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Executive Plan 5: High Treason

Executive Plan 5: High Treason

Q 2876 For those who think this war is fake, or we are not a considered a major threat, this is a direct attack by Hillary Clinton on 'Q' & 'PRO POTUS' PATRIOTS.

The article referenced has an embedded link that literally TARGETS PRO POTUS/Q Twitter accounts that have been IDENTIFIED by CLINTON/DS as serious threats (ability to shift the narrative).

Twitter has already begun to remove targeted accounts (stages) under false pretenses.

The war is real. The threat is real. CLINTON PANIC. CLINTON FEAR. JUDGEMENT DAY COMING. Q

On January 20, 2017, Hillary was supposed to place her hand on the Bible and take the oath to be the President of the United States. Not as the victor of a fair and honest election, but as a traitor and the conspiracy mastermind of a rigged election. Thankfully, she failed to become President. We can always be thankful to God for that. While President Trump was watching his electoral votes come in, Hillary went into hiding. Why? Because she knows it isn’t a simple case of “he won – she lost”. There’s so much more to it, and it goes deeper than you or I can imagine. While most people are celebrating that Trump is our president, what 99.9% won’t know is the uncomfortable truth. The outcome of the most important election of our lifetime was planned behind closed doors over 23 years ago in a top-secret location. Even though Hillary had all but disappeared, her sinister plot is still unfolding and putting millions of Americans at jeopardy every day. Worse yet, Trump, Pence, and the powerful politicos in Washington DC are powerless to stop her. Dr. Allan Spreen who works for an organization outside of DC for a patriotic group that monitors this type of thing. This is the biggest scandal his organization has uncovered. Dr. Spreen couldn’t believe this type of thing could happen in America until he watched Hillary’s speech for the nomination. As she gave her nomination acceptance speech, she behaved as though she knew she had already won. 693 When does big pharma make money? Curing or containing? Cancer/AIDS/etc. Mind will be blown by chain of command. Q

Hillary has cosigned the most devastating scandal this country has ever known. The fact she co-signed the agreement, this means she isn’t the only one plotting against our nation. She has a secret organization behind the scenes known as the Clinton Carte. This evil organization has been behind her in every evil deed she has done and backed her in every election she has run in since 1993. This was done knowing that once Hillary won the election in 2017, she would return the favor. In exchange for giving her the Presidency on a silver platter, she would look the other way giving the Cartel access to run one of the governments biggest agencies for limitless profits. This agency would give these Cartel members unlimited access to our health and money. Now, the cartel wants to be paid back; even at the expense of American lives. Clinton swore up and down during the campaign the cartel were actually her enemies. She publicly denounced them and said they are out to take advantage of middle-class Americans (and they are). However, as most Americans already know, she has been accepting their money and their help for years. When Bill Clinton first assigned her to the Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993, she immediately put 33 Corporate Power Players on her team. These were heavy hitters across several industries that she knew had the muscle to get things done in DC. It was a deal with the devil to be sure, but this group stood to make a killing, because with the approval of the new health care bill they were promised to make Billions of dollars. Thankfully, the bill was destroyed before it ever got off the ground and Hillary and her teammates never got to cash in the money. So, she formed a secret alliance with this group of corporate fat cats. The cartel fronted Hillary $86,875 in her 2000 run for Senate. They upped the donation to $157,015 in 2006. Of course, she won again. In the 2008 Presidential Election, they fronted her $174,000. The cartel didn’t care if she lost in the Primaries, because they had their sights on the 2016 election the entire time. Fast forward to 2015 when Hillary announced that she was running for office of the President. This time the cartel went all in, giving Hillary $7,054,871 for her campaign. They didn’t stop there. Trying not to draw too much attention to their partnership, they privately made additional contributions to the Clinton Foundation ranging from $1 to $5 Million each. In total, it’s estimated Hillary has accepted around $10.8 Million in dirty cartel money since 2000, and that’s only what’s listed publicly. With that kind of money to buy all the votes she needed; the scheme was practically fool-proof until her carefully laid plan was OUTED in the final hours of the election. Hillary rightfully lost and the cartel was left with their pockets turned inside out. That made them even angrier. Who is this cartel? Why should we be afraid of them; even after Donald Trump became our president? Most importantly, how can you protect yourself and your loved ones? The Clinton Cartel is an extremely cunning and dangerous team. They work in secret and are highly influential figures, lobbyist, and even corporate executives. In partnership with Hillary, they’ve already launched Executive Plan 5 with one simple goal: Manipulate American politics and the American people for $Billions in pharmaceutical drug profits, and no one will ever catch on. What’s even more terrifying is this group is not made up of politicians. Trump has promised to drain the swamp in DC, but these people are too powerful to be touched. Even without Hillary on their side, they can still have power to influence our governments healthcare and policies. For example, the FDA; the cartel has been funding it for years and practically owns it. In 2015 alone, the cartel funded the FDA with $97,605,000 standard fees. They did this to allow more prescription drugs to flood the market; therefore, making Billions for the cartel. It’s only going to increase. At the current rate, it should skyrocket to $100 Million yearly to monies paid to the pharmaceutical companies by the cartel yearly, allowing the cartel to make $ Billions pushing their poison pills. The worst part is they are selling prescription drugs that are unnecessary; and in some cases deadly. The FDA receives nearly 2 Million customer complaints about prescription drugs yearly. It’s estimated over 350 Americans are dropping dead because of their prescription drugs every day. Seniors are at the most risk. It is averaged that over 31.000 Seniors will die this year from their prescription drugs.

HSI Health Sciences Institute: Patriotic doctors, researchers, and scientist. This group has proven people don’t need prescription drugs. There are medical cures the Clinton Cartel has covered up for the last 23 years. There are actually cancer cures, Alzheimer’s cures, arthritis cures, insomnia cures, and more that have been covered up by our own government. The Clinton Cartel bullies the FDA into making sure natural cures stay hidden from the public.

1010 MONEY. POWER. CONTROL. People are simply in the way. SLAVES. SHEEP. PAWNS.




Sources: Dr Spreen’s website Another great site not mentioned in the article

Video Sources:

Full speech: Clinton accepts Democratic nomination, Part 3

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Published on Jul 28, 2016

Sanders, Clinton clash over Wall St. campaign contributions 1:30

Fox News

Published on Feb 11, 2016

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