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When a Mob Daughter Speaks

When a Mob Daughter Speaks

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We need to get organized. Things need to be solved to understand what is about to happen. Let's start with Alice & Wonderland. Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Saudi Arabia - the Bloody Wonderland. Snow White. Wizards & Warlocks. Q

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton announced on Monday that they would go on a country wide tour visiting four cities in 2018 and 9 cities in 2019. The tour is being promoted by Live Nation, who also promoted Michelle Obama’s book tour as well as tours for Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

The Clinton tour is said to include joint conversations and “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” according to Live Nation. However the reemergence of the Clintons to the forefront of politics might not be the best plan for the Democratic Party. Sara Carter has an article titled, "The Clintons Announce Cross Country Tour: The Perfect Gift for Republicans"

Dan Bongino tweets: It's October 10th, 2018 and Hillary Clinton is STILL not the President of the United States.


Then @bocavista2016 tweets: HOW DARE HE!! How dare #LindseyGraham insinuate women who accuse men of rape do so for fortune and fame!... with an image of Hillary during her attack on Bill's victims days. James Woods responds with this epic tweet: The absolutely best part is her using her Tammy Wynette voice. I honestly believe that Hillary Clinton is the literal embodiment of sociopathy: in response to "If we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again." -Hillary Rodham Clinton October 9, 2018

Soooo what you're saying, Hillary, is that until you Democrats get your way in an election, you're going to continue to behave like angry, immature crybabies? Sorry, not worth it, we're voting Republican.

Remember this?: "Anybody not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to democracy."

This disgraceful woman refuses to accept she is not who Americans want to lead our nation. Paul Luciano @helicopter50 tweets: Sounds like she's calling for a civil war. "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for...what you care about." I must say, I agree with his assessment. This describes exactly how we feel about her since her last failed attempt to take over our country.

Bill O'Reilly sums it up with this: The latest from Hillary Clinton is that America can't have civility in politics until the Democratic Party takes back power in Congress. Another interesting statement from a woman who has never understood her own country.

She claims to be a champion of women, but instead she is an enemy of women.

Pamela Geller tweets: Says Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill Clinton "Different" From Those Against Trump: The allegations against her husband are different from those against Trump, because the accusations against Bill Clinton are actually true.

This tweet comes from one of her and Bills victims: Juanita Broaddrick reminds us; ALERT: This woman LIES...she has always LIED...she will continue to LIE. It's what she does for a living along with her husband and daughter. By the way please sign this petition.

You can find the link to sign the petition in the description area, in the sources section. Ms. Broaddrick is calling for an investigation into her credible allegations about how Bill Clinton raped her decades ago. Ms. Broaddrick has long contended his assault on her, yet Hillary has continued to verbally assault Ms. Broaddrick personally.

Her clock is running out. Q posts this post 2087 on Sep 4 2018

Example 1 - 'Being Afraid'

Does HRC care about you?

If she cared about protecting you…

Would she sell out America’s secrets and Uranium to China/Russia [Example 1]?

They always thought if charges were brought [v. them] they would ultimately be safe [Supreme Court control].

[Adam Shiff or Antonin Scalia] out

[HRC] appointment(s) >>

End of all ends.


Who and what are the roots of this person we know as Hillary Rodham Clinton? Can she explain this action of hers as written By WILLS ROBINSON FOR DAILYMAIL.COM?

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton's ties to the MOB: How former Secretary of State met with Mafia heir at his pizzeria where he asked for father's release from prison (in return for an offer she couldn't refuse)

White House hopeful met Giovanni Gambino at a Charleston, SC pizzeria in 2007 during her previous presidential primary bid

Giovanni is the son of heroin kingpin Francesco 'Ciccio' Gambino and cousin of Carlo Gambino, the boss of the notorious crime family

His father suggested Giovanni meet with Hillary to help him get out of prison

He made the face-to-face request and promised VOTES in return

Bill Clinton met with Giovanni too

Francesco died in prison before his release

So, it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As noted in HiddenMysteries Conspiracy Archive

Hillary's father, Hugh Rodham, Sr., was reportedly a "fixer" and "bagman" for banks and insurance companies, here and overseas. Her brothers have reportedly aligned themselves with business in the former Soviet Union, described by some as with the criminal oligarchs of the Russian mafiya and their laundry banks.

These are comments found on From The Trenches World Report

Enbe says:

“Hillary Clinton’s daddy was Hugh [Ellsworth] Rodham. Who was Hugh Rodham? Hugh Rodham and the former House Ways and Means Speaker, Dan Rostenkowski, a guy that I testified and got put in prison – Dan Rostenkowski and Hugh Rodham took over the Chicago mob from the Capone organization. That’s why Bill wanted Hillary, because he had the mob money. That’s why whenever you mentioned Bill Clinton during those days, what did you talk about? Dan Lasater, cocaine; Mena, cocaine; Tyson, cocaine; boys on the track, cocaine. Well, those people made a lot of money with a Clinton being president, and you can bet that like after a term again in that tower.”

What a filthy lot of scumbags. Our government is infested with criminals from top to bottom.

...and here is another one:

Joe Derringer says:

Hillary is clearly an evil narcissist. Daughter of Hugh E. Rodham, who together with Don Rostenkowski, took over the Chicago mob after the demise of Al Capone. Hillary is far more dangerous than Obama ever

hoped to be. People need to do their research before 2016 arrives. The mysterious deaths of 52 people in the Clinton circle of friends and associates, should be fair warning that these people are not the good old folks they pretend to be. America could fix it’s own problems if left alone, but put a narcissist like Hillary in power and watch the problems grow and multiply. SHE WANTS TO CONTROL YOU! THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY! IT IS PURELY ABOUT POWER!!!

In response to this tweet from the Dragon Queen where she tweets: Donald Trump refuses to be subject to the law. The legitimacy of our elections is in doubt. The president is waging war on the truth. The administration is undermining the national unity that makes democracy possible. And then there's the breathtaking corruption. Q responds with Post 2205: DEFINE PROJECTION. DEEP STATE PANIC IS REAL.

I encourage you to visit this webpage to gather a plethora of links related about her mobster lifestyle.

Perhaps her life of crime is coming to an end:

Q 2364 Hillary Clinton & Foundation Crime Against Children

Q 415 We are in this together. No one person is above another. We stand together. Watch the news. Godspeed, Patriots. Q

Before I close, I want to share with you a new and safe format for free speech. is a platform for free and honest speech. I'm transitioning my social media accounts to Minds in preparation for the attacks on my current channel and social media sites. So you may contact PWA at


rape-juanita-broaddrick Petition for FBI investigation into Bill Clinton Sex Crimes. Clintons life of crime links

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