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SerialBrain2 decodes Q :Rosenstein Fragmented: Loretta Lynch Singing

SerialBrain2 decodes Q :Rosenstein Fragmented: Loretta Lynch Singing

Before you read this, make sure you read part 1 here: link1.

Now that we know in which context the Maestro tweeted his 3 September 22 tweets, let’s go deeper and analyze them. Img7PNG

As usual, I will walk you through my thought process that allows the gathering of all the pieces of the puzzle. Then, in the conclusion, I will arrange these pieces and extract Trump’s final message.

We have already established 3 tweets on the 22nd were an indication Trump was talking to 322 Skull and Bones and their Deep State network. Let’s look at the first tweet. You know the drill, capital letters NER=37. Before we try to find the signification of this 37, let’s notice this random – sign between “basis” and “and”. Since there is no capital letters in “and it is not by accident!”, Trump is hinting we should perform a subtraction using the entirety of each string: [New Economic Records being set on a daily basis]=413 and [and it is not by accident!]=211, the difference is 202. Interesting. Look at what Q posted the day before:

Q2261 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414 Q

Do you see this 202? This is DC’s area code and Q is giving the White House’s telephone number. Why did Q make this drop and why is Trump connecting to it? Q is talking to all those who want to share information or want to come clean: you’d better make a choice quick, call us before the music stops. Did you catch the beauty of the number 2261? DC area code=202, QAnon=61: Q is signaling he is reachable in DC… :) Keep this 2261 somewhere in the back of your head, it will come back later in the most surprising way. Now we have some context and can go back to our NER=37 and reconcile. Gematria for CALLED? Yes 37. As you can see, after Q’s recommendation the day before, Trump is hinting someone called. Who do you think that could be? Img8PNG

To answer this question, you need to look at the 3 Q drops coming before Q2261. Look at the progression: Img9PNG

from Q2258 to Q2260, it’s all about Loretta Lynch talking and her calls with Rosenstein being recorded. Then Q says:

Q2260 When do birds sing? Q

And in the very next drop, he warns:

Q2261 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414 Q

Do you see it? Q is primarily talking to Rosenstein, essentially saying: “we have recorded your phone calls with Lynch and she’s now talking. As long as the music is playing, birds will be allowed to sing. So Rosenstein, do you want to join the choir while it’s still time and negotiate a plea deal or do you want to face prosecution without knowing what the Tarmac Grandma told us about you?”.

We now know all the drops from Q2258 to Q2261 are intended for Rosenstein and Trump’s tweet is his response to Q: Rosenstein called. You want a confirmation? Look at the NER=37 we got from the capital letters, did you notice these are 3 letters in the composition of ROSENSTEIN? What else would you need to add to get to the complete name? Yes: OSSTEIN. Gematria? 101. Now you know why Trump tweeted this tweet at 10:01, he coded ROSENSTEIN in the capital letters and the timestamp and he is hinting Rosenstein wants a 1 on 1 with him. This is pure beauty…

Now look at the next tweet. It’s a video. It’s 37 seconds long. Just like 37=NER. Coincidence? No. The Maestro is confirming 37 was the important number in the preceding tweet. This second tweet talks about wages and comes 55 minutes after the first one. Why? Because WAGES=55. That’s the key word of the video message. What is Trump saying here? ROSENSTEIN, then WAGES. Did you catch the double meaning? We already know wage means remuneration or salary but it also means: “the result or effect of doing something considered wrong or unwise”. With that in mind, listen to the video again: video1. Notice the transcript of President Trump's tweet: Img10PNG

