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ALERT: National Emergency - Martial Law Coming...


Today, I'm narrating from a link that was sent to me from a subscriber Christopher K. that I feel compelled to share with my audience. I'm not certain of its full truth, but this is certainly something I think we need to discuss in preparation for looming events. Please share your thoughts in the comments after watching this video. For updates of this PDF document you may visit:


"The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons."

"I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."


Also, I want to invite you to join Project Weeping Angel's backup channel Weeping Angel II in the event this channel is taken down. I will pin the most recent video in the comment section. The video is pretty controversial, but it is packed with thought provoking material.

The Transition through the Tribulation: The transition into the New World may mean as many things to as many people. In general, it is nothing less than the ‘Apocalypse’ and the ‘Tribulation’ anticipated by Christianity. It’s a celebration, just not the kind of party many have feared. It is the same event as the expected ‘Great Financial Reset’ known in the secular monetary paradigms. Believe it or not, for most of the Citizens, it's going to be no big deal, but for many of us, in each our own personal judgments, it may be a struggle. Provisions of Sanity through Meditation and Prayer: During this great transition, there may come upon many grave concern and anguish. To those of us who are without faith, We are counseled to engage in a personal relationship of prayer and meditations. In the morning, in a private place alone, quietly as circumstances allow, listen for our inner voice to awaken. I personally want to add to make sure you are meditating to your Holy Father in Yashua's name.

Provision of Food and Water: It is recommended that we have in preparation of ourselves, and for those of us who have accepted responsibility to feed loved ones, a provision of sustenance to assure ourselves reasonable comfort for 40 days. We will not be lead into starvation, but the fear of the threat of starvation may be a real concern during the great transition. Assess our body composition to discern the amount of energy we have stored and our anticipated daily activity. It may be that we know ourselves to have ample reserves and the expectations upon our body are as such that food and liquids we have in our households are sufficient. For the vast majority of the American people with common household pantries, no real additional provision of sustenance is needed. Disregard what the merchants of fear have sold us. We need not imprison ourselves unto our storehouses of hoarding. Simply have with us in our homes, the assurance of 40 days. Our utilities are not going to be shut down; our water is not going to run out, there may be however fearful trembles of interruptions, which are only given us to test our faith. This is not a Tribulation in the fruits of the Earth, this is a Trial of the hearts of men, and we should be kept from false judgment in these things. If a day of panic comes upon our community it will be at ‘Godspeed’, meaning it will already have happened before we are aware to discover it began. Being that we have secured our covenant having 40 days of sustenance, let us not fall into deceit to ourselves by joining them in their panic. For in the measure we take from the abundance during this moment of frenzy, we are dispensed a measure a fear. Take assurance in Spirit that we have made adequate judgment of ourselves having already declared us in good standing to endure. The battle is not of the acquisition of supplies; it is the assessment of faith that is the commodity, which will be in short supply. Confess inwardly that we could have always done better, but know the truth that we did the best we could, and if it be that the store shelves are made barren for awhile, it is only that the supply of Faith has run out upon the land, and it is Faith that we have already stored for ourselves during our time of preparations, that which we have put aside for yourself is sufficient.

