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SerialBrain2 decodes Q:Learn about Trump’s brilliant moves on trade negotiations with Canada and Mex

Learn about Trump’s brilliant moves on trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico.

Did you catch how Trump negotiated the United Sates - Mexico Trade Agreement? Professional deal makers know they saw an application of the secrets revealed in the Donald J Trump book The Art of the Deal. Watch this excellent summary from Laura Ingraham: video1.

The key element that shows Ingraham really knows what she is talking about here is at the 2:50 mark. She essentially says Trump succeeded because he stayed away from the bogus multilateral approach his globalist predecessors had for everything they touched.

I want to take a minute and talk about this. It’s an important topic.

In diplomacy, you basically have two official approaches available: Multilateralism and Bilateralism. Schematically, Bilateralism is about exclusive relations between 2 countries without any external influence challenging their respective sovereignty. Multilateralism is about 2 or more countries interacting within the framework of an external influence or entity where part of the sovereignty has been lost when a country accepted to recognize it. Good examples of multilateral diplomacy are the UN, the EU, NAFTA, IMF, the Paris Agreement, WTO and all the other international relation scams we were programmed to believe were heaven sent in school.

Q1241 How do you ‘squeeze’ funds out of the US? Threat to humanity? Environment push? Think Paris Accord. Who audits / tracks the funneled money? Define kickback. Define slush fund.

The philosophy behind Multilateralism needs to be analyzed to know what is really at stake here. First, one smart way to see a country is to model it like a living organism: it has a brain, legs, hands, skills, pluses, minuses, a culture etc… Same thing: a country has a climate, a population, natural resources, access or no access to water, gas or oil, a history etc… And the world can therefore be seen as a place with many living organisms with different types of skills, wealth and culture, interacting. Now let’s listen to the Contortionist back in June 2016 when he claimed Trump would fail at bringing jobs back in our country: video2.

Did you see he gave us a crash course on globalism? Amazing stuff. Did you see how Trump’s current success speaks for itself and shows the Contortionist had no clue what he was talking about? At 2:50 he says: “some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back”. This is a crucial point in understanding how these people think. What is a “job of the past”? He is inferring for example agricultural production should be externalized while the US focuses on jobs requiring more “intellectual skills” and become like a giant Silicon Valley living off intellectual property and privileged tech. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. A job is an activity responding to a demand of the market. My guess is people will always become hungry at some point in time during the day and will always need something to eat. So? The job of making food is an “eternal” one. Being a job of the past is not about the job itself but about the means used to do it. Producing tomatoes will never get old, what gets old is the way they are produced. You see the trick? Once they pulled this lie out of their hats, they said: now each country needs to do what it’s good at. Do you see it? They don’t see the world like multiple living organisms like I said earlier where each country is given a chance to deal with others. They see it as one. And their strategy is to cut this guy’s left hand, this other guy’s right leg, extract this other guy’s brain and so on to assemble them to create one slave. The Human Slave. Working for them. This is how they destroy entire countries by forcing them to become what they were not naturally meant to be using their own set of skills: hey you! I see you have fish but you’ll produce our avocado, you over there, I see your kids are really good at math, well you’ll be the tuna nation, now let’s see… where are we going to produce our taxi drivers? This is how colonization destroyed ecosystems at continental levels, is continuing to do so and they have the guts to claim they are environmentalists. You thought colonization was over? No. The Hidden Masters realized managing a nation was too much of a hustle so they subcontracted it to puppets and moved to banks, central banks: Q135 to Q138. This is why they need open borders. This is why they don’t want strong leaders like Trump. This is why they need Multilateralism to destroy the individual countries’ aspirations to happiness.

