SerialBrain2 decodes Q Confirmations!!!

SerialBrain2 decodes Q2493 53-47. Trump confirms Q. Again.

Ok, let’s recap on the midterms.

The Maestro made an epic tweet about them yesterday.

"People are not being told that the Republican Party is on track to pick up two seats in the US Senate, and epic victory: 53 to 47. The Fake News Media only wants to speak of the House, where the Midterm results were better than other sitting Presidents."

I used this tweet to make the following conservative summarizing image based on the data currently available: Img1.

As you can see, Trump, whose political life started just 3 years ago, not only surpassed the last 2 democrat presidents in both chambers, but he allowed himself the extremely rare luxury to gain 2 seats in the Senate.

For the House, from my previous posts, you already know about Trump’s strategy, the empty shell and where the dance party’s really at:

Q2261 FISA BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE. So let’s focus on the Senate. As of November 14 2018, CNN was reporting a 51-47 Republican Senate, counting in Sinema’s Democrat victory in Arizona, excluding Rick Scott’s Republican victory in Florida and waiting for the Mississippi November 27 runoff results.

Despite Brenda Snipes’ prolonged Broward belly dance, we already know Rick Scott will officially win this Florida Senate seat and that Dems will fail in their attempt to steal it. We also know that Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith will win the November 27 runoff against Democrat Mike Espy: Republican Roger Wicker’s easy win shows Mississippi is red and even Politico predicts a GOP win: linka.

Conclusion: Trump is right when he says: “the Republican Party is on track to pick up two seats in the U.S. Senate, and epic victory: 53 to 47”. And yes, you will see this nowhere in MSM. But guess what? You’ll see it in the Q drops. As early as on October 2nd 2018! Look:

Q2318 53-47 Q.

This political force map was the one prepared for the midterms and should have served for the Kavanaugh confirmation vote as confirmed by the previous drops Q2317 and Q2316: we see the context was the Midterms and not Kavanaugh. We know this map was challenged in part by Elevator Jeff Flake(y) and needed to be checked and stabilized before the midterms:


Q re-confirmed this reality by first talking about the Arizona questionable midterm data in Q2492 and then immediately dropping this on Nov 13 2018:

Q2493 53-47 Q.

Trump confirmed him 3 days later! Let that sink in. Here is the summarizing image: Img2

Now for those who think this is a coincidence, I will show you more about this EPIC tweet and how it is directly related to Q. Img3

The first thing worth noticing is the tweet has a grammatical “error”: it misses the article “AN” between “AND” and “EPIC VICTORY”. Second, the Maestro first tweeted this tweet at 2:35 PM, corrected a missing H in the word WHERE, and re-tweeted it 6 minutes later, at 2:41 PM. These “errors” were noticed and reported by MSNBC here: article.

What if I told you these “errors” were purposely made by the Maestro so that his tweet could point at these 2 Q drops respectively made on Oct 2 2018 and Nov 13 2018:

Q2318 53-47 Q. Q2493 53-47 Q.

The time difference between these 2 drops is 33 days. Compare it to the time difference between the Maestro’s tweets: 6 minutes. Coincidence?

Let’s go further.

Since A=1 and N=14, the missing AN can be written 1-14. The missing H is 8. Now add the digits of the Q drops. You get Q2318=>14 and Q2493=>18 and here is your 14, your 1 and your 8!

I must confess, after I solve these riddles, it is so much fun to go and read how Dems mock Trump’s ‘errors’. I really enjoy watching them rejoicing and enjoying their ignorance while their House is burning… Join the fun, here is an example with a journalist linked by the previous MSNBC article: linkb

"Aaron Rupar Tweets: Trump has deleted his original tweet and corrected one of the two errors ("where" instead of "were"), but he hasn't caught the second one yet ("and" instead of "an")."

Not only Trump has confirmed Q’s 53-47 Midterm prediction in his tweet, but he also pointed to the specific drops confirming Q. Trump and Q are in sync regarding electoral strategies and targeted results! Now you know why, after POTUS, Q is the second entity most attacked by Fake News and the R+D Swamp:


#1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]? POTUS.

#2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]? Q.

As of 3:02 pm est today, "Qanon" is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.