Provision of Habitation

It is recommended that we have foresight for an accommodation of 40 days. The need for this varies upon the time of year and our geography. Have a refuge from the Spiritual storm and physical elements by which we may call home with our sustenance in place. Home meaning a sanctuary, a state of mind of remaining in a place without venturing out. This means the accommodations of joyful distractions and comforts. Many of us are motivated by great fears by the demon ‘Abaddon’ also known as ‘Apollyon’ to flee and deliver ourselves into a personal desert of isolation and hardship to be tested. If we are unable overcome this Spirit and exercise these perils, by all means, succumb to our chosen exile leaving our treasures of the world taking our treasures in heaven. For the most of us, there is no place like home where our heart is, and those of us who are without cowardice, even in ignorance we shall endure little trouble in it. The siege coming upon us is not that of aggression or destruction, it is the absence of ‘Truth’ which will be our greatest challenge. The consensus of family and friends will be of the greatest value. These are the treasures in heaven by which we were so informed to stock upon ourselves Provisions of Purpose through contribution of service and employment It is essential that we place upon our being the vision of a New World, which is assuredly coming. The Spirit of Usury may come upon our habitation with a vengeance of fury as if to have command over our good will. Usury may tell us, ‘Don’t come to work’ or ‘it is dangerous to go outside’, do not be afraid. Go and do whatever it is that we did in the Old World for the community in the New World. These are the voices of the Tyrants who seek to re-establish the Usury system over us once more, and the faithless looking for kindred Spirits. We are encouraged to report and participate for every assignment and deed we are accustomed in seeking. As MAN and WOMAN, we need not have permission from money to work for an employer. If we work at a restaurant, let us show up serve for free and the menu is our reward, if we are an employee of the government, let us show up and serve for free, and the public trust is our reward, If we are a vender in a shop, let us show up and work for free and our goods are our reward. Whatever it is that we did in the Old World, for Christ sake, let us show up and do it for a New World. If we are a member of a church, or live next to a church we have never visited, lets visit them to help out with whatever service to the community inspires us. If we are a member of any club or organization, let us go and meet with them. It is imperative that the people seek to take their heads out of the internet and meet with human beings. If it be that the length our volunteerism is extended, our works will not go unrewarded. That which is our employers is ours in your service, and that which is our Church’s is ours in service to us. If it be that we are making a hamburger, a hamburger becomes ours in the process. If it be that we are one driving a truck with supplies, a humble portion of our haul becomes ours for your help. If we are hungry and there is a crop, let us go to service the crop picking fruit for many, and then take a portion for ourself, ‘for as my reward is with me, your reward is with you, and we are together in all things.’ give us this day our daily bread.

Provisions of Wealth

It is recommended that we acquire for ourself and our household, a supply of petty FRAUD note cash to sustain us for the duration of 40 days. Assess our households to determine the amount of basic cash we would spend over 40 days for just the basics at your local stores and such. Gasoline, groceries and incidentals. We need not count things like car payments, rent or house payments or utilities. The purpose of this spending cash is to add a veil of protection for if and when the ATM, Credit cards and cash machines are turned off by the usury system to quake us with fear. During panic, Cash is a proxy King, and it is no sin to honor a King, for all Kings shall kneel forthright to the King of Kings in his day of atonement.

The Revelation of Authentic Money: An Affirmation of internal Truth

Look and behold, for what is revealed has been established hidden in plain sight until the day of epiphany. Even those of us most familiar with authentic Silver and Gold money did not perceive the path of truth. There are 3 distinct forms of legal money in the United States of America and amongst many other nations now and to follow. This is a tangible truth, physically real, self evidently correct to logic and reason, requiring no interpretation or imagination. The 3 actual forms of USD (United States Dollar) legal currency are lawful Silver as Cash, lawlful Gold as Cash and legal Federal Reserve American Usury Debt (F.R.A.U.D) bank notes as a measure expressed in a multitude of derivatives which include paper, credit, and a consortium of electronic digital proxies schemes The great financial reset of the monetary system is the casting out of the FRAUD system. The function of U.S. Minted Silver and Gold Legal Lawful Money is given us for the specific purpose of cautiously unwinding the debt.

Many have heard but few had seen to touch, this is Silver Money which is produced in the Sovereign United States of America by the Treasury to satisfy all demands of hope by and for the people. This authentic cash coin of Truth minted by the United States of America is in the form of a single 1 ozt (troy ounce) denomination of $1 USD. Countless versions of silver money have emerged throughout the history of commerce. Every issuance of this money has held its value throughout eternity enduring every empire and kingdom the world has ever known. Silver, the historic attribute of money, was finally removed from the United States by 1965. The passions of faithful public servants having limited terms of authority were no match against the ambitions of long enduring global usury. The United States of America seeing economic armageddon on the horizon, forged its last hope as a remedy to its citizenry and for the world, a narrow gate out the back door of the monetary prison whose front doors and gold windows were locked shut. A remnant of Liberty, the silver and gold keys were buried in the soil of hope so that some way, some day, posterity would avail itself to discover these keys to escape the beast financial usury system. This Truth of the keys is its Spirit, not the idolatry of its form. They are not given to any leader, corporation or even the Government itself to unlock. These keys are placed in the hands of the People as a nation so that no evil ‘one’ in the end of its days shall prevail.

