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EXPOSED: Eyewitness Account...

EXPOSED: Eyewitness Account...

Q2553 For far too long we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength, that we once formed to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to deteriorate. We became divided. We became weak. We elected TRAITORS to govern us. We allowed EVIL to prey on us. Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises.

The evil and corruption only grew. [Video 1]

Today, I received a reply to a request I sent about sharing his report on one of the most powerful men in our country. Here is his reply:

Hello Anna, Thank you for your note and your kind words. It has been an ordeal for me, but I am certainly luckier than many victims of injustice.

My hope is that this file, ends up doing enduring good for the legions of common people who have been mauled at some point or other in the USA legal system. Over the years I've come to be aware of thousands of victimized people who got some comfort from my writings, in part just by realizing they were far from alone.

By all means feel free to use the file, it is intended as a public document. There is an article on it by a contact of mine on the Henry Makow website in Canada.

The file may become quite more well-known before too long. The President's lawyers have it, Roger Stone's lawyers have it, and the new Attorney General nominee, William Barr has it as well, difficult for him because of his old relationship with Mueller. The President tweeted with what were indirect references to it, the picture of Mueller in jail, and saying "Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller".



Then he signs off with: Best wishes for your work in bringing some wider truth to the public ... after these difficult times there will hopefully be some better days ahead

With all good wishes, Les Remember this: [Video 2]

Dr. Les Sachs is a former DOJ staff member who is the holder of the US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award. He is now a consulting reporter to European Union Institutions, governments, and

intelligence agencies; under EU gov't protection due to Mueller-tied threats to murder him.

Dr Leszek Sachs is a person who has endured unthinkable injustice at the hands of Robert Mueller. Today, I'm going to touch on the report he compiled. Since the report is 28 pages long, I will only touch on the highlights. However, you may access this report below in the description box, and I strongly encourage you to download the pdf. Dr. Sachs is in exile in his native homeland in Europe. He ends the report with an example of expletives used by Robert Mueller and Mueller's threats against him. It reads:

Mueller's crime and law partners at Wilmer Hale and Ropes Gray, continue to vow to murder

Dr Les Sachs, they promise that in their words

"We'll kill that Jew f-explicative if he ever sets foot back in America."

Certainly at the very least they would instantly seek 'contempt of court' jailing of

Dr Sachs, using fraudulent documents which they have been repeatedly entering into US

federal court records, abusing US federal courts to make them into a tool of lying, libeling,

extortion and terrorism. The Robert-Mueller-tied crime gang remains arrogant, by saying these threats in these explicative words,

"F-explicative no one is allowed to talk about how people like me bribe judges in America ... Bribed American judges, motherf-explicative! That's the game we play! What game are you playing, motherf-explicative?"

Witnesses and victims who provided me with information, have risked their lives doing so,

and so I say a word to honor them here, and hope they may be protected by action taken to

put the Mueller-tied crime gangs en route to prison where they belong. Of course I realize

that each of you who receive this document, must have courage in order to act on this

information, a courage that is far beyond what is normally seen. Dr. Sachs closes with this: "May the spirits guide you."

This former DOJ employee makes this allegation:

And I value the hint that I may be able to at last return to the United States under government protection, as I have long had in Europe, to testify re-indictments against the foreign-funded gang of child rape, extortion and terrorist criminals, who have been operating with a sense of impunity out of the white-shoe Wilmer Hale and Ropes Gray law firms, whilst they defrauded millions out of a mentally-disturbed psychopath Hillary Clinton friend and donor, and threatened to murder both past and present DOJ employees as part of their efforts to obstruct and impede justice.

As you understand, this is not just a case of 'historical' felonies of corruption tainting two corrupt DOJ high officials, former who joined

in selling an egregious 'comfort letter' to a gang of British-funded child rape and extortion criminals, mid-way in carrying out 'pay us or we kill you' terrorist acts on US territory, the boasted-about bribery of two federal judges, and a long series of related racketeering offences, including bags of bribery cash to media, buying the 'fake news'.

The crimes for which Robert Mueller received his generous share of millions defrauded from clients, and Mueller's share of funds from a British-based child Report, DOJ Inspector General, Foreign-Funded Terrorism, Bribery Implicating Robert Mueller rape and extortion crime group, a series of felonies on US territory falling under the terrorism statutes, are highly significant in several areas of immediate concern, including the personal

safety of DOJ officials, whom Mueller's friends will not hesitate to murder, as they face life prison terms and tens of millions of losses. [Video 3] Here are 15 points witnessed by Dr. Sachs listed in the report.

1. Foreign-funded terrorism.

2. Mueller as a paid agent of foreign parties seeking USA regime change.

3. Mueller's service to foreign-funded criminal interests.

4. 'Fake news' media bribed by foreign interests.

5. Mueller-related crimes sabotaging US-DOJ extradition requests.

a. enrolling at least two top lawyers of Google, as accessories to their felonies

6. Robert Mueller is also helping Russia itself to halt extradition requests.

7. Robert Mueller's child rape gang friends have been bribing US federal judges in Virginia.

8. Google lawyers connected to Hillary Clinton as their crime partners.

9. Senior DOJ officials sponsoring felonies by millionaires and law firms.

10. DOJ officials even selling 'comfort letters' to known egregious terrorist felons, as happened under Robert Mueller.

11. Criminals operating out of the Wilmer Hale and Ropes Gray law firms, given their involvement in child rape, and extensive use of child rape criminal networks to spread lies on the internet.

12. Mueller-tied gang won't hesitate to murder DOJ staff or United States Attorneys.

13. At Wilmer Hale - Ropes Gray offices, there was a laughing discussion of murdering Boston United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

14. As corrupt DOJ official Patrick Fitzgerald agreed in collusion with Mueller's law partner JoanAnn Lukey.

15. 3 British companies paying for terrorism on USA soil.

This is a tiny portion of the crimes witnessed by Dr. Sachs. Imagine how much more there is. Thankfully, major changes are taking place since Jeff Sessions and now with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Dr. Sachs writes this:

Gentlemen, I shall first here express my appreciation, for the gracious nature of contacts with US government officials, since the Trump-Sessions administration took office. This is dramatically different from previous years, when friends and partners of Robert Mueller menacing to murder me, were encouraged by US government officials suborned into playing along.

Q2643 Re_read Re: [MUELLER] designed to….The 'MUELLER' insurance policy has expired. Q




Video Sources:


A few questions for Robert Mueller

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Flatfooted Robert Mueller Surprised by Boston Marathon Bombers’ Mosque’s Terror Connections


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Mueller was illegally appointed to lead Russia probe: Gregg Jarrett

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