We could stop here and rejoice that Trump and Q have an extraordinary political intelligence that allows them to predict the results so accurately that conjecturing there is some kind of time travel involved would not be a silly option… :)

Or, we could push our analysis further to find a rational explanation to this EPIC political science lesson. By the way, for the record, I am not saying time travel is irrational, what I mean by “rational” here, is with knowledge commonly available…

How do you defeat a cheater?

Answer: you first have to do your due diligence by analyzing his moves and knowing exactly how and when he cheats, then you have to have a short term strategy to win the current game, then you have to have a long term strategy to prevent him from cheating in the future. Application.

Due Diligence

Proof Trump and Q have done their due diligence, know exactly how Dems cheat and know the nerve centre of their operation:

Q121 Why are immigrants important? (MB)Muslim Brotherhood (Votes)(Attacks) Why are illegal's important? (MS13)(Votes)(187)

Q2479 Who safeguards 'blank' ballots? Who issues 'blank' ballots? Who controls 'blank' ballots? How many 'blank' ballots are generated vs. total county pop? THE CONTROL AND ISSUANCE OF BLANK BALLOTS IS KEY.

Short Term Strategy

To win the current game, Trump used 2 strategies: the Florida Play and the Arizona Play. Img4

As you see here: POTUS calls out FL and GA for finding votes so late. Then he calls out the cheating against Rick Scott, and next Bill Nelson, then he lets Marc Elias know he is sending better lawyers to expose the fraud. Then POTUS reminisces about his own election in 2016, and finally he thanks Marco Rubio for helping to expose corruption.

The Florida Play: by immediately putting the spotlight on the fraud with tweets and lawyers on the ground, he was able to stop the artificial vote bleeding and secure the Senate and Governor Seats.

In the Arizona Play you can see POTUS points out that signatures don't match and tweets Electoral Corrupton. Q points out a 350,000 vote gap between the Republican Governor and the Democrat Senator.

The Arizona Play: the adjustment I talked about earlier after the Kavanaugh confirmation vote is an indication the Arizona Senate seat was going to be a temporary sacrificed piece on the political chess board. By letting it go, it would be used as bait and as the optimal space to gather voter fraud evidence. Hence Q’s focus on Arizona in this drop:

Q2492 ARIZONA R Gov won by 328,000 votes. D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes. R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes. D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes? [350,000] vote swing to D Sen? Q

As you can see in the image, the Maestro signals the evidence has been successfully collected: “signatures don’t match” and is giving an indication that the temporary sacrifice would pay off: “Call for a new election?”

I am still dubious about Mc Sally’s mysterious early concession speech with her dog sitting next to her linkc, especially when MSM talks about the possibility of her replacing Senator Kyl who, in turn, replaced… NoName. link1


Q1649 Every dog has its day.

And it seems Mc Sally’s dog became famous a few days ago with that concession speech. linkd

Perhaps Q will tell us more about this mystery…

Long Term Strategy

To sell his fake win, the cheater needs to control the narrative and what Q calls ‘optics’. With fake polls and fake news, he prepares public opinion to accept the election outcome he already deceitfully planned:

Q2490 FAKE NEWS > [optics] 'FALSE' majority > BLUE WAVE BLUE WAVE [optics] > No Voter Irregularities > Nothing to See Here FAKE NEWS > Voter Irregularities Challenge > CONSPIRACY Q

This is the very reason the Maestro repeats that the Fake News is the Enemy of the People: they are complicit in altering our electoral will. Trump’s Covfefe fight against the Fake News is therefore the first component of the long term strategy.

The second component is pure beauty. Are you familiar with this September 12 2018 Executive Order about Foreign Interference in a United States Election? It essentially says that not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the DNI Director of National Intelligence and DHS Department of Homeland Security should provide a detailed report on a possible foreign interference. This means we should expect to see their Midterm report by December 21st 2018. Watch this DNI/DHS report. My guess is it’s going to be Arizona salsa spicy…


After this report, the stage will be set for a voter ID law.

Q2463 Will recent [expected] voter fraud actions by the D party provide support for a VOTER ID LAW? VOTER ID LAW = DEATH OF D PARTY. Boomerang Suicide? Q

Do you see it? The Arizona temporary sacrificed piece will be the Electoral Hero allowing the promulgation of a Voter ID Law and the setup of a special corrective election that will bring the Arizona Senate seat back to the GOP!

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q


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