SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Confused? SPECIAL COUNCIL Targeting Who?

Bob, whatever happened to Podesta and where is the Server?

Before we proceed, congratulations to Cindy Hyde Smith who brought in the Mississippi Senate seat and confirmed the 53-47 Trump and Q Senate midterm prediction I wrote about earlier.

Did you notice right before congratulating her, the Maestro trolled Brenda Snipes? Look: Img1

Of course, we all caught he’s talking about the large in your face vote number increase she was able to pull off on 1 1/7 for her still defeated Democrat candidate Bill Nelson link1.

For those who are joining us, to decode further, we must assign to each letter the number corresponding to its position in the alphabet: A=1, B=2… Z=26. Since I VOTED adds up to 75, the 300 I VOTED signs on her dress represent the +225 seats Dems gathered to treacherously gain the House majority. You guys are now in the know and are already aware that this majority has no impact and that the House will be cleaned soon:


Q1123 Out they go! A clean House is very important. Q

But the Maestro is also referring to something else. Look at the timestamps of the 2 tweets. As I said in a previous post, always use the same original DC timestamp the Maestro uses: 10:42 PM and 10:38 PM. If you respectively add the minutes to the hours in each timestamp, you get: 52 and 48. Coincidence? No. the Maestro is saying our “highly respected voting tactician” Brenda was trying to Snipe our Florida Senate seat and morph the 53-47 prediction to a 52-48! Hahaha! The Maestro is a Mass Troller!

Now I have a question for you: are you tired of winning yet?!


Look at this Trump re-tweet

very carefully. Do you see the Maestro’s messages are getting bolder? Gloves are off. This is the acceleration I have been telling you about. Huber’s Congress testimony today is the sign all the work that has been stealthily done by Sessions and his dream team of Patriots is now going to come out and expose in the most spectacular way all those who committed treason against the United States.

Q1453 IG>Huber. Who appointed Huber? Re_read (again). Slowly & carefully. Q

This drop came with a link to an article

where Prof. Turley , a top national legal expert on government investigations, explains how “brilliant” it was for Sessions to bring in Huber and how it was much better than appointing a 2nd Special Counsel.

Do you see the trick? After Mueller was forced in using Comey’s memos that were fake as indicated here:

Q1190 Memos are FAKE. Guided by LL/+3 CLAS. Think SC. All written same time. Q

Sessions quietly activated Horowitz and Huber to do the real work behind the scenes in case Mueller would not. This is an old trick kings used in the past: to make sure the job gets done, the king assigns a mission to an adviser and lets him know he asked the same thing to someone else. A cool variation is when the king holds a huge pile of blank papers letting his adviser think he has already received the other conclusions…

So? When Mueller was appointed, Trump knew his investigation would lead him to a dead end on the Trump side because there was NO COLLUSION. He also knew, if Mueller was honest, it would open the Pandora’s box on the Hussein/Clinton/DNC side because they had so many crimes in their pockets, all Mueller needed to do was to invite them to sit down for coffee for their pants to tear.

This brings me to the recurrent question many had about Mueller being a white, grey or black hat. To answer this question, it is important to understand the political chess board has ‘living pieces’ and as the game progresses in time, these pieces evolve and mutate depending on realities on the ground and pressure points.

I told in you in my post “Q is teaching us how to play the game of Politics” archived by AW9 as posts #61 and #62,

that when the politician is elected, for the sake of stability and Continuity of Government, he tries to work as much as possible with the components of the machinery he finds. Many of the people in this machinery are good people and were forced to do things they did not want to do. Some of them did them to stay alive, some of them did them to stay in the loop, gather evidence, hoping one day they could help a new ruler to undo what was done. You therefore cannot directly “solve” their personalities based on their past known actions and should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Q10 Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats.

Prior to his appointment, Mueller was heavily conflicted. From his involvement in the Uranium One Scandal video 1

The 9/11 cover up and many other doozies as shown here,

the question has always been if he did all these things to survive in hell and wait for Trump to get in to show him where the bodies were buried.

