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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: So you want to know why Trump tweeted « TREASON ? ». I will tell you.

So you want to know why Trump tweeted « TREASON ? ». I will tell you.

Wednesday September 5th, the New York Times’s Opinion desk publishes an Op-Ed by an anonymous person claiming to be a “senior official in the Trump administration”. In a diatribe where we can sense Trump truly got his goat, he claims to be a patriot in coded sentences like “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” while trying to magically invert reality by misreporting Trump’s undeniable successes in foreign policy.

The next day, at a rally in Montana, Trump addresses the issue and Mockingbird media, as usual, mocks him, claiming he could not pronounce the word “anonymous”. Watch: video1.

And of course, as you can see in the following image, this new opportunity to mock Trump is not missed by anyone in their Fake News network: Imgur1

But if you look closer, you realize their jokes on Trump never really last long because they have to deal with their own contradictions. Look at this Mail Online article. Imgur2

From one paragraph to the next, they claim 2 different things about what Trump really said: “am-an-oma-nous” and “an ominous”. So which is it? Please Mail Online, clarify because “ominous” is actually a word and is perfectly used in context here… They also claim Trump was “furious”. Did you sense that from the video?

Now the question should be does Trump have a tongue problem with the pronunciation of the word “anonymous”? All those who mocked him infer it is the case. But there is one problem, watch what happened the day before: video2. (5:58) We all heard it, Trump said not once, not twice, but three times “anonymous” and pronounced it perfectly with no hesitation. Imgur3

So what is going on here? Why did Trump trigger scrutiny twice at the rally after having clearly shown he had no problem with pronouncing this word 24 hours before? I told you. When it’s odd, analyze.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself: SB2, did you change your coffee brand? We thought you were going to tell us why Trump tweeted “TREASON?”. Yes, I know, bear with me, would you believe me if I told you it’s related?

The essential thing to notice in Trump’s rendition of “anonymous” at the rally is his purposeful confusion between the letter M and the letter N. Like music notes overlapping, it is the switching and combination of the M and the N in “anonymous” that gives him this strange and surprising result after elocution. Like a chord. Musicians understand what I am saying here. At this point, those who are familiar with my writings and who have paid attention, immediately made the link: I compared Trump to a music Maestro in my post preceding the NY Times op-ed: Learn about Trump’s brilliant moves on trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico.

Now stop here for a minute and think. Do you see it? Those who are new to my deciphering posts probably think I am speaking Japanese here. But I am sure many of you saw it: change the M in MAESTRO to N, rearrange the anagram and you get TREASON! Coincidence? Remember, the substitution between and M and N is not arbitrary, it comes from Trump’s pronunciation at the rally AND the reference to music, chord and MAESTRO. The links are therefore solid and confirmed…

Now let’s go deeper.

Let’s build the Trump/Q timeline around the tweet. Correcting and adjusting the 8chan timestamps to the Trump’s EST timestamps, we get the following 4 steps: Imgur4

Step 1: at 17:33, Q post 2093 in which he makes a reference to HRC panicking and links to the 26 minute mark of a video where Sen- Lindsey Graham questions Brett Kavanaugh about the difference between Military Law and Criminal Law.

Step 2: at 18:15, Trump tweets “TREASON?”

Step 3: 4 minutes later, at 18:19, Q posts 2094 and links to that Trump tweet.

Step 4: at 18:33, Q posts 2095 where he announces we are about to learn things that may scare us. He also posts a screenshot of Q802 where he defined patriot and traitor.

Okay… As you can see, we have a 60 minute riddle. Interesting…

Now we need to “read” this. We need to understand the sequence of events and the links. As usual, I will share with you my thought process. Take a closer look at that [26:00] in Step 1. What does the number 26 refer to? What does immediately come to mind when you see 26? Yes, the alphabet. 26 letters. And Q linked this 26 to time, the minute mark of where he wanted us to start watching in the Supreme Court hearing video. So Q linked time to the alphabet. But then in step 2, the Trump rally pronunciation incident linked the alphabet to substitution. So? Do you see it? To understand what “TREASON?” means, we need to perform letter substitutions based on timestamps.

The simplest letter substitution (beside identity) is when you change one letter with the one that immediately precedes it in the alphabet. It is a -1 shift. That is the example Trump is hinting at when he changed the N to an M. In doing so, all the letters of the alphabet are translated by -1 and B becomes A, C becomes B, D becomes C and so on until Z becomes Y. And what does A become? We go full circle in the alphabet and A becomes Z.

As you can see, in the example above, we skipped by -1. If we skipped by -2, what would C be? Yes, A. What would M be? Yes, K. And so on.

A cool way to visualize this process and avoid errors is to draw 2 concentric circles and turn the inner circle in increments. Look, here are 2 examples where the skip is negative and we are therefore turning the inner circle counterclockwise, verify how the words were coded/decoded and train:



And here is an example where we are turning the inner circle clockwise: Imgur7

Take the time to well understand what I have just explained and train using other words and skip values to code/decode. If you want to go further, you may also explore my previous decodes using the Caesar Cipher and Vigenere technique.

