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SerialBrain2 decodes Q comms: let’s break down the McCain operation.

Q comms: let’s break down the McCain operation.

Ok, I see you want me to talk about John McCain. First, we all need to show our sympathy to those who are sad because of his departure. For that very reason, we will not talk about him.

Now let’s talk about No Name.

As you already know, we are told No Name died at 81, at 4:28 PM MT on August 25th 2018, one day after his family announced he would be discontinuing his brain cancer treatment. link1

Then, POTUS tweeted this: Imgur1

As you can see, this is very cold. Is POTUS a cold person? We all know he is not. We all remember how how he honored the memory of Aretha Franklin just a few days ago: video1.

Then he ignored questions about No Name’s death link 2

and we later learn he may not attend the funerals link3.

Then there was the half staff /full staff situation link4.

And, icing on the cake, the Pentagon shows its coldness and lack of interest by stating on Monday they would not return the flag to half-staff to honor No Name unless they received a direct order from the White House link5.

Now THIS is what honest intellects need to focus on to explain the Commander in Chief’s behavior instead of inferring like MSM that Trump’s coldness is motivated by politics. The Commander in Chief commands the Military and there is no way he would be at odds with the Military. If both of their behaviors are aligned, it means the problem is not Trump but No Name. But hey, knowing my readers here, I am certainly preaching to the choir. We all know No Name is no hero and that it would be disgraceful to pretend he is: how can we honor our True Heroes if we also honor the false ones? Those who know the truth know the truth and cannot pretend. This is the communication equation POTUS will need to solve in the coming days as it is obvious his enemies will seize the political opportunity to praise a No Name they don’t even care about only in an attempt to demonize and isolate Trump.

This is a subject for another day, a sad one, so let’s move forward.

Then, Q posted this: Imgur2

Okay… Then, we remember he also posted this: Imgur3

To understand what happened to No Name, I first need to remind you what Trump said about Andrew Cuomo when he made his outrageous statement about America never being great: video2.

Did you see that look at the end? That’s the look POTUS gives to those who really hate America. As you can see, in Trump’s book, there are statements that can end a political career. Keep this somewhere in the back of your head, we’ll get back to it.

Now let’s look at the data. Immediately after No Name’s death was announced, we have all made the connection with Q1706 and its 7:28PM EST original 8chan timestamp which varies from one aggregator to the other (for example

shows 18:28 but the real original post time is 7:28 PM). The time difference with Cornville AZ, the place of death, being EST-3, we see Q1706 was indeed posted at 4:28 PM and this led many of us to conclude the death was predicted 30 days prior to the hour and the minute by Q. The problem is the number of days between Q1706 posted (July 25th 2018) and the decease date (August 25th 2018) is 31 or 32 depending on whether you are including the end day or not but it never adds up to 30 as stated in Q1932. This caused many to say Q was off by one day, which was a possibility I could not entertain, and was one of the reasons why my post about No Name’s death was delayed: I could not find a rational answer to this. Then, Q came back and confirmed in Q1934:

[He did not depart on his own terms] Think FLYNN [30]. Exactly [30]. Q

So? Q is saying his numbers are accurate and we need to dig further in order to really understand what he did and what he meant: Q1706 is a good starting point for our thinking process but does not explain everything. To really satisfy our intellect, we need to go further and connect more dots.

Now what is Q talking about in Q1932? What is this [30] and this [0:28]? To understand this, you need to notice the clue: “hands up”. This refers to the image of No Name in Q1706. Let’s take a closer look at that post. Let’s analyze the picture filename: 6169C31C-A4BA-4CCD-8561-D900C8C16307.jpeg

First, notice you have 32 digits. 32? By now, with the training you have received these last few weeks, you already know what Q means here right? Once again, we are in Skull and Bones canine territory and of course, every dog has its day… Now let’s separate the numbers from the letters. We get: CCABACCDDCC and 6169-31-4-4-8561-900-8-16307. What is the gematria of CCABACCDDCC? Yes 30. Do you see it? This 30 in Q1932 was already announced in Q1706.

Now let’s look at the numbers 6169-31-4-4-8561-900-8-16307. What did Q code in these numbers? Let’s individually add them and reduce them as I showed you: 6169=>6+1+6+9=22=4. 31=>3+1=4. 4=4. 4=4. 8561=>8+5+6+1=20=. 900=9. 8=8. 16307=>1+6+3+7=17=8. You then get the sequence 4-4-4-4-2-9-8-8. Add these numbers and you get 4+4+4+4+2+9+8+8=43. Now what is the gematria of McCain? Yes, 43. Coincidence? In the same Q1706 post we have extracted [19:28 EST] (timestamp), 32, [30] (filename letters), and [McCain] (filename numbers). When this happens, you know you are in the middle of a riddle. You’ve stumbled upon clues.

