SerialBrain2 decode Q: The Trump Effect and the reason POTUS tweeted “poor me”.

The Trump Effect and the reason POTUS tweeted “poor me”.

I will start by giving you a quick update on the Trump Effect. I'm sure you enjoy following its activities around the world as much as I do.

Do you remember Trump’s last trip to France when he canceled a visit to a WW1 cemetery over poor weather? For a change, the Fake News media virulently attacked him: Img1

You and I know the real reason behind the cancellation of this visit. The Maestro coded it in a tweet he later deleted where he misspelled cemetery with an [a], therefore indicating the Secret Service identified a threat from the Viva Le Resistance network. Img2

Then, in this article, we learn the French Army was allowed to mock our Commander in Chief with a tweet they later claimed was just about training. Yeah right… Img3

Next, as you already know, Trump recently decided to bring our troops stationed in Syria back home. December 19, 2018 The French President Macron, while visiting his troops in Tchad, immediately took this opportunity to blast our Commander in Chief again with a lecture on how to treat allies. French President Emmanuel Macron criticizes US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw American forces from Syria, saying "an ally must be reliable". vid.

As you can see, after this lecture, the French President flexed his muscles and stated that despite Trump’s decision, France would remain in Syria. Okay… But then later that day, right after singing the French national anthem with his troops, this happened: video.

No comment. Next.

Did you catch the Maestro’s “poor me” tweet? You know, the one the Fake News Media used as a way to mock him? Img4

I told you, after smiling or laughing, the next smart thing to do is to start investigating to understand what he is really saying. Today, we will do it with a little twist so that you may add another weapon to your decoding arsenal.

Let’s determine how the Deep State reacted to this tweet by analyzing its Mockingbird coverage. Once again, who are the highest ranked Mockingbird agents? Peruvian coffee for those who answered: BBC! Searching what they had to say about this, I found this very strange article entitled “Trump savages Federal Reserve as stock plunge worsens”. The article is supposed to be about the Fed and the Stock Market and as you can see in Img5, it displays Trump’s tweet of the day about the Fed, comments on it, then skips 3 tweets and randomly brings in the “poor me” tweet without ever commenting on it! This “poor me” tweet related to the negotiations with the Dems and the Border Wall is just sitting there and is not connected to the Fed or the Stock Market. Why? Because that was the message. The article makes an undisclosed connection between the Stock Market plunge, “poor me” and the negotiations with the Democrats. As you can see, they are threatening POTUS, just like they did with the artificial 666 Dow drop in February 2018:


They are basically saying: “whatever we are negotiating with you behind the scenes, know we control the economy and we can ruin the country overnight. Here is an appetizer”. The Maestro wanted us to detect this threat and tweeted “poor me”, which is code for “impoverishing America” and “ruining the economy”.

Now that you know all this is a conversation between the Maestro and the Deep State, what do you do next? You look at the timestamp 12:32 and go to the corresponding Q drop Q1232. Do you see it? Look at the first letters of each paragraph: FPORMQ. Img6 Now, do you remember how Q transformed the O to a Q in the Gingerbread riddle and said this about it:

Q2597 Confirmed. 'O' made into 'Q' More to find over time. Happy Hunting!

Let’s do the same with the last letter Q. Transforming it to an O is equivalent to removing the oblique line. You then have an extra line in the system. How do recycle it? Yes: you add it to the first F that becomes an E. You then have EPORMO, which, when re-arranged becomes POOR ME!

Thank you Mr. President! This was yet another extremely challenging and entertaining way to connect to Q! :)

Next? You analyze Q1232 and understand the Maestro is basically telling you to get ready because “MOAB incoming”. Img7 What is MOAB? We all know it’s the Mother Of All Bombs. Do you know where this bomb comes from? You did not know MOAB was in Utah? Here: link. Now who’s from Utah? BINGO! Our trusted and awaited John Huber! You thought he was out of the game because he did not show up when expected? Think again:


I am sure at this point you want to know what this Mother Of All Bombs is about. Are you on edge? So is the real target of the tweet:

capital letters IWHDBSADCBWC=101, same value as SHE’S ON EDGE. And we all know SHE is the Witch and all this is about hunting her! Yes, the Witch Hunt!

Before I tell you more about this MOAB, let’s make a quick pause and understand what is really going on here.

