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Persons of Interest: Corruption At The Highest Levels PART II

Persons of Interest: Corruption At The Highest Levels PART II

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous outpouring of support since YouTube suspended Project Weeping Angel. Your outpouring of support has been tremendous. I started writing a list of huge supporters, and as the list grew, I was afraid I may leave someone out. So, I'm leaving a list at the end of the video in honor to those who have helped make this new channel possible. If I've accidently left your name out, please let me know. It is important to me to make sure everyone is acknowledged. To all or you; your support means the world to me. Thank you everyone, and have a safe an Happy New Year. WWG1WGA!!!!


Where is Huma? Follow Huma. This has nothing to do w/ Russia (yet). Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals? What is military intelligence?

As most everyone knows, the FBI re-opened the investigation into Hillary's email case in the autumn of 2016, as 650,000 emails had been discovered on Huma Abedin's shared laptop with Anthony Weiner, which were originally sent from Hillary's hidden email server (possibly containing the deleted emails). Abedin was and is Hillary's closest confidant and long time top aide.

Shortly after the announcement, it was announced that the Department of Justice would aid in the review of the emails.

The DOJ wrote a letter to Congress explaining that they "will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible."

The person who wrote that letter was Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik. Hang with me. We are going to get to Peter Kadzik; but first, we have to get a little more info.

The reason Attorney General Loretta Lynch was not involved in the email probe was because she was caught having a private meeting with Bill Clinton at the airport in Phoenix days before the FBI and DOJ investigated Hillary Clinton. She also had during that time refused to answer questions about the Iran ransom payments, essentially pleading the 5th.


Will another attempt to 'delay' be made?

Delay > > > D's control House?

J C + L L

Move and countermoves.

See something.

Say something.


Lynch recused herself from the Hillary Clinton case, so instead Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik took charge.

The following are emails connecting this Kadzik guy to Podesta and Clinton, and the whole gang. The first link and quote is from Podesta, who had dinner with Kadzik one day after Hillary's Benghazi hearing.

Here are some response emails to the " See you at Posto, 7:30-ISH" invite:

This email is to Kadzik and a string of others from Vin Roberti Who owns a political advocacy and strategic issues management company. Here's the link to Roberti's website:

This email was dated: October 23, 2015

A little bit about Kadzik's friend Vin Roberti: In 2006 Mr. Roberti joined the board of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, a leading AIDS charity that has invested more than $500 million in its programs and has awarded more than 4,000 grants to HIV/AIDS research teams worldwide. Roberti currently chairs the Fund Development committee, and serves on the influential Executive Committee.

Remember Q 693

When does big pharma make money?

Curing or containing?


Mind will be blown by chain of command.


So, in Vin Roberti's response to the subject: Re: See you at Posto, 7:30-ISH

he writes, "I'm bringing a special surprise quest this evening."

In the same email chain Catherine Chieco responds with Tony is bringing the wine....! ​Kate & Tony​

The second link and quote is Podesta praising Kadzik and claiming Kadzik "kept [him] out of jail." You might be wondering what Podesta did that warranted jail time? He lied during the Monica Lewinski trial... Here he is admitting his lawyer kept him out of jail, not his innocence.

In this next WikiLeaks email, John Podesta is sending an email to Cassandra Quin-Butts; Obama's Deputy White House Counsel On September 8, 2008 about Peter Kadzik

"Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail. I'm sure Christine knows him. Wants to help. Think he would be an excellent vet lead. 202-420-4704"

The last link and other quotes are from Peter Kadzik's son to John Podesta who is begging to work on Hillary's campaign, as his father is good friends with Podesta.

John Podesta responds to PJ Kadzik's "Reaching Out" email with, "Let me check around."

Here is the email PJ Kadzik sent Podesta:


Hope all is well for you during what I can only imagine is an extremely busy time.

I was with my father and Amy recently, and they both suggested I reach out

to you. I would love to find some time to connect and see if there may be

an opportunity for me to help on the campaign.

I have always aspired to work on a presidential campaign, and have been

waiting for some time now for Hilary to announce so that I can finally make

this aspiration a reality. While my professional career is still young, I

have acquired a diverse skill set, which I believe transition well to a

campaign setting. During my time with the Malala Fund, I worked on a

number of advocacy initiatives and events, which solidified my ability to

work in high pressure and fast paced environments, as well as engage a

diverse range of constituents. Furthermore, my work with Weiss Public

Affairs has allowed me to expand my communications and messaging

experience, both of which position me well to take on a role on the


From my father's experience I understand the intensity of presidential

campaigns, and am ready and willing to take on whatever position needs to

be filled. I currently live in New York City, and believe I would make a

valuable asset to someone in the campaign's headquarters. I have attached

my resume to this email to give you a more in depth overview of my


I would be very grateful for any support or guidance you may be able to

provide in my quest to work on Hilary's campaign. Again, I hope all is

well and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Many thanks,

PJ Kadzik

Kadzik Sr. was also involved with Bill Clinton in the pardoning of the FBI's most wanted criminal Marc Rich. Read Marc Rich's story and ask yourself why he was pardoned.

So in tune with the corruption of power and criminal activity, Hillary Clinton knew she would never have consequences for her actions. In summary, the very close friend of Clinton's Campaign chair, John Podesta, was in charge of an investigation that could have potentially sunk Hillary Clinton. Of course she would be found "Not-Guilty"! Everything was stacked in her favor. Time for that Crooked woman to face a "Real Trial"!!!

Q 1815

We have the server[S].



Video Sources:

State Dept. releases Huma Abedin emails from Weiner's laptop

Fox News

Published on Dec 29, 2017 Jim Jordan (R-OH) Q/A with Peter Kadzik of the 'Kept me out of jail': Top DOJ official involved in Clinton probe represented her campaign chairman

USA Breaking NEWS

Published on Nov 1, 2016

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