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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Jeff Sessions: Trump’s secret weapon. Enjoy the show.

Jeff Sessions: Trump’s secret weapon. Enjoy the show.

Before we proceed: I always provide alternative links in the comment section for those who have issues with the images.

So, where were we? Yes, in my last post, Learn about Trump’s brilliant moves on trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico.

I showed you Trump’s brilliant moves on trade and how Justin Trudeau was risking seeing all Canada’s gains on trade with the US be relegated to the Stone Age. Remember? We talked about the French word for barter: TROC. Now look at what POTUS tweeted the very next day: Imgur1.

Do you see it? Did you notice the 4 first capital letters TORC? Did you solve the anagram? With the training you now have received on how to decipher Trump’s tweets, I am sure many of you saw it. Just for the record: Trump confirms the TROC decode and continues the conversation. Imgur2

Now, as you have probably noticed, POTUS is well organized and transitions flawlessly from one topic to the next without interrupting the conversation: yesterday it was about trade, today it’s about Jeff Sessions and TROC is the link!

So let’s talk about Jeff Sessions.

I told you several times, in several posts, echoing, commenting and decoding Trump and Q that you need to trust Sessions. The only way you will enjoy the show is if you make yours this recommendation from Q:


These 5 Knights are the Eye of the Storm. Their concerted actions will be devastating to the Enemy and will purify America and the world from its destructive darkness. Did you take a closer look at the picture Q posted right after he told you to trust these 5 Knights? Look: Imgur3.

Did you see the storm? Yes, it forms around the President’s desk. Did you count the number of people in the room? 23. Coincidence? You know by now what this means and that Skull and Bones and their affiliated networks are on their way to total annihilation. Reduced value of 23? Yes, 5. Now you know how the number of Knights was determined. Enjoy: video1.

When POTUS refers to the Calm Before the Storm, the trained Mockingbird media agents know there is something going on behind the scenes and they are terrorized. Look how our excellent Sarah Sanders has fun handling them: video2

With these established premises, let’s now answer to this question from Q:

Q151 How do you capture a very dangerous animal? Do you attack it from the front? Do you walk through the front door? Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking?

What makes the Deep State dangerous? Nuclear weapons and spying tools to play with, false flag capabilities (involving MK victims, climate control etc…), agents infiltrating all levels of the US and World governments and a huge number of sleeping people snoring in unison with MSM’s demonic deceiving mantras . So? If you don’t want to blow up the planet or a civil war, you need to have a Plan. A smart one. A plan that takes you from being besieged by the Deep State after Election Day with MSM constantly lying about you and people rallying against you all over the United States to the shutting down of their NK nuclear platform and destroying their electronic spying infrastructure.

Q2016 BLIND EYES IN THE SKY. SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? Q Q2020 GCHQ Bude sent DISTRESS SIG 8:09 EST. NSA NO MORE. Q Q2021 Main frequency bands TERMINATED. #Goodbye Q

That’s what is happening on the military battlefield. At the judiciary level, you need to take control of the system using smart tactics like the ones described in these posts post1 Q1433 RR problems or the brilliant playbook that gave Trump total control of the DOJ.

– post2 The Q1439 real time update. This board has more power than you can imagine.

.. and you need to feed the animal with powerful soporific drugs so it can snore louder for you than for the MSM. And that’s the feud between Trump and Sessions.

This strategy works so well that the Left now only swears by Sessions and we now get to appreciate tweets like the following one from some of their brightest minds: Imgur4

We are now in the optimal situation where our programmed sleeping people are rallying behind Sessions against Trump thinking he is Trump’s worse problem. With illustrative moves like the indictments of 2 GOP congressmen before the mid-terms and its à propos accompanying presidential wrath linkA,

Trump and Sessions have now set the trap disallowing the Left from claiming political bias the day Sessions will drop the hammer on their leaders. That day, I predict he will be wearing a FISA tee-shirt…

Q2067 With love comes trust. Schedule changes can be very painful. Q

How do I know this? I sometimes see in the comment section very surprising comments like: we already knew this, why did it take you so many lines to get to this? You see, this is the difference between conjecturing something is true and getting it from the horse’s mouth. I know this because, in addition to Q’s hints, it’s all coded in Trump’s tweets. Yes, it’s all in Trump’s tweets. Would you believe it, if I told you that right after No Name’s departure, he coded some crucial information about it and that it was related to Sessions?

I will show you. Let’s walk together.

