The Maestro: come fly with me Rosenstein!

The Maestro: come fly with me Rosenstein!

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I am still receiving messages of people asking for my permission to use my writings on Q. I have stated in a previous post that I consider all my Q related writings to be the property of the Q Movement. They are free and members of our community are welcomed to make videos out of them, comment them and distribute them on all platforms to spread the truth. I know there are already several Qtubers who made the best out of that offer and who use their skills and creativity, each with his or her own style, to create amazing productions. This is good. As long as the Fake News is still doing its damage, there will never be enough Q related content out there.

Then, in another post, SerialBrain2 responds with this:

Even if you did not see the path to the speech was through the alphabet wheel, your intuition allowed you to realize there was a hidden message and this is good. After your intuition is sufficiently trained, you will start using the tools naturally.

Thank you for your kind words and generous thoughts but as I stated it in the past, I am grateful I am divinely blessed to not need patreon, contributions, merchandising etc...

I also know that Qtubers and many other Q content providers, contrary to common thought, are not making the revenues that would justify all the time they are spending making their content. I know many out there would like to do what they do full time but they can't and if they do, they suffer a lot... Understand I am talking about those who do not sell content and are hoping to be supported by our Community. Those who sell content have already been clearly addressed by Q, I don't need to say anything about them.

Our enemies have their mediocrity over funded by Soros and his buddies while our talents are still struggling. Nothing new under the sun, it has always been like that. I pray their courage and patience never depart from them as I can see from here their radiant smile the Day of the Great victory.

PWA has an announcement regarding the gematria messages. Please do not use gematria as fortune telling. This technique is only for the purpose of understanding the comms between our President and the Deep State. To use these methods for anything other than understanding President Trumps comms to the Deep State can lead to witchcraft. There are people who try to use Gematria to see into the future; and so far, all the ones I've seen were wrong.

Now let’s talk about the Maestro inviting Rosenstein on Air Force One. If you read this post: Saving Private Kavanaugh and the 3 Coliseum Gladiators., you already know why Trump delayed his meeting with Rosenstein, how it was connected to Kavanaugh, and now that he is confirmed, why the meeting can take place, what Trump is really doing with Gladiator Rosenstein and how he would get rid of him elegantly should he wanted to.

For the decoders who pay attention, did you catch where Trump announced he would meet Rosenstein on Air Force One? Peruvian coffee for those who caught it 2 days before at the Topeka rally! It’s right here, in these 30 seconds: video1 The Maestro says: Since the moment Brett Kavanaugh was […], and you remember this, we made an announcement and since right from the moment we announced, radical Democrats launched a disgraceful campaign to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy, right from the beginning. Did you hear how he purposely failed to articulate after “Brett Kavanaugh was”? He created what I now call a word-chord just like he did with “anonymous”. He is signaling this is where the coded message is. Do you see it? Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy. Take the initials and you have ROD DD. Coincidence? You already know what ROD stands for, but then how about DD? Well, DD=8 and Air Force One’s initials is AF1 which, since A=1, F=6 and 1=1, is also 8. The hidden meaning of Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy is ROD AF1. Knowing this, those who have a musical ear can now deduce what the Maestro’s word-chord was… :)

There are other very cool things in this Topeka speech. I have given you the tools to extract them in my previous posts. The purpose of this post is not to decode it but I will give you the one that I think was among the coolest. It’s right here, listen from here to 57:10 video2.

Here is the transcript: “We also passed Veterans Choice, 44 years, giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor, and we pay for it so they don't have to wait in line for 25 days, 38 days, 14 days, 6 days. They go out and they see a private doctor, they get themselves a good doctor. We paid the bill. It's frankly so simple but it took 44 years to get it done”.

What if I told you this is about General Flynn and this drop:

Q970 Done in 30. House cleaning. WH secured. Final stage. Q

Do you think Trump picked the number of days veterans would wait randomly? No. Look: these numbers: 25, 38, 14 and 6 respectively stand for: 25=Y, 38=12=L (because turning the alphabet wheel in 38 increments is like turning the wheel in 12 since turning in 26 increments is equivalent to identity. Think clock and how 3pm=15:00), 14=N and 6=F. And here are your building blocks for FLYNN (N repeated, dismissed, repetition rule). But then, the Maestro says 44. Repetition rule: 44=4 which is also 30 for the same reason 38=12=L above. And this 30 is the 30 Q talks about in Q970. In the disguise of talking about the number of days the veteran would wait to be serviced, Trump is saying FLYNN received his cure, that the bill was paid and that it was done in 44=4=30, just like Q said! Do you see the beautiful double meaning? I’ll never get enough of this!

Now back to Rosenstein. Since I have already explained how the Emperor can politically and diplomatically benefit from gladiators at the coliseum, I figured this time, I would just make a short video summarizing the situation and paying tribute to our great Frank Sinatra. Rosenstein is a gladiator in bad shape. As I explained, the right arm and the left leg are already gone. Now, with this 25th Amendment thing, he has some serious explanation to do. Trump inviting him on Air Force One to listen to his explanations means Trump has already decided they would fly. Pretty cool right? Hahaha! The Maestro will never cease to amaze me!

So, Gladiator Rosenstein, it seems the Emperor still wants to see you fight for your life at the coliseum. I wonder what you had to do, or say, or give to deserve the prolongation of your torture away from your kingdom of origin. As Q would say, Anons already know…

Time for the video. It was recorded in my kitchen and I am never sure if the microwave displays the right date and time. That would explain whatever you would not understand about it. :) Watch, download, share: video3

Q2233 Imagine the frustration if we weren't here communicating w/ you. You are many tens of millions strong (Q). Let your VOICES BE HEARD. Information is meant to be FREE. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Q


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