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Plot To Overthrow Our POTUS

Plot To Overthrow Our POTUS


D House focus on POTUS = 'insurance' extension from MUELLER to House.

GJ testimony underway in several states.

Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.

Far beyond political corruption/sedition.

Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Lights on.

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Continuity of Government

Continuity of Operations otherwise known as COOP is an effort within individual agencies to ensure that essential government services continue during a wide range of emergencies. All agencies have designated continuity of operations program managers responsible for the agency’s COOP plan, including essential functions, orders of succession, alert notification procedures, alternate work locations/procedures, vital records and resources and testing, training and exercise plans [Source 1]

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I'm hearing rumors that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton plan to eliminate President Trump, and then Vice President Pence, then replace them with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Yet, I personally don't see this as a possibility. However, in their scheming and plotting, I wouldn't put this idea past either one of them. There is a message; however, on the twitter feed Defend Assange Campaign that alludes to Hillary specifically.

The twitter feed Defend Assange Campaign reads:

Clinton stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover. She stated that Pence is predictable hence defeatable. [Source 2]

Then, there's Nancy Pelosi who is taking a big risk, dedicating congressional resources to obtaining Trump’s tax returns. She’s assuming she’ll find something. Last we checked, the last publicly available copy of Trump’s returns showed absolutely no wrongdoing. (Remember how Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Tanked After the Trump Taxes Flub.)

Pelosi is right in assuming the tax returns will be tough to obtain. The IRS currently has them locked in a vault. The White House is going to fight tooth and nail to keep them in the dark as well. At best, we can expect a long, drawn-out court fight over the release of the documents.

Pelosi’s promise to seek Trump’s tax returns isn’t the only legal conundrum Trump will face in the near future. The New York attorney general Letitia James announced her office will be looking into the finances of the Trump Organization. Additionally, the National Enquirer is now being accused of covering up salacious news about the President. [Source 3]

Nancy Pelosi is now the new Speaker of the House. Everyone has since been left asking whether or not Pelosi plans to target President Trump with impeachment in 2019. And she may have just tipped her hand. “Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has picked a new guiding force for Democrats investigating and potentially impeaching President Trump as they take control of the House.” “Douglas Letter, a 40-year veteran of the Justice Department and former associate counsel in President Bill Clinton’s White House, will be appointed to the role of House general counsel, Pelosi said in a statement,”. Letter’s hiring suggests Pelosi is lining up her cards for an eventual impeachment of President Trump. Having worked under the Clinton White House, Letter is also a key figure with ties across the entire spectrum of Democratic politics. If the incoming House Speaker were looking for a partisan legal professional to hire in anticipation of impeaching President Trump, Letter would be her first choice. For her part, the Democratic Speaker praises Letter in a statement announcing her decision. “Douglas Letter has an outstanding and highly decorated record of achievement in service of America,” Pelosi stated. “He will bring deep experience and legal expertise to the House, as he counsels and represents our institution, Members and staff as House General Counsel.”

The signs couldn’t be any more obvious. Letter’s choice is clearly a political one, and his background, political leanings, and connections to the Clintons all point to his choice as the first overt sign that Democrats plan to impeach President Trump in 2019. Letter’s recent comments directed at President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, where Letter called out the lawyer and accused Trump of trying to derail the Mueller investigation, could be interpreted as his new job’s opening salvo against the President.

The sort of work Letter will be doing in the Pelosi House, adding that the lawyer, “will provide legal advice to lawmakers and their staff, regardless of political affiliation.” This could include advice governing the legal process of impeachment. Anti-Trump forces appear to be thrilled by the choice according, fueling speculation that the pick by Pelosi was designed to start laying the foundation for bringing impeachment charges against the President. And with Letter’s extensive background and history in left-leaning legal pursuits for the past three decades, the first signs that Pelosi may be working to remove Trump from office may have just been revealed. [Source 4]


Why do D's and the FAKE NEWS media [+FAKEWOOD] continually push the 'IMPEACH' narrative if impeachment requires 2/3rd SENATE VOTE TO ENACT (odds of that?)?

Do they push this FAKE NARRATIVE to project a supposed 'supportable w/ evidence' wrongdoing to their BASE (confirmation bias)?

Accusations never supported by facts?


The list goes on and on…..











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