First, we need to analyze the 4 first tweets of August 24 2018, a day prior to No Name’s departure. Did you notice how Trump “attacked” Sessions very early in the morning right after going through his wins in the economy and international relations? Here are the tweets: Imgur5

Now notice Trump re-tweeted the last two tweets the next day and placed them right after his condolences to No Name’s family, look: Imgur6

Coincidence? No. Trump is putting some order in his book shelf and by doing so, he is letting you know there is a direct connection between No Name’s departure and the multiple legal cases he listed in his tweet calling for Sessions to react. Do you see it? Who personally gave the infamous Steele dossier to James Comey? link1B


In addition to his multiple other dark activities like ISIS, No Name was in the middle of the Steele dossier and the published results of an investigation on the FISA abuse would have immediately put him in the spotlight and establish his responsibility in the failed attempt to sabotage the 2016 US election and stop Trump: Imgur7.

Now you know why Trump placed his condolences to the No Name family in the Justice Section of his tweet shelf and, for quick perusal, Q1707 and Q1708 indicate the FISA subsection…

Now tongues are loosening Imgur8

and Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination needs to be confirmed. With No Name around, his confirmation would have been compromised and this is why the Left is going crazy: they have lost a strong ally against Trump and the only thing they now have left is to scream and being schooled: video3.

So? The truth about ISIS being revealed, Kavanaugh being confirmed and Sessions about to close on FISA, this was a perfect time for the Universe for No Name’s departure.

Q1649 Think SC vote to confirm (coming). No Name action. Every dog has its day. Enjoy the show. Q

Let’s go even deeper.

Let’s start with the tweet where Trump “attacks” Sessions; the third one of the day. Imgur5

You know the drill, capital letters: DJ J GREAT E CMMCSPO. Before going any further, do you see what I see? Take a close look at the letter sequence. Did you see the word TARGETED seeming to appear? Let’s rearrange the sequence: J J TARGEED CMMCSPO. As you can see, we are one T away from the word TARGETED. What is the gematria of the letter T? Yes: 20. Now look at these 2 Js in the beginning. Gematria of J? Yes, 10. Do you see it? We can trade our 2 Js with one T and complete our word to get TARGETED! I am sure you are wondering what got me to single out this word and take this direction. The reason is because in the first tweet of the day, Trump starts with the word “Target”, he says: “Target CEO raves…”. He gave us the clue right there. Now let’s re-structure and go back from the initials to their related words: TARGETED CMMCSPO becomes TARGETED COMEY MUELLER McCABE STRZOK PAGE OHR. Now translate this and you get that Jeff Session’s Justice Department has targeted Comey, Mueller, MCCabe, Strzok and all the other ones and related topics listed in the next tweet: Fisa abuse, Christopher Steele, Clinton Foundation and the illegal surveillance. Wow. You thought Sessions was sleeping? Think again.

Now let’s do the gematria of the capital letters: [J J TARGEED CMMCSPO]=162. Gematria of [THERE IS NO ESCAPE]? Yes, 162. It’s in Q board and look at the context, it’s amazing:


Do you realize the magnitude of what I have just shown you? Trump has confirmed a Q drop in a tweet where he is listing all the actors and issues that are TARGETED by Sessions. Then Q says the strategy that is being implemented offers no escape and no possibility of deals to the bad actors. And, for those who want a time frame, the plan is a 3 year plan! Now you know. You see that “PATIENCE” in the drop? Let the clock run. 3 years. Imgur9

Now, the next tweet. Of course, you have noticed the dash after Dems. We know from my previous posts we have to group the capital letters in 2 groups and subtract their respective gematria values. [FISA CS D CF TC R D]=115 and [O C J]=28. The difference is 115-28=87. Now you also have to notice the question mark after “redaction”. The grammar in “Open up the papers & documents without redaction?” is not proper. It would have been more appropriate to have a point or an exclamation mark. This “floating” question mark is a hint the final meaning of the tweet should be a question. Gematria for Justice? Yes, also 87. Do you see it? These two tweets where Trump seems to attack Sessions is in fact a conversation with a question and an answer!

Question: Justice?

Answer: There is no escape.


Trump, seeming to attack Session, is in fact essentially telling the world: I know you are all asking yourself if Justice will be served about Comey, Ohr, the Clinton Foundation, FISA and all the other issues. Don’t worry, Sessions is on it and soon you will all realize there is no escape for them.

Icing on the cake? Watch: video4 Did you catch it? At the 1 minute mark, Trump says: “let’s see if she gets away with it”. Gematria? Yes, 322. Skull and Bones… Coincidence?

Q1954 Dark to Light. TRUTH will SHINE. Impossible to DEFEND. Impossible to IGNORE. Stay Strong. You are NOT ALONE. Patriots ALL. Q


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