Today, I will walk you through the Q board to show you that after they played the old king trick by activating Huber in parallel, Trump and Q dealt with the same question we had about Mueller until they finally gathered enough data to solve it. Walk with me.

This April 27 2018 drop:

Q1286 Confused? SC (special council) targeting who? SC on team? SC off team? Questions reveal answers. Time will tell. Q

is proof Mueller was, in Q’s view, what I called a “living piece”. As you can see, Q is clearly asking the question of whether Mueller is part of the team or not. Then, in the very next drop, commenting on the Cohen raid by the FBI in April 2018, he specifies his thinking by saying this:

Q1287 Not confirming SC (special council) is on /team/.

Do you like chemistry? Have you seen these acid-base experiments where through changing the PH of a solution A by progressively adding known quantities of another solution B, you deduce more information on the composition of solution A? Video2

Well, when it was noticed Mueller, who claims to investigate Russian Collusion, did an ABARACADABRA on Podesta, did not ask for the DNC server, did not look for HRC’s deleted emails, did not approach the Seth Rich murder case and did not even contact Bruce Ohr as indicated here:

Q1974 BO never called to testify re: Mueller? Mueller investigating 'Russian Collusion'? Why would Mueller not contact BO? BO was the 'BACKCHANNEL' between FBI/DOJ & STEELE. Why wouldn't Mueller seek testimony?

It was time to change Mueller’s PH and inject some acid evidence drops to check his reaction.

Q1181 How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?

This essentially means: since Mueller is sleeping, prefers to focus on Trump and seems to not be looking for any kind of evidence leading to the truth, how do you inject evidence in the legal system to make things move forward?

Answer: you activate Rudy Giuliani, his old friend from NYU. On April 25 2018, this happens:

Q1273 Rudy met w/ Mueller today.

If you want to know more about this meeting, you should read post#36 in AW9’s archive.

Injecting some Giuliani drops in the Mueller solution turned out to be a very revealing chemistry experiment. The chemical reaction was not long in coming: 3 days later, a black hat contacted Q about Mueller and the following conversation happened: Img3

As you can see, both Q and the black hat are asking to each other if Mueller could be trusted. Why? Because they both have the same compromising information about him. The BH states “attempts to contact have failed”, to which Q responds “you know what we have”. This conversation is about the injection of evidence in the legal system through Giuliani as announced by Q and how Mueller was pressured to refuse the transplant. Do you see this 11-9bd-23? That’s the weapon they used against Mueller. Since B=2 and D=4, it can be written 11-924-23 or [11-92] and [4-23]. Since 92 is the atomic number for uranium, this [11-92] is a general threat against Mueller referring to his involvement in the 9/11 cover up and the Uranium One Scandal. Now what is this [4-23]? PWA wishes to share this warning: Please only use Gematria to decipher what people are communicating. Please never use this tool as a means of fortune telling.

I found this April 23 WaPo article entitled Rod Rosenstein has made two critical missteps

which is basically a warning for Mueller: we have noticed Rosenstein has made 2 major mistakes, we are now watching you. We know Giuliani will contact you soon. We will monitor your every move, just like we did with your friend Rosenstein. Be careful, we are watching you.

By threatening to fire their MSM rounds at Mueller and expose him, the Deep State “froze” him and, with Rosenstein extending the scope of his investigation, they instructed him to find something on Trump. Anything. And if he couldn’t find anything, to simply create it by pressuring witnesses who would be willing to lie. Here is the Maestro’s decoded message about Mueller. Read carefully. Img4

As you can see, the time had come to end Mueller’s wild party. Hence Whitaker.

Q2496 Panic in DC Did Whitaker remove [SC] 'special articles' inserted by [RR] re: expanded scope v2? Was the scope narrowed to the original mandate assigned? Item used when walking a dog? Q

Answer for item used when walking a dog: a leash, a collar and a pooper scooper. Respectively 45, 61 and 176 Family Feud points. Video3

Q2446 Mission forward. These people are stupid. Q


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