SerialBrain2 Decodes Q Melania and D5

The Pin Controversy, the 2 Missing Letters, Melania Trump and D5. PART2.

Before you proceed, make sure you read part1.

Today, we are continuing our Gingerbread decode and I will uncover more things about this amazing riddle.

We are now aware that this Trump Hotel Gingerbread elevator operation is in reality about fighting Child Abuse, transporting the criminals to GITMO and how FLOTUS is playing her part.

Let’s go further.

Bri’s Pin Controversy

First, I wish to end the controversy over Bri’s pin referring to a frog, St Jude or not and Q confirming an Anon when he said: I SEE a FROG.

The post in question is Q2599. The Anon, talking to Q, says: I SEE a FROG. Does it mean there is a frog? He is saying his intellectual capacities allowed him to SEE a FROG when most people did not. What is he talking about and why is Q confirming him? Img1 Look how the Anon capitalized all letters except A. Value for the capitalized letters is I SEE FROG=84. Do you see it? We saw this number in part1. Same value as CHILD ABUSE=84. The Anon is saying to Q: this video is about child abuse and Q immediately confirmed him. No need to zoom on Bri’s pin to know what it looks like. Their brainwaves are above the symbol…

Now that the context is established, what do you do next? You look around to understand how the symbols confirm the understanding. You read this article and learn: “While the elevator is free to ride, the Gingerbread Express aims to raise awareness and donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”. So? Bri wearing a St Jude pin perfectly makes sense. Next? You ask yourself why is Q putting en emphasis on this clue when it’s already open source information. Since you know you are in child abuse territory, you search ‘St Jude + Pzgt’ and BINGO: HRC is pulled in through this Wapo article where we learn there is a photo of her posing with the owner of Terasol, a restaurant across the street from Comet which fund-raised for St. Jude. With all the rumors around the existence of tunnels in that area and Fake News MSM and their secret cousin Infowars investing a lot of energy to debunk Pzgt, you now understand why Q, after confirming the Anon said this:

Q2599 Trolling the FAKE NEWS media IS SO MUCH FUN! Q

Now you know the purpose for Bri’s pin and what this brilliant Anon meant with: I SEE a FROG. Your understanding of ‘SO MUCH FUN’ will be complete when you realize FAKE NEWS=84=I SEE FROG. Are you enjoying the exquisite subtlety of this? The Anon said something true when appearing to say something fake while the Fake News media does the exact opposite… Yes, Q and the Anons are Master Trollers.

Back to the riddle. So Bri brought in HRC through her pin. This is the right time to share with you a stellar comment from White Squall who confirmed this link with even stronger evidence: he noticed HRC comes from H=8 stockings, R=all [R]ight foot stockings and C= 3 colors. Then, since the stocking letters BSABTQ add up to 61=QANON and the Q was originally an O, the original letters were BSABTO adding up to 59. Value for RODHAM? Yes 59. And WS to conclude:“Just one slash or line and RODHAM is captured by QANON! Enjoy the show!” Hahaha! Thank you WS!

The 2 Missing Letters.

As you can see Img2, we previously have identified all the letters except those for stockings 1 and 8.

With this drop:

Q2595 Logical thinking. A little Holiday Fun for the FAKE NEWS media. Think 'Elf on the Shelf'.

Q is signaling logic should allow us to identify the missing letters. I am aware people called the hotel to know the result and, of course, they had different answers over time because as the elevator is visited, the décor is altered. The point is therefore to deduce the 2 missing letters at the time the elevator is open to the public.

At 24’ in the video, we see 1916 on Bri’s sketch. Make sure you watch the 1080 YT version and magnify to verify it is indeed 1916 and not 2018 as a first analysis may suggest. Why 1916? Remembering the context is child abuse, I learned about the 1916 Keating Owen Act which addressed child labor. Img3 As you can see this Act has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court with the Hammer vs Dagenhart case. Coincidence? No, the hammer in Santa’s hand close to the reversed fleur de lis on his hat were clues to link in this Supreme Court case. Now expand your thinking. I told you it was turned upside down to symbolize Q’s corrective measures against pedophilia. What would be the corrective equivalent for the 1916 Keating Owen Act? It would be to turn Bri’s 1916 upside down right? What do you get? Yes: 9161. Now, what is this 61? It is the sum of the value of all the 6 known letters: BSABTQ=61. We deduce this 91 is the clue given by Q for the sum of all 8 letters. The problem is therefore equivalent to finding 2 letters with an added value of 91-61=30. If you remember the O was changed to a Q, you will realize this O was in fact code for Owen, which leads you to K for Keating being the 8th letter. Since K=11, the first letter should be 30-11=19, which is S. And there you have it. The 8 stockings are SBSABTQK.