Did you notice the obvious cut at the 33 second mark? You think POTUS does not have the best video editing team in the world? This was made obvious so that you know who he is really talking to. If you doubt it, look at the length of the video in the next tweet: 33 seconds. Trump is talking to ROSENSTEIN and his Freemasons buddies. He’s saying that WAGES have gone up under his watch: people are now going to be accountable. The reference to the multiple jobs is about people claiming they work for the Government when, in reality, they are loyal to their secret societies. You caught what this 20 years mean right? He’s talking about the to-be-declassified FISA 20 page and how people are going to pay for their past involvement. Now go all the way to the 33 second mark, where the obvious cut is. He says: “Congratulations, spend your money well”. Notice SPEND YOUR MONEY WELL=261, he coded this number in “from 20 years ago. And people had 1 job, now they were working 2 and 3 jobs”. Do you see it? Arrange these 4 numbers like this: [2][3X20+1] and there is your 261. Pretty cool right? Now it’s time for you to go back to the Q2261 I told you to keep in the back of your head. This is where it comes back: Trump confirmed Q’s 2261 in his video speech coding 261 using the 4 numbers 20, 1, 2 and 3 under the disguise of speaking of wages and multiple jobs. Beautiful. And you still have people doubting Trump is a very stable genius!

But what does the Maestro mean when he says to ROSENSTEIN: “SPEND YOUR MONEY WELL”=261? First, you have to notice it is the same value as KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT=261. Coincidence? No. You know the saying: “put your mouth where your money is” right? Well, Trump just gave to Rosenstein the best legal and financial advice ever: you’d better open your mouth, and sing just like the Tarmac Grandma did. Either you cooperate, or you learn we have it all. The hard way.

Then, 283 minutes later, Trump tweets a 33 second video about his trip to New York next week to attend the United Nations General Assembly. This video is the most challenging to decode. Do you remember Trump’s speech when he said he went to DC 17 times? Do you remember when he said “again” to emphasize Q=17? This is what he is doing in this video. The key element of his speech is where he says “again” and repeats he will be in NY next week. Trump repeats “next week”. That is the clue. Let’s keep in mind he is talking to Rosenstein. Do you remember when he said about Rosenstein that he thought he was “weak”, branded him “democrat” and said that he was a “threat to his presidency”? Here is the article: link2.

This is the context. As we said, this video comes 283 minutes later and 283 is the gematria for YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK. Do you see it? Trump repeated NEXT WEEK and said AGAIN to hint we needed to solve 283 and triangulate with Rosenstein with the word WEAK. Take the time to well understand what I have just explained. I know many will ask why did the Maestro change an E to an A. This question is one of the most interesting and mysterious on the Q board. I will give you 2 clues: the first 40 seconds of this speech: video2YouTube and this drop:

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q


Now that we have our first anchor point with 283, which is YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK, we can list all the other relevant solutions: I REALLY MEANT IT AND I STILL DO =283, YOU HAVE JUST GONE TOO FAR=283, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER=283. Img11PNG


We can now arrange all the pieces of the puzzle:

In response to Q drops from 2258 to 2261 where Q informs us Lynch is singing and that Rosenstein is advised to call the White House and also come clean, Trump confirmed that Rosenstein called to ask for a 1 on 1. Trump refused and essentially told him the following:

"Rosenstein, I knew you were a threat to my presidency, I said it in December 2017 and at the time, I already knew what you were all about. I also said that you were worthless and weak. I really meant it and I still do. With this 25th Amendment thing, you have gone too far and I also know about the other things that have not made it to the news yet. You’d better stop playing games and sing as loud as the Tarmac Grandma because Q has all your communications with her. You are now asking for a 1 on 1 so that you can come out of my office in tears and say that I fired you and take the streets with your 32 and 33 buddies linkPNG3.

Well, did you forget I’m a very stable genius? You thought the timing was random? All this is planned. I will be in New York next week and I’ll have General Kelly meet with you instead. He’ll make sure the cameras catch you come out of the White House shaking his hands joyfully video3YouTube. I am not in a hurry. Remember? I have endured your presence for almost 2 years, a few more days is ok with me. You will pay later for what you have done. Did you forget I don’t even need to fire you and that Congress can impeach you? How about when the Supreme Court responds to Sessions’ classified letter about your multiple conflicts of interest?"

I have just told you what happened Monday morning and why it happened. It was all in the Maestro’s week end tweets.



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