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BREAKING: The Truth About The Yellow Vests.

The Mainstream Media has gone silent on the Yellow Vest protest. Yet the protests continue into the eighth week. Why is the Mainstream Media silent? Now, it seems this Patriot movement has been infiltrated with Antifa style imposters. Who is behind this new group of imposters? Why? Today, I will share with you some interesting tweets I found on the latest in the Yellow Vest Protests.

BNL NEWS as @BreakingNLive on Twitter released this yesterday

“BREAKING: Yellow vest protests throughout France continue. Footage from Caen, which currently looks like a war zone.

VIDEO Mary Kreer on Twitter Mary Kreer

responded to BNL news with this image revealing the true purpose of the Yellow Vest Protest:

Now the demonstrations have turned violent. ...but is the violence real???

damianslaughter on Twitter with the handle @druid1111 tweeted this:

"Agitators have infiltrated the yellow vests and are responsible for the majority of criminal acts. They are hoping to force a narrative so Macron can unleash overwhelming force. The globalists are really beginning to panic so lives will become expendable.”

... and I Stand With Vigano with the handle @JohnGilson2 confirms with this tweet.

"The yellow vests are a legitimate people's movement.

The violence and destruction is Antifa types piggybacking and hijacking the movement for their own use. Disavow their mayhem and support the people."

Is the Deep State staging a coup of the Yellow Vest movement in order to stage a false flag for painting the Yellow Vest rebellion as the enemy combatant? Somehow, I don't find this surprising at all. Let this be a lesson for us all. Please fellow Patriots, let's keep our French brothers and sisters in our constant prayers.


#currentevents #deepstate #projectweepingangel #crimesagainsthumanity #WeepingAngelII

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