Look again and see yet another undeniable form of the same providential Truth. Here is Gold Money USD cash as coins that are minted by the United States of America in denominations of $5usd (1/10th ozt) , $10usd (¼ ozt) , $25usd (½ ozt) and $50usd (1 ozt). Each Golden Eagle has its weight and denomination listed on the back and share a common front of a pregnant woman walking in Liberty, for many have cried out that we need to return to the Gold Standard, behold.

Silver and Gold coinage issued by the United States of America are genuine lawful cash. These coins are issued under the authority of our sovereign National treasury, not an international corporation of unelected persons posing as a nation. The great financial reset is placed into motion by the personal affirmation of 2 simple and profound truths of commerce in a free market.

  1. U.S. citizens are free to transact in whatever form of lawful US money in agreement between buyer and seller

  2. U.S. citizens are free to negotiate a price between a buyer and seller for transactions


Taxes and accountability to a sovereign nation using the money of the nation is collected and paid by the measure declared in the unit of numerical value specified upon the instrument by that sovereign nation. The moment a Citizen decides to evoke the Silver and Gold USD minted coin $ over FRAUD note $, it begins. The free CHOICE to negotiate a price in USD Silver and Gold, this is THE BREAKING OF THE FRAUD DOLLAR. If the transition into the new world is as a woman in labor, this would be the breaking of her waters. We the people are the ones who are charged to manage the fire which respectfully refines the FRAUD.

It is a simple choice to see and a hard choice to make, $1 Silver USD dollar has infinitely more value in eternity than a $1 paper FRAUD note with seemingly matching denomination. How much value it has in the numeric monetary gap of your consciousness is the Judgement. Judgement comes to all people in fairness for one reason, WE ARE OUR OWN JUDGE, thereby, judge thyself by doing onto others, as you would have them do onto you, and expect from others as you have done onto them. We know certainly the Truth of “Judge not lest ye be judged”. Consider the wisdom of Kings saying ‘All will be judged, if thy will not Judge thyself with grace, another may judge you without mercy’.

The Redemption of AMERICA through USD Federal Reserve Bank notes:

Mr. President, Congress, Citizens of our Nation, and bystanders of all nations, Look and see what a work has been done within the United States of America, whether it is by our specific intent or the revealed act of a blessing in our higher power. The Federal Reserve American Usury Debt (F.R.A.U.D,) bank notes have been placed into circulation and are in readiness for the Redemption of America through Nationally Minted Silver and Gold by initiation and authority of our Sovereign Nation and its Citizens.

Our American financial system suffered its irrevocable catastrophic collapse in Sept. of 2001 and again in 2008. The US Government in collaboration with the FRAUD generated billions of digital dollars out of the abyss for benefit of the private international banking system as a ‘last ditch effort’ to extend the FRAUD economy buying one last movement of time for private financial institutions and intuitive citizens to begin stockpiling physical Silver and Gold in preparation for the great transition. Of course we don’t believe it, and that is the way it needed to be so that it could all be put into place as our quickening when awakening arrives.

This is the $100 note designed to initiate the Redemption of America when citizens are ready to initiate it. This initiation comes in several stages of awareness. It is now the midnight hour, and the liberty bell has begun to ring. Our very own 12 step program to monetary sobriety is arrived. Each ringing awakens a facet of the citizens to take action. Each citizen has their own individual walk and may experience the ringing in there own perception. For whom does the bell Toll?, It tolls for thee, and for many and most, it has already begun to ring while we were sleeping, Good Morning Love.

