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Graham on Military Tribunals

2:50:39 to 2:56:31

Q 2576

Those with the most to lose are the loudest.

Those who 'knowingly' broke the law in a coordinated effort [treason] are the most vocal.

Crimes against Humanity.


Andy Kroll tweets:

“It’s painful and crazy,” former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta says about being the victim of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

“I’m pretty grizzled. One big difference is you’ve got somebody sitting in the Oval Office stoking the conspiracy."

...and then shows this link:

of Podesta's interview with the Rolling Stones

In this article, Podesta paints himself as a true victim of the Pizza gate scandal. He fails to mention the video we have all listened to of him torturing a young boy while he is in the shower. He fails to mention the ominous email released in Wikileaks of what Podesta wrote right before Seth Rich's death.

In this email he writes: I'm definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.

So, for him to play the victim in the Rolling Stones interview hardly sits well. He demonstrates his arrogance by replying to his Twitter budy Andy Kroll with this tweet;

Let the 4Chan lunatics and QAnon crazies commence

Then, Q politely reminds us in 2568

Define 'Projection'.

Define 'Getting Ahead of the Story'.

What is scheduled to happen this week?








Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tweets a link that reads: A March 28, 2013, email from now-Deputy Executive Secretary in the Office of the Secretary of State Baxter Hunt shows the Podesta Group, led by Tony Podesta, a Clinton bundler and brother of Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta, represented the Party of Regions, a pro-Kremlin political party in Ukraine.

In the March 2013 email, to a number of officials including then-U.S. Foreign Service Officer John Tefft (who would go on to be U.S. Ambassador to Russia in 2014) and State Department director for the Office of Eastern Europe Alexander Kasanof

Like Paul Manafort, who is currently under indictment in the errant special counsel Russia investigation, the Podesta Group had to retroactively file Foreign Agent Registration Act disclosures with the Justice Department for Ukrainian-related work. The filing states that the Podesta group provided for the nonprofit European Centre for a Modern Ukraine “government relations and public relations services within the United States and Europe to promote political and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the West. The [Podesta Group] conducted outreach to congressional and executive branch offices, members of the media, nongovernmental organizations and think tanks.” Unlike Manafort and his partner Rick Gates, the Mueller special counsel operation hasn’t indicted anyone from the Podesta Group.


Kevin Halligen, the DC-based private investigator that linked John and Tony Podesta to three-year-old Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007, was found dead in a pool of blood in his Surrey, England, mansion.

It was Kevin Halligen who discovered that John and Tony Podesta were a very good match to the composite drawing of the men described in Madeleine McCann’s abduction.

So, is there any way John Podesta can explain this, or will he claim it as one of many coincidences?

Now, it is clear to me, and it is clear to most people who are not brainwashed by the MSM, that this creature walking on two legs is about as corrupt as any breathing bag of bones on earth. Yet, there are enough people who believe every word the disgraced MSM speaks is the Gospel Truth. There are even people who hate President Trump so much, they don't care what crimes against humanity this Podesta has committed. People complain to me always that these people haven't been processed for Justice yet. The problem is there is still so much corruption woven into the fiber of our DOJ that to process these criminals without every safety precaution possible would cause a national disruption of epic proportions. The MSM has successfully convinced masses of people the crimes of these people are actually crimes of President Trump and his staff. Yet, the evidence against the past administrations is overwhelmingly compelling. Because of this tenuous situation, our president is taking every precaution to protect American citizens possible. One such possibility is the potential for Martial Law to protect citizens from the Mafioso gang of criminals that were once in power. Vladimir Putin has raised this possibility as found on What Does It Mean dot com.

Putin Warns Nation To Prepare After Trump Begins Formation Of Martial Law Military Government His Top Aide Hints Is Led By QAnon

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin’s just issued warning to the nation that the “very powerful and dynamically evolving transformation” of our world that is leading to “a very dramatic situation in the history of our country” is directly referencing President Trump soon establishing a military government to rule over the United States while it’s under a state of martial law—a process begun by a mysterious and secretive US military intelligence organization called “QAnon” –whose leader of top Trump advisor, and former White House communication director, Anthony Scaramucci alluded to this past week by his stunningly stating to loyal Trump supporters “when you find out who he is, you're not going to believe it”—but whom Russian intelligence analysts have previously identified as being the head of the entire US Army, General Mark Milley—with his now being tapped by Trump to take over the entire US military, and whose orders given to all of his US Army forces this past summer states that “the duty of soldiers and officers is to the US Constitution, not any political party or figure”—with his further declaring:

Part of the issue with the brainwashed masses is that many of the punishments for Treason are granted a death penalty. I imagine the unawakened masses will be completely unhinged when these trials and judgments take place. As many have already been whispering, at least two executions have already taken place. John Kasich sticks his foot in his mouth shortly after No Names death. Listen here: John Kasich on John McCain being put to death.

Perhaps these creatures are running frantic, and this is why they are threatening to jail President Trump over a less than credible offense. Projection is at an all-time high.


In psychology, projection (or projection bias) is a defense

mechanism in which one attributes one’s own unacceptable

or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions to others

Q 2573

"The times are too grave, the challenge too urgent, and the stakes too high — to permit the customary passions of political debate. We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future."




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