SerialBrain2 decodes Q: What is a SMOCKING GUN?

The Reason Trump Tweeted Smocking Gun.

Smocking Gun… Hahaha! I love this!

When the tweet1 came out, “Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No Smocking Gun...No Collusion.” @FoxNews That’s because there was NO COLLUSION. So now the Dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution,... I immediately thought this was another Covfefe moment the Maestro has just created. I started looking around to see how those who still enjoy their ignorance would mock him and man! I was not disappointed! Look: Img1

As you can see, Fake News MSM had a field day and triggered their deceived programmed humans and other online species for a social media fiesta around the Maestro’s double misspelling. Even Monica Lewinsky shared her Oval Office cigar expertise on how to spell “smoking” and on these two extra C’s in the Maestro tweet link1. Of course, we all know these two C’s probably meant Cigar and Clinton to her…

But, Fake News MSM, there is one problem. Actually two. First, did you guys ask yourself the question why it was misspelled twice? If it was a typo, it was more likely to occur once right? Now if it occurred twice, many among you argued Trump simply did not know how to spell “smoking”. If this was the case, then please explain this to me, as if I was your mental age: Img2

As you can see, on August 1st and December 8 2018, not only did the Maestro spell “smoking” as it should be, but he used the exact same expression “smoking gun”. Their claim that he could not spell that word therefore collapses dramatically and we know we are in Very Stable Genius message territory.

Let’s decode.

First, look at the timestamps of the 2 tweets: 6:46 Dec 10 and 7:00 Dec 10. Do you see it? They both add up to 17 using a simple “visual” operation with the numbers. Look: Img3

The Maestro is pointing at the Q board. Let’s follow his direction. The timestamp 6:46 would therefore point at Q646:


Here, we learn APACHE is the most widely used web server software and runs on 67% of all webservers in the world. We deduce the Maestro is referring to the Server(s) and of course, you already know where they are:

Q1815 We have the server[S]. Q

Now we have some context and can analyze the capital letters. Img4 For the first tweet, we have D SGTRJC NSG NC FN T NO COLLUSION SD = 350. For the second one, do you see this dash between “Obama” and “but”? This is the Maestro indicating we have to gather them in 2 groups: CIVIL CASE O=98 and LC WITCH HUNT=141. Look how the Maestro beautifully confirms this grouping: the timestamp difference 14 in conjunction with the first tweet timestamp number structure 646 “generates” 141! Take the time to fully understand what I have just described: it is delicate brain food from the Maestro.

Now let’s translate the numbers we have gathered, knowing the context is the server[s]. Let’s start with CIVILCASE O=98. It is also the value for DEAD CAT BOUNCE=98. This expression appears 3 times in the Q board: Q834, Q948 and Q1595. Which one is the Maestro talking about? Peruvian coffee for those who looked at the timestamps of these drops! Q834 was dropped on March 3rd 2018. What is March 3rd? Yes: 03/03. What is 3? Yes: C. These are the 2 C’s the Maestro added to SMOKING! The Maestro coded in these 2 “SMOCKING” the date of Q drop #834 where Q is giving the smoking gun against HRC, JP, his brother TP and other highest level government officials in their implication in the dissemination of ICBM tech to Russia, the dissemination of Special Access Program material, the U1 scandal and the murder of Seth Rich! Let that sink in.

Now that the context is narrower, we can easily translate D SGTRJC NSG NC FN T NO COLLUSION SD = 350, it is the same value as ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FOUNDATION=350. LC WITCH HUNT=141 is also the value for THREATEN ME AGAIN.

from Wikileaks but here it comes directly from POTUS!

You already caught every time the Maestro says NO COLLUSION=149, he is actually talking to SKULL AND BONES=149 right? He is essentially telling them: you are trying to blackmail me with your hoaxes, bogus investigations and lawless tricks; I will never collude with you! I am a free man, I am a free President! You will never be my masters, I work for the People!

If you know this, you will also easily understand what he really means when he says WITCH HUNT=126. Value for I FEAR NOTHING? Yes, 126. With this new light, you should go back and re-read all his tweets where he said NO COLLUSION and WITCH HUNT. Enjoy! Now you know why they hate him so much. Now you know why they are constantly trying to gain leverage. Now you know why they will never stop trying to assassinate him. This is what is really going on behind the scenes.

We have now gathered all the pieces of the puzzle for the first 2 Dec 10 tweets. Here is the summarizing image: Img5

Let’s apply the same process to the last 2 tweets of the day. Img6 The first one is posted at 9:11. Coincidence? No, it’s a direct message to Comey’s friend Mueller and his involvement in the 9/11 cover up. Capital letters JC CC R FBI I WH=94, same value as THINK AGAIN. The second tweet is tweeted at 9:28. Notice that from this timestamp, we can extract 92+8=100. And 100 is the value for COVER UP. Coincidence? No, this time it’s about Comey’s cover up to save HRC even though he knew who paid for the phony Trump dossier as described in the tweet. Capital letters F FBI DJC D TD DT add up to 92, value for the atomic number for Uranium and TREASON.

Now we can gather the 4 tweets of the day and all the pieces of the puzzle in a synthetic image and extract Trump’s hidden message. Read very carefully: Img7 Deep State, Skull and Bones and other Secret Societies, I know you are trying to gain leverage with this Cohen non story. To get his sentence reduced, he is ready to give you all the lies you think you need to get to me or blackmail me. I did not do anything wrong, do not fear anything and I'll just expose more of you.

If you want to go further, think again. I have the server[s] and all the evidence establishing your treason and the various cover ups Comey and Mueller were engaged in. I also have the evidence connecting Obama to all of this and the truth about Seth Rich. Threaten me again and you'll see. Know you will never my masters. I work for the People.

There is something else I would like to show you about the beauty of this C added to SMOKING twice and how Q prepared a feedback for us. Img8 Adding C twice is like saying CC and since C=3, it’s like pointing at the number 33 and we know 33=14+19. Now notice that 14 is the timestamp difference between the first two tweets. Q834 gives us 15 because 8+3+4=15. Q646 gives us 16 because 6+4+6=16. This line in Q834:

Q834 Why is SR back in the news?

gives us 18 and 19 because R=18 and S=19. As you can see, the first two tweets of the riddle generated all the numbers between 14 and 19! Except 17.

Where is 17 to make this riddle perfect? Where is Q?! Peruvian coffee for those who saw it’s the time difference between the last two tweets of the day: [9:28]-[9:11]=17.

Now you know why Q dropped this the same day and why he capitalized the T to give us 20:

Q2577 +17 min delta between Tweets (cherry on top). Q


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