The Midnight hour is at hand - the Clock strikes 12

The First Toll: The Death of Silver and Gold Money

In the United States monetary system, Silver was removed from circulation from USD Coins in 1965 and and lived in paper until its death in 1968,. In 1934, Gold was removed from USD Coins and lived in paper until 1971.

The Second Toll: The Resurrection of Silver and Gold money

In the United States monetary system, Silver was resurrected in 1986 as an issue of USD Minted bullion in waiting. In 2002, Gold was resurrected as an issue of USD Minted bullion coins in waiting. These are the two sisters witnesses in the Truth.

The Third Toll: The epiphany of the FRAUD Cash that awaits redemption:

In 2009, the New Golden $100 FRAUD note was printed with grave concern and preparation to the impending awakening of the dollar. Contrary to popular understanding, the dollar did in fact die in 2008 and was placed on life support with a one time injection of undisclosed billions of FRAUD digital proxy at taxpayers expense. The Federal Reserve Corporation in cooperation with the United States Corporation of America responsibly printed billions dollars in new Golden FRAUD $100 with an understanding that the bailout was a one time only solution and that the plan of transition was now in order to proceed.

Look closely at the $100 bill that is the foundation of the financial reset. This $100 note is designed to be separated into two parts at the ‘thin blue line’ decoupling the left side ‘Federal Reserve’ from the right side ‘US Treasury’. In time of civilian need or when the US Government so decrees, This single bill serves as two separate $100 bills circulating concurrently to dampen the potency of hyperinflation. Yes, $100 may be worth $200 in the hands of the people if need be. The right side $100 Treasury bill is backed by 1 ozt of US Minted Gold. The left side may be pulled from from Circulation and returned the Federal Reserve marked as debt paid in full.

Other designated FRAUD notes are also set to represent The knowledge that our US currency is in readiness. “Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light?...”, the remnant, the ​cornerstone​ placed on some of these chosen notes? The memory of that which was rejected by the builders?

Do you see it now more clearly in the presence of authenticity?

These notes provide a 2 to 1 and then a 4 to 1 rooted ratio of USD Gold backing.

The Golden $100 Fraud Note is proxy for the US Minted $50 1 ozt Gold Coin,

The Golden $50 Fraud note is proxy for the US MInted $25 ½ ozt Gold Coin,

The Golden $20 Fraud Note is proxy for the US Minted $10 ¼ ozt Gold Coin,

The Golden $10 FRAUD note is proxy for the US Minted $5 1/10 oxt Gold Coin.

U.S. Mint USD $1ozt Silver Dollars are 50 ozt to 1 ozt Gold


Iraq - Pakistan"

Iraq: Central Bank of Iraq Ireland: Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Israel: Bank of Israel Italy: Bank of Italy Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica Japan: Bank of Japan Jordan: Central Bank of Jordan Kazakhstan: National Bank of Kazakhstan Kenya: Central Bank of Kenya Korea: Bank of Korea Kuwait: Central Bank of Kuwait Kyrgyzstan: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic Latvia: Bank of Latvia Lebanon: Central Bank of Lebanon Lesotho: Central Bank of Lesotho Libya: Central Bank of Libya (Their most recent conquest) Uruguay: Central Bank of Uruguay Lithuania: Bank of Lithuania Luxembourg: Central Bank of Luxembourg Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao Macedonia: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Madagascar: Central Bank of Madagascar Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia Mali: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) Malta: Central Bank of Malta Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius Mexico: Bank of Mexico Moldova: National Bank of Moldova Mongolia: Bank of Mongolia Montenegro: Central Bank of Montenegro Morocco: Bank of Morocco Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique Namibia: Bank of Namibia Nepal: Central Bank of Nepal Netherlands: Netherlands Bank Netherlands Antilles: Bank of the Netherlands Antilles New Zealand: Reserve Bank of New Zealand Nicaragua: Central Bank of Nicaragua Niger: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) Nigeria: Central Bank of Nigeria Norway: Central Bank of Norway Oman: Central Bank of Oman Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan

In Q 2619 An Anon asks: Q: Do we have the gold?

Q answers: Yes. Gold shall destroy FED. Q


Reading from The Redemption of Ameirca

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