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Q1917: Nothing to see here - Media Really Matters - Part I

Media Really Matters - Part I

Persons of Interest 🔎 James Achilles Alefantis aka jimmycomet at Comet Ping Pong

ausbitbank in personsofinterest • 2 years ago

The following post is a compilation of suspicious facts regarding James Achilles Alefantis

My research into the global pedophilia network being exposed by wikileaks and others keeps bringing me back to James. I feel that this information is in the public interest, and everything here was obtained legally through publicly available sources.

All files are backed up securely, and almost all images and links referenced here are linked to an archived copy showing the original source url and timestamps collected.

Getting this information together has been a group effort between many independent and mostly anonymous researchers freely sharing resources between wikileaks/4chan/8chan/twitter/reddit/multiple discord servers and .onion sites .

You can find a lot more general information on my previous post - "Podestaleak , Pedoring & Cheesybay research dump Part 1" .

This post was adopted from reddit here by "PleadingtheYiff" ,

and written permission was given to archive this on the steem blockchain.

This thread will continue to evolve as new information is discovered

James Achilles Alefantis img 1

Mr. Alefantis is the owner of the Washington DC pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong. There are disturbing indications that Mr. Alefantis is running some form of pedophile ring that involves quite a few public figures in Washington D.C. It would appear that he is the "Achilles heel" for all these people of stature.

Since the investigation began, Mr. Alefantis has deleted many of his posts and set his social media to private. We have archived the entirety of his online presence however. Links posted here are both archives and screenshots I took while helping to investigate.

First I will discuss Alefantis’ links to powerful people, then outline the preponderance of evidence that he is a pedophile and uses Comet Ping Pong as a front for his sex trafficking ring.

I. Connections between Power Brokers and Alefantis

David Brock, director of Correct the Record

James Alefantis is the owner of pizza joint Comet Ping Pong, he is the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock. Here is a link confirming this and showing them caught up with another individual in some kind of blackmail love triangle:

Here is a photo of Brock on Alefantis' Instagram:

David is also the former director the Bitcoin Foundation and is a confirmed pedophile as exposed in past court cases and the documentary "An Open Secret".

The original link had been removed, so I found this on Wikopedia

An Open Secret is an American documentary film directed by Amy J. Berg exposing child sexual abuse in the film industry in California. The film features interviews with victimized performers, who were targeted when they were young boys, as well as industry figures, the predators themselves, and journalists.

This alone should have the crypto crowd paying attention to this.

It is important to remember who James Alefantis associates with (David Brock) and what games they play.

Hillary Clinton

Here is a letter Alefantis posted from Hillary thanking him for helping with a fundraiser that involved the Podestas:

An FEC (Federal Election Commission) search also shows payments made to Alefantis from the Clinton Campaign and pro Clinton PACS

Media Matters comes to the rescue of Hillary Clinton as exposed in Q56

Barack Obama

Here is a photo Alefantis posted showing Obama playing ping pong with a young boy:

Obama has also been identified in the Wikileaks Podesta dump as having held phone banks at Comet Ping Pong's location:

Comet Ping Pong Address

Alefantis is also listed in White House records as having visited a few times:

George Soros

Yes, George Soros even is involved with this pizza parlor. He is listed as a major donor to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC:

American Bridge 21st Century is a liberal American Super PAC that supports Democratic candidates and opposes Republican candidates.[1] It was founded by David Brock in 2010 and is associated with Media Matters for America. It is an opposition research hub for the Democratic Party. The group physically tracks and monitors Republican candidates and officials and uses social media to deploy its findings.

This PAC is on record with the FEC as having made several donations to Comet Ping Pong:

Formation November 2010

Founder David Brock

Founded at Washington, D.C.

Type Super PAC

Methods Opposition research

Affiliations Media Matters for America


As recent as February 2018 Soros gave generous donations.

Marina Abramovic

Alefantis appears to have some form of relationship to spirit cooking "artist" Marina Abramovic as he references her in his instagram:

He also posted a photo which appears to possibly make a Moloch reference:

John and Tony Podesta

Here is Alefantis posting a photo of Tony Podestas house:

You may remember this "Arch of Agony" statue from the house of Tony Podesta, as seen in this Washington Post article:

Keep in mind that this house contains art showing child abuse by Biljana Djurdjevic

Original link from ausbitbank has been removed. Then I found another link with the terrible art.

Tony Podesta had this to say about Alefantis in this Washington Life article:

Podesta e-mails make mention of Comet Ping Pong, "family-friendly" restaurant/venue with ping-pong for kids:

Q 1917


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