With these concentric circles, I have just showed you what Q meant here:

Q477 Timestamp. Decipher. Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers. Relevant. Future proves past. Q

Q is teaching us here that the timestamps are used to determine the skip number.

Let’s apply what we have just learned to the “TREASON?” riddle. We see that Q posted Q2094 4 minutes after Trump tweeted “TREASON?”. Q gave you the skip number right there: it is the difference between Trump’s tweet timestamp and Q’s post timestamp. Now how do we determine if we have to turn the inner circle clockwise or counterclockwise? Do you see this + after Q in Q2094? That’s why it’s there. Every time Q has signed Q+ in his board, it means we have to decipher turning the wheel clockwise. When he signs Q, it means we have to turn the inner circle counter clockwise. And here is another mystery unveiled… ;)

Let’s turn the inner circle 4 times clockwise and “TREASON?” becomes “XVIEWSR?”. Imgur8

Now let’s analyze XVIEWSR. We see the word VIEW, let’s separate it from the other letters: XVIEWSR=VIEW+XSR. Now what it this XSR? Gematria? Yes, XSR=61. And we already know 61 is the gematria of Q Anon (you remember? Where Trump told us Q was about to post soon by showing a Make our Farmers Great Again hat? Yes, FARMER=61). So the tweet “TREASON?” becomes “Q Anon VIEW?”. Hahaha! Do you see it? These 4 steps are in fact a conversation between Trump and Q!

In Step 1 / Q2093, Q links to the conversation between Senator Graham and Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh and hints it’s about HRC, the EO and the application of Military Law.

Then, in Step2, Trump asks to Q: “Is this Treason? Q Anon, how do you view this? What’s your point of view?”

Step 3, Q acknowledges he has received the question and confirms he understands his view is required by linking to the tweet at the exact timestamp allowing to decode it with a +4 skip.

Step 4, 14=N minutes later, Q confirms the MAESTRO to TREASON code, justifies his point of view to Trump by posting a screenshot of Q802 where he defines a Patriot and a Traitor. Now who has paid attention and can answer to the question: what is Q’s point of view? Does he confirm there is treason? The answer is yes. Q answered to Trump’s question “TREASON?” with a simple “TREASON”. Why? Because of [26:00] in Q2093: if you turn the wheel in 26 increments, you are back to a zero position, no letter has changed, TREASON becomes TREASON and it’s like Q, with a nod of the head, answers to Trump’s question: TREASON.

Ready for more? Gematria for TREASON? Yes, TREASON=92. Atomic number for Uranium? Yes, 92 link1. Now you know why Q said HRC panic in Q2093 and how Trump coded Uranium. It’s all about Uranium One. Trump got the URANIUM from TREASON but where did he get the ONE? Yes, from changing N=14 to M=13 (here is the 1) when “mispronouncing” anonymous in Montana and changing MAESTRO=91 to TREASON=92!

Now did you wonder why in Q2095 Q posted an image of Q802 and not the original post? Because this gets him to give to the picture a file name and embed an additional message. Let’s analyze it. File name: DWuttxKVwAARaSd = 212. Same gematria of “DO YOU DOUBT ME NOW?”. Black Hats, you heard that? That was for you. If you still doubt Q after this conversation he had with POTUS on his board and after considering all the components that were gathered to bring it to life, then there is nothing more to say to you. But if you don’t, then go to the next question: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Coincidence? THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!

We can now draw the following picture summarizing the solving of the riddle: Imgur9

Translation: Q2093 and Kavanaugh’s answers to Graham’s questions are indications the Uranium One issue is not to be handled by Criminal Law but by Military Law and we subtly get it from no less than a Supreme Court Nominee. This is the real reason why HRC tried everything she could to stop Kavanaugh, it didn’t have to do with his conservative views in general but about her: she wanted to avoid this legal interpretation from entering

the Supreme Court and probably ruin her last resort chances. I am not sure a Military Tribunal would spend much time philosophizing on what “is” is…

In 1998 Bill Clinton pulls out Yale Law School Student bullet dodging in a commercial code language.

When asked: You knew about your relationship with Ms. Lewenski. You stated there was no sex of any kind, in any manner, shape or form with President Clinton was an utterly false statement. Is that correct?

Clinton answers: It depends upon what the meaning of the word is.


Icing on the cake? Trump and Q have crafted this amazing and powerful riddle and made sure it lasted exactly 60 minutes. Do you know why? Because of the interview with President Trump on "60 Minutes" with Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl: Are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton over her emails, and are you as you had said to her face going to try to put her in jail?

POTUS: Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to think about it. I feel that I want to focus on jobs. I want to focus on healthcare. I want to focus on the border and immigration, and get the country straightened away.

Lesley Stahl You called her Crooked Hillary; said you wanted to get her in jail; your people in your audiences kept saying, "Lock her up".

POTUS: Yeah... She did some bad things.

Lesley Stahl: I know, but a special prosecutor???

POTUS: I don't want to hurt them. I don't want to hurt them. They're good people. I don't want to hurt them. ...and I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 Minutes together.

Trump says: “I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 minutes together”. Well, we just did.



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