebraska Republican Senator between 2005 and 2013.

Then responds to Mike Pence with: What is plan B?

And Paul Ryan responds to and others with:

Bimbo eruptions. Clean all this up. Take care of Chase. Keep the real domain. This never happened.

And lastly, the reason these emails were archived by Chase. Good move Chase.

**ARE THESE EMAILS REAL? I DON’T KNOW, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO RESEARCH.** forwarded these previous emails to

Perhaps as a way to protect himself. It reads:

I don’t think Ryan meant to copy me on that last email. I’m worried. “Take care of” doesn’t mean *pay*. I’m going away until the end of the election. Please, please get the word out. You can use this email chain. I have moved the site to a back-up domain for evidence. These guys were A**HOLES. The site is Password: ChaseIsOnTheChase

Q1319 Review Time. Not seeking re-election. [House] Paul Ryan - Republican



Posted by Ami Tiel | Aug 19, 2017 | ADN News, Politics, WH Staff | 0 |

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