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Weeping Angel III - Boneset

Weeping Angel III is the second backup channel for Project Weeping Angel. Currently, videos are being shown on Weeping Angel II. However, with the censorship taking place, the backup channel Weeping Angel II is also in need of a backup channel. Therefore, to keep this backup channel safe, I am avoiding all politics on this channel. Instead, this channel is focused on healing plants. The first book I will be narrating is taken from "The Lost Book of Remedies".

Thank you all for your amazing support while I've been rebuilding the audience of over 47,000 Subscribers that was suspended by YouTube. Look for an update on this channel Weeping Angel III weekly.



A Thing of Beauty (Endymion)

By John Keats

Narrating from The Lost Book of Remedies

Davis, Claude , ed. The Lost Book of Remedies, First ed. 2018. Copyright number 87361399 ISBN: 978-1-7325571-1-6

#WeepingAngelIII #TheLostBookofRemedies #projectweepingangel #WeepingAngelII

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