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Beware of Looming Deception...

Before I go into the video today, I wish to bring an important issue to light. Please, no matter who you are listening to, always do your own research. Each of us are only human, and we will fail from time to time. Even the most trustworthy Patriot sources will make mistakes. People's lives are literally at stake, so we MUST all research thoroughly every word we make public. This is a lesson that is really hitting home for me. Today, I want to announce a very huge mistake I've made on a past video, and it is important to make this correction immediately.

In August 2018 I made a video and recited from a post titled, "Q1805 Message sent, we know. Q”

without performing my own investigation.

This video caused serious grief for a civilian person who did not deserve the negative publicity she received. Her name is Kate Mazz. The video in question painted Kate Moss as a partner with John Brennan when in fact Kate Mazz as I know her now is a hero. Regardless if the writer and I agree on the validity of the post, I am compelled to clear this woman's good name. Several of us on YouTube recorded and produced this video. What is important to me is I never mislead my audience. Now that I've learned her side of the story, I want to appeal to my audience and ask for your forgiveness of this horrible smear on an innocent woman's life. I am very thankful she accepted my personal apology, and she has given me permission to put this message in the video on her behalf. We all make mistakes, and when we make mistakes that affect people's lives, we owe it to our audience to set the record straight; even if it means we expose our own personal flaws. Well, I am here before you to say, Kate Moss is NOT any of those things portrayed in the video from August. If you see a video portraying Kate Mazz as a cohort to John Brennan, please dismiss that video immediately. The real story is Kate Mazz helped foil an assassination attempt on our President's life by Jeff Boyd.

This excerpt from FB News Cycle dot com confirms how the Secret Service were able to save President Trump's life.

In August, ABC affiliate WNEP reported that Pennsylvania State Police arrested Jeffrey Boyd of Tulsa, Oklahoma in Briar Creek Township, Pennsylvania just hours prior to President Trump’s appearance at a rally for Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta. Boyd had a loaded gun in his car and told police he was hearing voices telling him to kill President Trump.

Thank you Kate Mazz for your bravery and service to America.

The information I'm sharing today, is a compilation taken from the article written in 2012 titled "The Georgia Guidestones, A Conversation With Plato In Hell" found at

As we have learned through the Q Movement, the Deep State, The Cabal, The Black Hats, or otherwise the dark forces that rule our world use numbers, dates, and symbology to complete their ritual actions.

By the numbers, the date 11:6, is a day for the occult invocation of the uncompleted Tower of Babel. The old order was torn down on 9/11/01 — 9/11 is an inversion of 11:6 —Which is usually around the days we vote politicians in office. The occult loves numbers like 2,717, the secret height of the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a total roof height of 2,717 ft, the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in late 2008. The Tower was completed anew on 1/4/10. Some say this is the final chapter before the birth of the New Order and a marker for when the demonic master fell to Earth a second time.

These 2,717 feet are the exact proportions of the Georgia Guidestones that were revealed months before the Burj’s true height was publicly known. 2,717, the first Greek number skipped in Strong’s Numbers for the New Testament, a number that some say foreshadows the Antichrist, a number that corresponds to “make waste” or “to be made desolate” in the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance.

One of the most diabolical examples of Georgia Guidestones numerology involves the Magnitude 9.0 Tōhoku, Japan, earthquake that claimed nearly 16,000 lives. This massive disaster struck Japan on March 11, 2011, exactly 11,311 days after the Georgia Guidestones monument was officially completed on March 22, 1980. The number “11,311” in day/month/year format or year/month/day format, which is used by the military and also in Japan) can be written 11/3/11. This corresponds to March 11, 2011, the actual date of the earthquake.

Furthermore, the earthquake occurred exactly 9 years, 6 months after 9/11/2001. Treating these dates as vectors and adding them together we get: [ 9, 11, 1 ] + [ 3, 11, 11 ] = [ 12, 22, 12 ] or December 22, 2012, the day after the end of the Mayan calendar, or, more appropriately, the first day of a new age.

There are 11,962 days between the day the Guidestones monument was completed and December 21, 2012, the Mayan Day of Destruction? The zip code for Sagaponack, New York is 11962

Sagaponack was listed as the most expensive small town in the country. The median house price in Sagaponack is over $4-million! Sagaponack is the home of Lloyd Blankfein…the CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs?

The Georgia Guidestones, 9/11, the Burj Khalifa, Ted Turner, Goldman Sachs, the Mahdi, today’s elections, earthquakes, storms, riots and the war to come are all part of the same ceremony that balance on the fulcrum beginning back in December 21, 2012. And it is all made possible through an illusion. Your money holds no value, but its illusion of value has been maintained by your world’s insatiable love for base, material things. The moneychangers are the rulers of your world and now they plan to bring it all down through a final series of Grand Illusions. According to the Guidestones, they plan to wipe the Earth clean, disposing of billions of human lives, and, using the benefits of high technology, erect a New World Order for their master, Lucifer. This New World Order is a satanic society that has been planned for thousands of years.

The Georgia Guidestones project was not funded by money, but rather paid for with gold. The publisher of "Common Sense Renewed", which is the companion book for the monument has gone on record saying the book was paid for anonymously using South African Krugerrands, gold bullion coins. More ironically, the publishing company is located in Mason City, Iowa, a town founded by Freemasons.

Stay tuned as I give information about how the 1980 founder of CNN (we can't say his name) funded the Georgia Guidestones.

As you all know, the tech giants are tightening the ropes on all Patriot Channels. The main channel Project Weeping Angel is still in suspension, and now these videos are being severely suppressed. The best way you can support this channel at this time is to share each individual video link as often as possible. Even if you share the channel link, certain videos will not be seen. I'm asking my supporters to please share the specific link of your favorite videos. I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope we will be able to continue providing Patriot videos for a long time. Many blessings to you all!


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