What is the next step? You need to delimit the perimeter of the riddle.

Let’s walk and look around, starting from Q1706. What do you see? Let’s stop at Q1712. Imgur4

Interesting… Q quotes Colossians 3:5 with the underlying message that someone would be put to death and that his legacy would be destroyed. He shows a picture of a woman holding a phone reading: “stand the F down”. Then, in the following posts, he has a conversation with an Anon about messages hidden in plain sight. Do you see it? Q1712 is the death sentence targeting someone whose evil has no place in this world, whose legacy would be destroyed and the operators in charge of executing the death sentence are instructed to stand down until further notice. Well, my friends, Q1712 sealed No Name’s fate right there. Post date of Q1712? July 26 2018. Date of No Name’s death? August 25th 2018. Time difference? Exactly 30 days. You now understand the reference to Flynn:

Q1934 [He did not depart on his own terms] Think FLYNN [30]. Exactly [30]. Q

Q is connecting us to:

Q1281 Re: Flynn? “Done in 30.” Expand. Q

And he is essentially saying that the execution of this death sentence would be [done in 30] days, [exactly 30] days. And that’s exactly what happened. As you can see, we have resolved the 31 day discrepancy here and Q was right. His Exactly [30] in Q1934 was correct.

What do we deduce from this? You remember we are trying to delimit the perimeter of the riddle. Since the posts after Q1713 are just a conversation with an anon, we deduce the riddle starts with Q1706 and finishes with Q1712. And this makes perfectly since No Name is hands up in Q1706, a stand down order is given in Q1712 and the death occurs exactly 30 days later. But there is more: Colossians 3:5 in Q1712 can be written C 3:5 or (since C=3), it can be written 335. Now calculate the gematria of [He did not depart on his own terms] in Q1934. You get 335. Q is confirming Q1712 was indeed about No Name and that the verse Colossians 3:5 was used to describe his coming situation. Imgur5

Knowing this, we now need to extract as much information as we can from this [Q1706 – Q1712] riddle. This is how we will know how Q coded the No Name Death Operation. Do you realize what I am saying? I am saying Q used Q1706 to Q1712 to give the details of the No name Death Operation and once this was done, he instructed to stand down and let the military clock run.

Now that we have solved this [30], let’s focus on the [0:28]. Of course, he is referring to Q1706 and its 7:28PM EST original timestamp. Since the time difference with the place of death (Cornville Ranch) is -3 hours, Q1706 was posted at the exact same time the death occurred 31 days later. How did Q know? Of course he knew, it was his operation. I know there has been some confusion out there due to the 1 hour discrepancy between the 8chan and the third party aggregator’s timestamps. Also, AZ has 2 time zones: the -2H is exclusive to the Navajo County and the -3H is the one we should use since it covers Phoenix and Cornville. Knowing these 2 things will allow those who rightly still have questions to solve them.

Q is also referring to the 28 minutes Trump talked about the No Name bill without ever naming him on August 13 2018. The New York Times picked up and made it its headlines Imgur6.

Notice the NY Times gives the precise number of minutes. They avoid the straightforward and more journalistic “Trump talks for half an hour without…” or “nearly half an hour”. They give the exact number of minutes because their trained Mockingbird agents have been paying attention to Q comms and they knew something was going on in [Q1706 – Q1712]. They picked up this [0:28] coming in from POTUS confirming the Q1706 timestamp. Understand this folks, I said it in my Emmy post, they use all platforms to communicate between themselves without us knowing. This NY Times article was the Black Hats sending a distress message to spread the word this [0:28] was confirmation their No Name asset was threatened.

