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Q2655 The future will not repeat the past. The clock is ticking. Q

Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey by Ingersoll Lockwood written in 1896

Everything begins in Russia, from here Trump travels in time. In Russia the boy receives instructions from the Don - Master of all Masters. The book tells of a boy Baron Trump who can travel in time.

He goes into a world within a world. ...situated somewhere in Northern Russia.

Lockwood also wrote a book called, The Last President, which features a controversial political candidate in, you guessed it, New York. [1] My interest peaked about Lockwood, Ingersoll the Author of Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey while watching the video published on January 18th of this year, by the YouTube channel The Mystic Circle titled THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 127 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla

This video explains Lockwood Ingersoll's 1896 book and talks about time travel, hollow earth, portals in the Ural Mountains in the Middle of the Earth, fantastical creatures, cities of all silver, the goggle zone, (hmmm.... Google???)

In another one of Lockwood's books written in 1896 "The Last President," he writes about how the Socialists & Anarchist will start rioting in New York city around November 3rd, and how Trump is possibly the last president. Basically, the book explains how Commies take over the country. This book talks about the protests and the elite even talks about how the Supreme Court will have multiple vacancies from "old age". The book describes how Chicago is taken and the city is taken over by the mob. Suddenly an eclipse happens and everyone is afraid. People are believing the president has ties to money lenders and users, [Video 1]

Lockwood was a US lawyer and author whose Baron Trump sequence is an unusually Equipoisal

mixture of science fiction and fantasy, even at a time before the use of commonly adhered-to distinctions between these modes of the fantastic, in a manner that anticipates L Frank Baum's inspired opportunism in the Oz books. The sequence comprises The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar (1890) and Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey (1893), the latter being a Fantastic Voyage into the Hollow Earth, where domains of various surreally described races are found, including the Transparent Folk and the Rattlebrains. The Extraordinary Experiences of Little Captain Dopplekop on the Shores of Bubblehead (1892) and Wonderful Deeds and Doings of Little Giant Boab and His Talking Raven Tabib (1891), both similar to the Trump books, also involved Fantastic Voyages; the young protagonist of the latter benefits from his abnormal strength. 1900: Or, the Last President (1896 chap) is a Near Future political Satire in which New York and soon enough the entire country is taken over by a demagogue, ending democracy in America.

Ingersoll Lockwood was born in Ossining, New York on August 2, 1841and died in Saratoga Springs, New York on September 30, 1918. [2] Could [Q2630 Future proves past. News unlocks. You have more than you know.] mean more than we really know?

Someone with the handle polkadotgirl added her summary of the conclusion of the book "1900 or the Last President." She writes:

The conclusion I am gathering from the book is that it is all planned. Perhaps the president has good intentions, and perhaps he does not. Who is to say who is bad in this book? The North or the South? It is interesting that it is directly linked to the dichotomy today of the left vs. right.

Ultimately, the republic is destroyed, and the “one eye” is pleased in quite the devilish way! Perhaps there really is a devilish power controlling us all?

Perhaps the lesson from this book is that even if we do all disagree on some major points, we

need to unite in some way. They are constantly using this divide and conquer tactic, and it is

undoubtedly working. When they divide us enough, they can crush our union, and then they can

truly take over.

Trump causes much controversy, and maybe just maybe, he really is looking out for the welfare

of the people, just as president Brian/Barron seems to be. However, it seems that some more malevolent force has put him into office so that he can ultimately divide the people. Whether or not

Byron/Barron is really for the common people in this book is hard to say, but it might be so, and I would say the same is true of Trump. The blogger polkadotgirl asks the question, "Is he really for the common people, or is he part of the ultimate plan?" What is for sure is that the division is the most prominent part of this book: The Common people vs. the Wealthy (does this not sound familiar?) [3]

Please scroll down to the sources in the description box to find the links to these ominous predictions.

Image 1: This is a photo taken in the 1940s in the Gold Bridge. Here, a man is seen wearing sunglasses and a modern printed t shirt, dressed differently to the surrounding crowd.

Image 2: This video emerged from 1938 of a woman holding a mobile phone-like object to her ear.

Image 3: Unreleased footage from Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circusbonus in 1928 shows a woman holding a phone to her ear.

Image 4: Another time travel moment maybe, as a doppleganger of John Travolta is seen in the 1800s.

Image 5: This painting was allegedly created in the 1800s, and it has been suggested it appears to be of a man holding a CD box with one being taken out...

Image 6: A painting from the 1800s shows a doppleganger to star Keanue Reeves; or could this have been time travel?

Image 7: In 2008, Chinese archaeologists found a small Swiss watch object in a 400 year old tomb. [4]

Then we have these chilling images from the Illuminati card game:

The Illuminati Card game was developed by Steve Jackson as a board game in early 1983 but was released later in 1995. What makes this board game so unique are its depictions of certain global events that were yet to occur. [5]

Card A: CHILLING: The Illuminati Card Game seemingly predicted the 9/11 attacks

Card B: WARNING: Does the Illuminati Card Game predict Donald Trump's assassination?

Card C: PROPHECY: The Terrorist Nuke card was chillingly similar to the 9/11 attacks [6]

Card D: Obama Backlash? Obama is no more the poster child for change he claimed to be.

Card E: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. This actually happened in March 1989; a few years before the official game date release of 1995 but considering that the original artwork was done and completed in 1983 this is again another striking coincidence. If you then compare the artwork to actually headline photos that circulated the world of a bird covered in oil then is this mere coincidence? [5]

I will leave you with this: Peter Teal was introduced to President Trump by Jared Kushner. Peter Teal controls and manipulates PayPal, AirBnB, and other internet providers. Peter Teal is perhaps the individual who convinced President Trump to use Palantir to help ICE track illegal immigrants.

On the webpage, you will read: Palantir Gotham brings intelligence, people, and data together to empower one another. As users collaborate and build off one another's work, they create and grow a body of shared intelligence for their organization. In Gotham's integrated Applications and Modules, users can search all data sources at once, explore divergent hypotheses, surface unknown connections and patterns, and share insights with their colleagues. [7]

The globe you see in this image with President Trump and the Saudi Prince is a Palantir system. This is the ultimate spy system of the all seeing eye into controlling the future of those who use the internet. Is this the devise that has opened the portal into the future? How long has this technology truly been around? Could this have been why Hitler was fascinated with time travel? What do they know, that we do not know? Are we seeing glimpses into the future of the world today via this all-seeing-eye? I this the devise that will finally bring the total destruction of the world? I don't know, but there are certainly more questions than answers.

Q2548 You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?] Q










Video Sources:


THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 127 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla

The Mystic Circle

Published on Jan 18, 2019

#POTUS #PresidentTrump #qanon #qanondecodes #projectweepingangel

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