Flynn Resurrected on GHWB's Funeral Day!!!!

Flynn Resurrected on GHWB's Funeral Day!!!!

D5 dynamics: They buried GHWB, we resurrected Flynn. Trump at 50, Macron at 23. Enjoy.

Let me tell you my friends, this Q experience is an amazing adventure for the mind.

In my previous post about the beauty of D5, anons commented on the component interpreting D5 as a key and how I extracted 5 by counting the steps to get from A to E. They made the argument that the convention I implicitly used counting the first letter A, even though acceptable, was not universal and that, commonly, A to E was counted as 4 steps as confirmed by [E]-[A]=4. I thought this point was valid and a more “universal” response had to be identified. I therefore accepted the challenge of finding a stronger and non-equivocal link to extract this 5 from the sentence “Viva le Resistance”.

Since we know the correct spelling is “Vive la Resistance”, the idea is to find a key that, applied to the original message with the error, outputs the right message. First, let’s erase the spaces and put the wrong and corrected letters in brackets:

Viv[a]l[e]resistance=> Viv[e]l[a]resistance

We are basically looking for a key that will change the [a] from viv[a] to an [e], the [e] from l[e] to an [a] and not change any other letter since all the other ones are spelled correctly. As I said earlier, not using any extra convention as in the previous post, changing a to e requires [E]-[A]=5-1=4 steps and changing e to a requires 22 steps (full rotation and A becomes 27). Since the correct letters are not changed, we assign to each of them a 0 step change and the key correcting the sentence is 000(4)0(22)0000000000. Since 4=D and 22=V, the key is 000D0V0000000000. If you read this V as a roman number, what do you get? Yes, D5!

Friends, Anons, let’s take a minute and appreciate the beauty of all this. Do you see how Q took their text message, built a whole strategy based on a winning D5 chess move correcting a French sentence at the exact same time a correction is occurring in France? A major French newspaper, Le Figaro, is using the verb CORRECT on Dec 5 to describe how Macron “corrected’ his prime minister in his handling of the yellow vest situation: link

Do you see how this V=22 is connected to Wojtkiewicz’s 22nd D5 move and how it relates to 11.11? This is pure beauty. Thank You Q for the mind delicacy. Thank You to the Anons who forced me to push the limits and find this more powerful and elegant solution.

Q2290 Nothing gets past Anons! Q

Now let’s talk about Flynn. You all heard the good news. Welcome home General. HOOAH!

We are not surprised, we knew how it was going to end. Q told us exactly 1 year ago:

Q260 Who knows where the bodies are buried? FLYNN is safe. We protect our Patriots. Q

Then, he says:

Q2548 Markers are important. [Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018] Think No Name.

Let's calculate the time difference between Q260 (04/12/2017 22:24:14), when he promised Flynn would be safe and Q2548 (04/12/2018 22:42:55), when it is actually confirmed. We find it is exactly 365 days, 0 hours, 18 minutes and 41 seconds. Value for DIE? Yes, 18. Who is 41? GHW Bush. Mueller is forced to let Flynn go the day of 41’s funeral, as hinted in the time difference. Coincidence? Planning to the second? Spooky right? Q knew we would immediately start scratching our heads after seeing this, hence this somewhat merciful line in the same drop:

Q2548 You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]

What do you think? May be a little bit of both… :)

Now watch how the Maestro reacted about Flynn on Dec 4 2017 video1. He immediately made the connection with HRC and showed how she got a pass for her known crimes while Flynn’s life was being destroyed for something he did not do. This is where he subtly revealed the correction that would occur in the future. Exactly one year later, as Flynn is freed, Q informs us the Clinton Foundation investigation is now over and that the communication campaign to set the stage for the DOJ to PROCEED has been launched:

Q2562 Why 'all of a sudden' are people talking about the CLINTON FOUNDATION (including whistleblowers and hidden company established to investigate covertly (ex_ABCs))? Would you 'go public' if the investigation was still ongoing? What happens when you have enough evidence to PROCEED? What is the benefit of educating the public PRIOR TO proceeding? COME[Y] Q

As you can see, you are witnessing the amazing corrective power of D5: the D5 dynamics invert falsehood and establish the truth. Inexorably. Buckle up, things are accelerating.