We can add to this what we found earlier from the Q1706 picture filename analysis and draw this picture: Imgur7

Let’s gather more clues. What is the “duration” of the riddle? Let’s calculate the difference between the finishing timestamp and the starting timestamp: [Q1712] – [Q1706] = [Jul 26 13:39:43] – [Jul 25 18:28:35] = 19:11:8 or 19:11. We therefore have the equation [Q1712] – [Q1706] = 19:11. Now this is when we need to expand our thinking. What do we find at Q1712? A picture named SSHGQQ. What do we find at Q1706? A picture of No Name. What is the gematria of SSHGQQ? Yes, 87. So? Do you see it? The equation [Q1712] – [Q1706] = 19:11 can be re-written [87] – [No Name] = |19:11] which is also [19:11] + [No Name] = [87]. Now stop and look at this formula very closely. When I got here, I could almost feel Q looking over my shoulder and smiling… Take your time, look at it. How can you re-write this formula? Do you see this 19:11, looks like 9:11 right? But not quite… And this 87 looks like 187 right? But not quite. Now you see it: the 1 before the 9 really belongs to the other side and you get: [9:11] + [No Name] = [187]. Translation: The death of No Name is a false flag! Imgur8

Let’s now gather all the clues generated by our analysis in one summarizing picture with their respective future prove past interpretation: Imgur9.

Now, have you asked yourself why Q Team picked the local time 4:28 for No Names death? Let’s look at the number 428. Since it’s a fairly large number, a standard practice in gematria is to use systems more suitable for large numbers like for example the Jewish system. Using our tool at

and choosing “Jewish”, we find that the gematria of “ART OF FAKING DEATH” is 428. Coincidence? Notice the timestamps and coded message in these images. Operation timestamp: 19:28 EST = 16:28 Cornville time, and 43 is about McCain. 32 meaning he is a Skull & Bones asset. Then No Name +9:11 = 187, and Faked death will occur 30 days after Q1712 notification = Aug. 25, 2018. Then POTUS's validation will have the 20 minute mark. Finally, Colossians 3:5 is mentioned in Q1712, meaning His legacy will be destroyed. How about McCain’s nickname “MAVERICK”? Ordinal Gematria? 82. You now see where that 4 is coming from: he “died” at 4:28PM local, 4 days before his 82nd birthday. Why? Because he was not a real “MAVERICK=82”. Q is signifying: I am not letting him make it to 82, I’ll stop him before to show his true nature. The fact he was a fake Maverick was coded in 4:28. Notice the inversion 28/82: false Maverick…

I could tell you more about other codes in this operation but I want to show you something else. You now realize No Name was politically eliminated. Q signals one of the reasons the button was pushed was the SC vote confirmation:

Q1649 Think SC vote to confirm (coming). No Name action. Every dog has its day. Enjoy the show. Q

Now the interesting question is what triggered the countdown. How did Trump and Q program all this, and based on what? This is the type of question I like to ask myself when analyzing Trump’s moves because he never fails to satisfy my intellectual thirst. Do you remember, in the beginning, I told you to keep somewhere in the back of your head what Trump said about Andrew Cuomo and that in Trump’s book, statements can end a political career. So question: what statement did No Name make for POTUS to declare him politically dead? Look at the following image, I have reconstructed the timeline with the relevant items from after Q started signaling No Name was going on his way out to his “death”. Imgur10

April 30th, Q states No Name Out, June 30th, Q states Think SC vote to confirm (coming) No Name action. Every dog has its day. Then on July 16, No Name tweets an incendiary tweet, and July 25th Q tweets No name returning to headlines. August 11, Q tweets No Name Republican [Departure Soon]. August 25th No Name dies. Finally, August 26th in Q 1932 Suicide weekend? Hands up? [30] [0:28] Impossible? Coincidence? We are in control. BIG week ahead.

As you can see, on July 16 2018, No Name made an incendiary tweet link6

attacking Trump when he was meeting Putin at the Helsinki summit. This tweet was just an appetizer to the full statement he linked to. If you click on that link, it takes you to a No Name’s press release page with an error. All his other press releases are still online. Not this one. Interesting… Then, when researching Dog Days, I found this article: link.7

I’ve learned 2 things: “According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Dog Days of summer are traditionally the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11” and “A 2009 Finish study tested folklore that the rate of infections were higher during the dog days.” These 2 sentences immediately connected the dots Finland/Dog/No Name/40 days and the cryptic Q post:

Q1649 Every dog has its day.

No Name started his “dog clock” when he insulted Trump when he was in Helsinki and since the Dog Days last 40 days, his dog clock would stop 40 days after the day he made that tweet. Let’s calculate when his clock stops: July 16 2018 + 40 days = August 25 2018! That’s when he actually “died”!

But it gets scarier folks: right after No Name’s “Finland dog clock” expired, the very next day, August 26 2018, it was Dog Day in the United States… Do you realize what’s going on here? Trump just gave himself another 24 hours to celebrate our K9 heroes link8.


So you thought the White House flag was lowered to honor No Name? Think again. I just showed you how Trump brilliantly solved the delicate No Name false flag political communication equation.

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q


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