There are negotiations behind the scenes with Dems about the Border Wall. But, we all know there is a parallel acceleration with Huber, Declas and that the Maestro is closing on the Deep State, Hussein, HRC and the other Angry Dems. I also told you about what was silently happening in GITMO. Now do you think all these targeted people would let their remote controlled soon-to-be-Speaker Pelosi and scared-Schumer negotiate with Trump without bringing their fate to the table? The problem is they did not have any leverage. The Wall? You thought Trump needed the Dems to fund it? No! This is already largely taken care of. It’s right here.

The Wall is different than the 25 Billion Dollars in Border Security. The complete Wall will be built with the Shutdown money plus funds already in hand. The reporting has been inaccurate on the point. The problem is, without the Wall, much of the rest of Dollars are wasted!

The shutdown and Government paralysis? Why do you think the Maestro tweeted this?

Some of the many Bills that I am signing in the Oval Office right now. Cancelled my trip on Air Force One to Florida while we wait to see if the Democrats will help us to protect America’s Southern Border!

The accompanying picture is for us to know he has already secured all his priorities to sustain a long government shutdown if need be. Now you know why the Maestro keeps repeating all this may take very long: he gathered enough stamina for the marathon.

Look at Q2502.

Border Security = National Security.

Fiscal Year 2019 Defense Spending Bill

>>Budget Overview

Budget Reconciliation

What if the House fails prior to majority change?

What vested auth does the Constitution grant a sitting President re: matters of NAT SEC?

Thank you, Mr. Soros.


This drop is the reason Trump made public his meeting with Pelosi and Schumer. It was a trap and they happily went in with their feet together. They gave him all he needed to illustrate he wanted to negotiate with people who did not want to. Then, knowing he could use his super powers if the House fails prior to majority change, what do you think would be his primary negotiation target? Yes: failure to reach an agreement. How do you achieve this? By asking things you are certain Dems can never give because doing otherwise would be self-destruction. How about if you happen to get them? You throw an extra party. Zugzwang.

This is how the Maestro froze the negotiations with Dems who now have to pass the ever moving hurdle of government shutdown before they can get to enjoy majority change. Proof everything is under control: he trolls them by tweeting about being in the White House waiting for them while he’s in reality getting ready to fly to Iraq with FLOTUS. Hahaha!

When the Deep State & Co realized they were played, they needed to make a move to get Trump to negotiate. Hence the Christmas Eve Stock Market plunge and Trump informing us what it’s really about through his “poor me” tweet. Clear?

Now what is this incoming MOAB that seems to be so bloody it causes them to be willing to destroy the entire economy?

The answer is in the previous tweet’s timestamp: 12:23. Peruvian coffee for those who noticed the timestamp difference was 9=I and 9 means [8,10]=[H,J]=Huber John! Img8 Going to Q1223, we learn Q has all communications made by Hussein, HRC, LL and others through their private accounts. Now notice Q1223 Think private email addresses. Hussein. HRC. LL. They think they are clever. and Q1232 What will next week hold? MOAB.

are particular elements of the drop sequence starting with Q1217 with a WikiLeaks link to the Podesta emails,

and ending with Q1234 AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18.. I encourage you to thoroughly study this sequence. It has all the spicy doozies about the Clinton Campaign and Foundation and how they used to operate: from the recruitment and payment of Fake News media operators and distribution of their talking points, to the protection of domestic high prices for the pharmaceutical industry, to the EU deposits feeding trust funds for children, to the private accounts used by Hussein, HRC, LL and the others to run the shop, this thread has it all. By talking about Syria’s reconstruction financed by SA in this tweet, the Maestro is illustrating the general idea of transactions through a proxy and is specifically pointing at the vegetation found in the Middle East:

Q1228 Look at those palm trees!

In the next drop Q1229, we learn that there was a heavy gunfire at the Saudi King Palace in Ghanem and that a Treasure Trove of secret Saudi official documents has been secured. Hello Erik! You know these documents are mainly about the Clinton Foundation right? It’s right here: An anon: Q, where are the children? Seriously. Where are the children?

Q392: 3,000+ saved by the raids in SA alone. WW lanes shut down. Bottom to TOP. [HAITI]. [RED CROSS] [CLASSIFIED] High Priority.

Then, so that you know the MOAB acts like a cluster bomb, Q says this:

Q1233 They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed.

Did you notice the Red Cross cluster? And just in case you need more clusters, here is the deadly Australian connection:

Q906 Re_read re: Australia. AUS donations to CF? Why is this relevant? More than you know. This is BIG.

So, what do you think? The MOAB is pretty lethal right?

Q2604 HUBER will bring SEVERE PAIN TO DC. Q



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