SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Nice catch Lisa! Here is why Trump misspelled Kavanaugh and corrected it.

Nice catch Lisa! Here is why Trump misspelled Kavanaugh and corrected it.

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Our excellent Lisa Mei Crowley (Lisa May Crowley) noticed here (Read Tweet)

She pointed out that the Maestro first tweeted on Nov 3rd at 8:50 AM with a typo, writing “Kavanough” instead of “Kavanaugh”. He then deleted the tweet and re-posted it 48 minutes later, at 9:38 AM, with the right spelling.

You already know what this is all about right? ;)

Here is the solving image: link

- AltLink1

- AltLink2.

Let’s first take a close look at the first tweet timestamp: 8:50 AM. You know 8 stands for H. How about 50? Peruvian coffee for those who remembered what I said about the alphabet wheel and that all numbers above 26 should be equaled to their remaining by the division by 26 (the mod26 function). Here, since 50=26+24, 50=24=X. Through the timestamp 8:50, we have now extracted 2 letters: H and X.

But since the typo was about an O and was corrected to an A, we also have extracted O and A.

H, X, O and A are the letters for HOAX. The Maestro is letting us know this whole operation against Kavanaugh was a HOAX. You and I already suspected it, but here, we get it from the most informed man on earth, coded in his tweet…

The Maestro gave us a first confirmation from the timestamp difference between the 2 tweets: 48 minutes. What is the value for HOAX? Yes, 48.

Now, as usual, let’s gather the capital letters. We get A JK FAKE C JSC FSWWD= 155. Same value as TELL ME ABOUT IT and DONALD LAW SUIT. The Maestro is informing us he knows very well about the Dems HOAX playbook for being a victim of it. Think Russia. Think Stormy. Think Fake News. About our Heroine Horseface,

we know there was a law suit and as you can see in this article,

it did not ride well for her… Gematria value for PROSECUTION and ACCOUNTABILTY? Yes 155. Coincidence? The Maestro is letting us know all those who were involved in the HOAX against Kavanaugh will also have to face justice. Watch Grassley. He’s a very good writer…


Now for the skeptics out there who still doubt HOAX was the key word for this early morning tweet and that the way to get to it was gematria, the Maestro said the following later that day at the Belgrade, Montana rally: Video 12:33–17:30.

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q


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