Then, Q challenges us further asking:

Q2595 Can you find the next one?

which means: if we added a 9th stocking to the right, what would be its color and letter? This is one of the most challenging problems I have found on the board so far. Walk with me. First, let’s understand the color distribution. If R stands for Red, G for Green and W for White, the stocking distribution is RGRWRGWW. Do you see it? If you associate them in 4 letter “words”, this can be written [RGRW][RGWW] which is the alphabetically ordered sequence for 4 letter words made of [R,G,W] starting with RG. What would be the next word for this alphabetic sequence? Since there would be no 4 letter words starting with RG after RGWW, the dictionary would move from the second letter G to R and the next word would be: [RRGG]. What would be the next ones? Yes: [RRGR], [RRGW], [RRRG] and so on… If we had an unlimited amount of material to make the stockings, what would be the 4 very first one on the left? Yes: [GGGG]. How about the 4 last ones on the right? Yes: [WWWW]. So we know how to generate all stockings and we gather from this the lesser information that the 9th stocking would be a red one. What would be its letter?

Img4 Did you notice the white letters A and Q are distanced with 16 steps going right? The red ones are distanced with 17 going left and the green ones with 18 going right. Coincidence? No. Q is signaling the letter distribution should be of the form 1+16k going right for the white stockings, 2+17k going left for red and 2+18k going right for green, where k is an integer. Next? How do you determine k? Let’s focus on the 9th stocking. Img5 Notice how the letters Q and K are generated from A. Do you see it? Q=1+1X16=17 and K=1+12X16=11. The letters seem to be generated using the operator 1+[inc.i]x16 where [inc.i] is the incremented number seen when aggregating the numbers for each stocking i moving to the right of A. Therefore, since T=20 is the next increment for [inc.3], the 9th letter should be 1+1220x16=19521=21+750x26, which is 21, which is U. Now how do you verify your generative operator was correct? You check how U complies with the red form 2+17k and you find it is written U=21=2+17x21. Then, you pull in this drop:

Q2595 What are the odds of a 'Q' stocking? What are the odds of a 'Q' stocking next to a 'T' stocking?

and understand Q is allowing you to add probability in your thought process. What are the odds that U is generated by a simple operator using the numbers 2,17,20 and 1? Did you see it? U=2+17x(1+20). Which means the 9th stocking letter is not only generated by the 1+[inc.i]x16 incremental operator but also by the simple operator (St5)+(St7)x(St4+St6) on stockings 4,5,6 and 7! Coincidence? If you think it is, notice that with the 9th letter U, all this adds up to SBSABTQKU=112. And what is 112? Yes: PEPE THE BAKER. Now you know what Q was really saying to the Anon in Q2599 and why 112 is also the same value for SUBLIMINAL, MATHEMATICS and TELEPATHY. Your choice... :)

Melania Trump and D5.

I told you about the D5 dynamics and how it was related to Wojtkiewicz’ 22nd winning chess move. What if I told you Melania Trump is a key player in the D5 move? You did not know she was also draining the swamp? Look at this picture as she is interviewed by ABC while in Kenya: Img6. you see the swamp in the background? And what do you think of her outfit in Egypt as Brett Kavanaugh is being confirmed in DC for the SC? Isn’t this Smooth? Expand your thinking… Don’t you miss my Q Spiritual/Occult Series? Do You Remember The Time? Melania Trump is a Secret Warrior and America is blessed to have her as FLOTUS… I am sure you want to know her connection to D5. It’s right here: Img7, she coded it in her ride when visiting the carrier. She flew in a V-22 Osprey. Wojtkiewicz already told you about that 22. Now since V is the 22nd letter, V-22 can be written 22-22 and since 2+2=4=D, this can be written D22 or DV. Read the V like a roman numeral and there is your D5. Just in case you missed it, FLOTUS made sure it was also written on her headset.

Let that sink in…

Q1758 This is NOT A GAME. Q


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