Now that you know this, we can go a little further and talk about the tools Multilateralism uses to destroy countries and have them work for these Hidden Masters. Think of it as an apartment building. Those who live at the lobby level worry about the trash, those at the first floor worry about the noise, those at the upper floors worry about the elevator. So? To make sure all these people remain controlled and that nothing gets done, a guy who does not even live in the building comes in and shares the brilliant idea of creating an HOA. People contribute to the HOA hoping their problems will be solved but in fact, it’s just there to enrich an outsider and to give them the illusion their problems are being taken care of. Icing on the cake is when the HOA manager is skilled enough to be worshipped, appreciated and feared by the owners. This is exactly how our old C_A created the EU. You did not know? It’s declassified, right here: link1A


You now know who Trump is really talking about when he talks about the EU… Do you think the people of Greece know it’s the French struggling average Joe who is sending them money to deal with their financial problems? linkC.

No, the HOA manager is the hero. Watch Multilateralism in all its glory when the President of France gets a free ticket to be insulted by a random Belgium EU Parliament member: video3.

Now you understand why Trump had a bilateral approach to replace NAFTA and why it worked. The President of Mexico focused on the interest of his country, with no external influence and was therefore able to reach a win-win agreement with Trump.

The interesting question is why he started with Mexico. Do you know? Do you remember what happened a few minutes after the G7? When Trump got on Air Force One and Justin Trudeau stabbed him in the back flexing his biceps on tariffs with an outrageous press conference? Watch:video4.

Now watch Trump’s response : video5.

Did you catch it? He says about Trudeau: “He learned, that’s going to cost a lot of money to the people of Canada. He learned”. Now that’s Trump’s presidential way of saying things, listen to his trade adviser tell you what his boss really meant: video6.

A “special place in hell”? What “worst political miscalculation” is he talking about? Why did he specify “it comes right from Air Force One”? Is he talking about an Air Force One phone call or was there a double meaning? … Imgur1

This is one of the things I like about Trump. He always pays his bills and makes sure his bills are also paid. So Justin, get ready for the worst trade deal EVER for your country. Trump knows you are relying on Mexico’s cheap labor for your car assembly lines. So? He beat you to them, made a deal with them that lowered the priority level of these jobs and re-positioned the US as their exclusive primary trade partner. Now you are outside looking in. When Canadians realize what you have caused, will you be able to stay in power? Look at how frightened your private sector is: video7.

So now the stage is set. Trump gave to Mexico all they needed to not care if Trudeau’s Canada joins the Agreement or not. Trump weakened Trudeau and can now let him struggle and ultimately beg him to enter the agreement or reach a new one.

Then, to make things even more complicated for Trudeau, Trump gave colorful off-the-record comments about the trade negotiations with Canada to Bloomberg that were later leaked by the Toronto Star’s. You know why the goods were given to the Toronto Star right? Because the leakers wanted to make sure the Canadians would know about these Trump off-the-record comments. Here, I have compiled a few of them for you from this



What’s your favorite quote? Mine is “Off the record, Canada’s working their ass off. And every time we have a problem with a point, I just put up a picture of a Chevrolet Impala”.

Pretty cool right? How is Bicep Flexor Justin Trudeau who said a few months ago that he was not going to be “pushed around” is now going to deal with this? Everybody read this in Canada. Everybody. Have fun Justin!

Once these messages were sent, the concert could now begin and our Maestro Released his August 31st Tweet Symphony. Let’s gather his first tweet of the day and all the others related to the trade negotiations with Canada: Imgur3

Now let’s focus on the first tweet. The one about Ted Cruz. It’s not about trade but it’s the first tweet of the day, it sets the mood and gives us hints about where the Maestro is heading with his musicians. You know the drill, we gather the capital letters: ISTCOITATEHT SACBMV. But there is a twist here. Did you catch it? Do you see this random dash after Texas? It means we have to group these capital letters in 2 separate groups: ISTCOITATEHT and SACBMV and calculate their respective gematria. [ISTCOITATEHT]=149 and [SACBMV]=60. Now let’s look at the original time stamp of the tweet it’s 1:09 PM or 13:09. Stop here and think. Do you see it? Take your time. You have 149, 60, a random dash, and 13:09. What do you see? Expand your thinking. 149 can be read 14:09 and 60 can be read 60 minutes, the dash can be read as a minus sign and you have: 14:09 – 60 minutes = 13:09. Pretty cool right? So we gather the important message generated by this tweet is the number 139 coded in the capital letters, the dash and confirmed by the time stamp. Now what is 139? What is the gematria of “AN EYE FOR AN EYE”? Yes 139. What is the gematria of “KARMIC LESSON”? Yes also 139. So? Trump is saying this day and the coming illustrating tweets are about lex talionis, retaliation, pay back, karma… Imgur4

Then, the very next day, just in case people did not see the tweets, he re-confirmed he indeed made these off-the-record statements, let’s watch until 2:26 video8.

