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A Call For Truth

A Call For Truth

Q2653 [RBG]. Why was she 'selected'? Who appointed her? Remember [her] history.

Bryan Clark with The Next Web dot com wrote a scathing article referring to those who are awake to the lies of the mainstream media as far right extremists'. He went on to blast those of us who find it disturbing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has not been public since her surgery in December. I find it sickening that some of the most important decisions are being made and those of us who pay her salary via our taxes are mocked by this fellow behind the desk.

Supposedly Ginsburg made a public appearance last week, but strangely there are no pictures.

Clark writes, "On Monday, the day before President Trump’s State of the Union Address, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (supposedly) attended a performance celebrating her life at a museum in Washington — her first public appearance since December. It did little to convince the internet’s most morbid conspiracy theorists that she wasn’t dead."

Now this blurb by Clark is most telling, "In 1999, RBG underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments after she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She didn’t miss a day on the bench during her treatment. She went under the knife again in 2009, this time for pancreatic cancer. RBG’s tumor was discovered at an early stage, treated, and she was back to work 16 days after the surgery."

So, if Ginsburg's history demonstrates she will return to work shortly after surgery, and then in 2018 and 2019 she breaks her pattern, it is natural for anyone to expect she is either in grave condition or deceased. But it doesn't stop there. In January, Fox News posted this image claiming it to be a technical glitch.

Mr. Clark goes on to blast this tweet:

James Woods @RealJamesWoods

Seriously though... #WheresRuth?

He refers to those who follow QAnon as a group of conspiracy theorists. He uses terms like "wild accusations over critical situations that are already proving as true. Clark bashes the idea of child sex trafficking rings involving notable Hollywood stars and high-ranking government officials in spite of multiple arrests, resignations, and firings already proving the fact. The article was a direct hit-piece on the information we have learned over the last sixteen months. The fake news peddler accused the Q drops as over-the-top accusations and falsehoods. He is clearly mistaken in his fake accusations. This Bryan Clark fellow apparently thinks millions of people are blindly following Q. What he doesn't get is we are being trained by the Q team to do our own research. Sadly for him, we have learned to see what a jerk he is for continuing to shame people into following false narratives shoved in our faces.

Here he goes again referring to Jacob Wohl as a far right conspiracy theorist. Let me quote, "Jacob Wohl, a far-right conspiracy theorist, kicked it up a notch by predicting Ginsburg would retire on January 11. She did not. Wohl responded by pivoting to the current conspiracy theory du jour that she was actually dead." Then Clark seemingly shames Wohl for demanding a video of Ginsburg doing a sudoku puzzle as proof of life. Well, guess what Bryon Clark? America deserves proof of life. That woman holds one of the highest offices in our country, and decisions that affect us all are held in the balances pending her life. How dare you Bryon Clark shame a single soul for demanding to know her condition. Clark claims numerous people in attendance confirm seeing RBG at an appearance, then why no pictures? If she is alive and truly cares about our concerns, why the secrecy? Obviously you are in bed with the rest of the fake news genre, and could give a hoot about concerned citizens wanting to see legitimacy from the fractured trust with the mainstream media. An on-camera sighting would certainly put concerned citizens at ease regarding RBG, but as for Bryan Clark, I will never believe another shameful word he types. Now, looking into reality, let's review our most recent outgoing Justice. Regarding Justice Kennedy

Q1607 RBG replacement [lifetime appointment - age]? What’s at STAKE? Might status quo be what Q meant?

Kody Woodson @KodsonWoody

So RBG showed up to a theater but didn’t show for the SOTU? Okay. #WheresRuth

Dilley @realhublife

I wonder if the reason Democrats can't answer "where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?" is because they genuinely don't have any idea where her body...err I mean, where she's recovering?#WelcomeToGitmo#ProofOfLifeRBG#ProofOfLife Embedded video

ObiWonton @bobamandofett

#WheresRuth [1]

So, I decided to do some digging. It didn't take long. The mainstream media was right on queue with the talking points. My question is how stupid do these people really think we are. The trusted Washington Post had this article. I'm only going to read the first three paragraphs.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday night made her first public appearance since undergoing cancer surgery in December, attending a celebration of her life presented in song.

The 85-year-old justice attended a production of “Notorious RBG in Song” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington. The program about Ginsburg’s life in the law was created and performed by Ginsburg’s daughter-in-law, the soprano Patrice Michaels, and presented for high school students by the National Constitution Center.

Now get this: Ginsburg did not speak, and many in the crowd did not know she was there. She sat in the back, and most saw her only as they left the performance. Michaels did not announce her presence. [2]

For obvious reasons, this last paragraph did not sit well with me. I immediately went to the "National Museum of Woman in the Arts" in Washington web site. Here is what I found. On February 6th was Gallery Talk. Then the calendar skips to February 3rd which was a Fierce Women 2.0 display, then the same day was a Community Day which was a free tour, then Februray 2 was Sewing Machine 101. Notice, the calendar had no events on February 4th as stated in the WAPO article. So, I typed in the search bar for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the search showed "no results". Now, I'm getting mad. Why is the mainstream media shaming people for concern of RBG's silence? Why did FOX news really display RBG's obit? Why is the mainstream media trying to make us believe RBG has been seen publicly? [3]

When I looked at the motions on the Supreme Court site, I saw many motions denied. I saw at least three stays of execution denied. I saw motions postponed. Her disappearance directly affects our lives. What is going on? We the People deserve to know the truth. Why is the mainstream media exploiting her disappearance with such flamboyancy? We have innocent babies being legally murdered. I demand to know where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? You should demand the same. [4]

Q2077 RBG replacement [lifetime appointment - age]? What’s at STAKE?


1. Justice Ginsburg made a public appearance last week — but the internet still thinks she’s dead by BRYAN CLARK — February 11, 2019


Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first public appearance since cancer surgery By Robert Barnes February 4, 2019




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Fox News prepares public for death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Curiouser Conspiracies

Published on Jan 21, 2019

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