Q2548 reveals how Whitaker’s takeover of the DOJ relegated Mueller’s probe to the component it should have never mutated from, allowing deals to take place over his head and forcing him to comply with the DOJ’s superseding strategies. Q2548 also confirms Flynn was providing assistance to a separate criminal investigation outside of Mueller’s scope, which was the whole point of his advanced D5 position on the political chess board:

Q1282 Why did Flynn take the bullet? Rubber bullet?

Q1282 What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

Q1181 How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?

And once this injection is successfully made, Flynn is freed. It’s time to enjoy the White Hat interpretation of this post:

Q1131 “Drop after testimony.” R U learning yet? Q

This is pure delectation…

I am sure you caught the Maestro’s Dec 5 tweet where he praised Bush was about Flynn right? You didn’t? Then you have probably missed Q was also not talking about Bush in Q2553 but about Flynn! Look how the Maestro’s tweet and Q2553 are connected: Img1

Tweet capital letters add up to LBTH=42, which is Bill Clinton, connection 1 to Q2553, through the funeral picture. Connection 2: 42 is also the value for AMMO and mentioned by Q: “Bait expends ammunition”. This bait is Flynn who took the advanced D5 position pleading guilty to a crime he did not commit to enter the Justice system in order to inject FISA evidence and expend the enemy’s ammo. Connection 3: Q2553 capital letters add up to OWPEOPLEBEVIL=157, which is the Jewish value for GOT which also has an English numeral value of 42. The 4th connection is the most challenging one. Look at the tweet timestamp: 8:56. What am I saying when I give you 8,5 and 6? Yes, ellipitic language: 7. What is the 7th letter of the alphabet? Yes: G. Now analyze the number of the post Q2553: what is the 2553th letter of the alphabet? Yes, it’s E because you turned the wheel Int(2553/26)=98 times and the remainder is 5=E. So? Trump gave you G, Q gave you E. What are they both saying? Yes, ellipitic language again: they are saying F. And this F is Flynn!

Now that we have gathered the pieces of the puzzle, we can translate the joint message from the Maestro and Q. Read very carefully: Img2

Did you notice the exquisite choice of words from Q? He says: “Bait expends ammunition”, he’s talking about the enemy’s ammunition. Do you remember? Viv[a] vs Viv[e]? If you talk about our ammunition, you would write it “Bait expands ammunition” and this is exactly what Flynn brought back from his solitary and dangerous excursion deep inside enemy lines. HOOAH!

Now let’s look at another manifestation of the D5 dynamics.

Trump has just hit 50% approval rating! tweet. Of course the Fake News MSM will not report it adequately but we all enjoy visualizing them biting what remains of their finger and toe nails when the Maestro gets this type of success. Did you catch it? Who is he trolling? Capital letters: W=23. What is this 23? It’s Macron’s approval rating! With his disastrous management of the Yellow Vest crisis, it’s dropping every day and was reported at 23% at the time of the tweet on Dec 5: Img3

Now look at the timestamp: 22:32. Img4 Do you see it? What is the 32nd letter of the alphabet? Yes, F=6. What is this 22? It’s Wojtkiewicz’s 22nd D5 move which, translated in time, is 11.11. We deduce the Maestro coded this message in the tweet timestamp: 11.11 F. Translation: remember when I was in France on November 11. What happened? Macron insulted Trump, you, me and anyone with at least 2 connected neurons. First, he created the European army feud. Then, anyone with a minimum of common sense does not need to be a formal diplomacy expert to understand the following: if A and B are fighting and I come to save A from being annihilated by B, if A throws a party later, even if he’s now friends with B, shouldn’t I be the star of the party and not B? Well, then explain why Trump would be seated one step away from the hosting French presidential couple while Merkel and Putin are not: Img5 This was the second affront and this is what happens when you are confused about Borders. Third, and this is a doozy, as POTUS is sitting right there, by the Arc de Triomphe, Arka da treomph Macron said: “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”. I am not kidding, he actually said this: video2

We all know what happened next. In this article, we learn the exact date the Yellow Vest protest started: “Saturday, Nov 17 is the first day of road blockades across France with nearly 290,000 demonstrators wearing the fluorescent yellow vests motorists are required to carry in their cars”.

Q2275 D5. Q


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