Priceless. Did you catch where he offers to sing the Canadian anthem? I told you: every time something sounds odd coming from Trump, stop and analyze. Let’s walk together and do that.

First, let’s notice the Canadian Anthem is called “O Canada”. This is a clue Trump himself is giving in his speech. Second, the anthem was originally commissioned by Lieutenant Governor of Quebec Theodore Robitaille linkD.

Third, we all know French is spoken by more than 20% of the Canadian population linkE

so this will also be a component we will have to add to our analysis. With these 3 clues, what French word can we extract? Do you see it? Initials for Theodore Robitaille? TR. Initials for O Canada? OC. Put these letters together, you get TROC, which is the French word for BARTER, the most primitive form of trade… Coincidence? If you think it is, why would trump code it in the second tweet of the August 31st Symphony? Yes, right here, look: Imgur5

You see the initials of OFF THE RECORD COMMENTS give us OTRC which, when re-arranged, also lead to TROC, the French word for BARTER.

So now, with this reference to BARTER, you get Trump is subtly signaling he is about to relegate the commercial gains between the two countries to the Stone Age. The agreement he has reached with Mexico and the current economic success in the US allow him this luxury and Trudeau is now in a situation he will have to beg for Trump’s mercy. Now I have a question: are you tired of winning yet? So Justin, how low can you go to save your Chevrolet Impala? linkF

Now let’s extract more from this second tweet of the Symphony. Capital letters: [W I OFF THE RECORD COMMENTS B C BLATANTLY VIOLATED O I A C I]=494. We already know we have to research in the direction of the past, retaliation and pay back. Remember, I told you in a previous post that when the numbers are fairly large, Jewish Gematria is the system you want to explore. Jewish Gematria of [REMEMBER THE TIME]? Yes, also 494. Now let’s take a closer look at [OFF THE RECORD COMMENTS]=225. Same gematria as [IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN]. Hahaha! Right here Trump is telling you he knew Bloomberg was going to leak his off-the-record statements! He used them to get his message to the Canadians and put Bicep Flexor Trudeau in an unsustainable negotiation posture! This trade deal with Canada is going nowhere folks! You want more? Look at this [BLATANTLY]=107, same gematria as [BAD ATTITUDE]. Trump is reminding Trudeau his outrageous behavior at the G7. For confirmation, look at this [VIOLATED]=88. Same gematria as [I REMEMBER], which confirms our previous Jewish Gematria [REMEMBER THE TIME]=494! Now you are equipped to read the real deciphered message Trump sent to Trudeau here: Imgur6

Third tweet of the symphony. Capital letters: [SBOFFTHERECORDW]=167, same gematria as… [ENJOY THE SHOW]! Hahaha! Peruvian coffee on me for those in the morning, pop corn for those in the evening! Thank you POTUS for a well-crafted riddle! Brilliant! Dazzling! Imgur7

But there’s more. Could you believe it?! :) Let’s look at the last tweet of the symphony. Did you notice the capital letters? ICC. You know why Trump finishes the symphony with these 3 letters right? ICC stands for International Chamber of Commerce. Here is their website:

and this is what they say in their About Us section: “We are the world’s largest business organization working to promote international trade, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation to accelerate inclusive and sustainable growth to the benefit of all”. Makes sense right?

Well Justin, you have just received free business advice from a billionaire: if these trade talks with the US don’t work and it seems they won’t any time soon, you still have the ICC to talk to… Imgur8

Apotheosis? Let’s go full circle and end where we started. Gematria of [THE ART OF THE DEAL]? Gematria of [DONALD J. TRUMP]? Enjoy! Imgur9



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