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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: The real reason Trump canceled the parade.

The real reason Trump canceled the parade.

Quick recap: from my past posts, I have established the war between 23, the Trump and Q dynamics and 322 or 32, the Skull and Bones/Illuminati dynamics. We went through many examples exposing 322’s opposition to Trump ranging from the Scotland paraglider’s “Trump: well below par #resist”, to the Omarosa book page 322 through the “Beebo” Russell’s “you are very calm collect, poised”.

This 23/322 opposition is now irrefutable and it’s now a matter of understanding what we are being told by Trump and Q from the battlefield.

Today, we are solving the presidential riddle composed of Trump’s tweets posted on August 17th 2018. You did not know it was a riddle? I did not either until I took a closer look at the sequence of topics addressed and started noticing recurring messages.

Trump started the day with a tweet at 7:30 AM where he is sharing his thoughts about changing the business report cycle from quarters to semesters. Then, 14 minutes later, he talks about Cuomo’s now sadly famous statement about (not) making America Great Again, then he talks about the canceled parade, then economy indicators, then he strangely goes back to Cuomo (this is where my riddle alarm went off), then he released a 23 second video about the economy (23?! That’s when I knew I was really on to something), then he finished the day with Bruce Ohr and a shout out to our favorite Stealth Judiciary aircraft: the JS146…

Q372 TRUST SESSIONS. Enjoy the show. Q

When I noticed these things in the tweets, I decided to analyze each of the tweets with their timestamps and capital letters. I coupled the 14 tweets of the day for optimized visibility and extracted all the information I could see. What I found was AMAZING! I discovered Trump coded his war against 322 and the masons in all the tweets and at the same time shared some privileged information allowing us to have a better understanding of what is going on the battlefield.

I will share my findings with you in the form of graphics you will need to analyze with the support of the accompanying commentary.

COMMENTARY 1 – Imgur1 in Capital H and Capital C making the capital letters before the comma HCUS =40

The word separator in the next sentence is W=23

the time of tweet is 14 minutes later than the double 23s

the breakdown of 14 is 1 and (1+3+)

then there is the 3 from 30 leaving a double 23

this can be rewritten as 11 and 3 leaving another 23

3 X (2+2) or 4 as in quarterly

vs 2 X (2X3) as in 6 months

Notice quarterly is 322 & bi yearly is 223

the time of tweet is 7:30 -

the breakdown of 7 is (2+3+2)

then there is the 3 from 30 leaving a double 23

The time of the first tweet is 7:30 AM EST, since 7=2+3+2, we can re-write 7:30 [2+3+2]:[30] or, dropping the zero: [2+3+2][3]. Bear in mind, when I use the kill box, I am triggering your visual skills: you have to “see” the numbers and move them around like they were puzzle pieces and rise your understanding of the numbers above mathematical calculations. Now you can regroup the 2 and the 3s and get: [23][23], which is just 23 repeated. Make sure you master the process I have just described, as you will see, it is a recurring process Trump will be using all along. Conclusion: 23 is coded in the first time stamp and we are in the context of the war opposing 23 to secret societies.

Let’s take a look at the capital letters. We have to exclude whatever is in quotes because it is an outside item and is not therefore coded by Trump. We have IIUSTISEC=114. Using the same process as above we see it’s code for 33, Freemasonry-Sottish Rite as explained in a previous post. Trump is confirming the context of the today tweets.

Now let’s analyze the change of the business report cycle. As you can see, the quarterly reports coded 322 because 12 months=3X(2+2) months. Coincidence? No! That was a way for them to show their power and let us know we are their slaves and they own our businesses and our economy. Trump changing the quarterly business reports to semi-annual reports is not only a smart move for businesses because it would allow them to have longer term business and investment strategies but it would also invert the 322 dynamics by rewriting the equation like this: 12 months= 2X(2X3). Do you see Trump’s 223 dynamics taking over? This is really super cool! Take this Skull and Bones! Hahaha! Trump will never cease to amaze me!

The second tweet comes 14 minutes later. Same graphic process as above. We see 23 is coded in 14, the time stamp difference. All the time stamp differences in the following graphics will be in orange. Did you notice Trump dropped “Andrew” and just said “Cuomo”. Why? Because he wants us to see the two first capital letters: HC. He is announcing a future link with Hillary Clinton. The other capital letters are US and W. Since W=23, we can “extract” it and consider it as an item of its own because 23 has already been established twice in the timestamps (take the time to understand this). W extracted, we are left with US=40. This 40 is also a second announcement by Trump. We will see how. We now know we have to keep HC and 40 somewhere in the back of our head.

You will notice I have also calculated the gematria value of Cuomo’s sad statement, it’s 586.


This is where Trump goes hard on the Illuminati. Look at the timestamp differences: both 13. This is a hint at the 13 illuminati bloodlines link1.

If you want to know more about these bloodlines, research Fritz Springmeier.

The first tweet is posted at 7:57. This is a hint at the Justice Department Boeing 757 that landed a few days ago in Little Rock Arkansas. Here is the post1 Q1830: The White Hats’ fierce response to Skull and Bones 322.

I made about it.

The capital letters of the first tweet add up to 105, Masonry.

In the second tweet, 105= Masonry re-appears in November 11. Coincidence? No. Trump is subtly indicating the French celebration of the end of WW2 is essentially masonic. Once again: who won WW2?

“WAY DOWN” is written in capital letters to emphasize our third 105=Masonry.

The capital letters need to be analyzed in sections because their sequence is interrupted by the November 11 and WAY DOWN codes. The first sequence is AAFBPW=49 which is 4+9=13 confirming the bloodlines. Why did I transform 49 to 13? This is called reduction in gematria. You add the composing single digit numbers (in this case 1+3=4). For training purposes, what is the reduced value of 894? Yes 8+9+4=21. You can then also reduce 21 to 2+1=3 and notice you can’t go further. This is the final reduction. The reason why I am showing you this process now is because Trump himself uses it further down. You’ll see.

The second sequence of capital letters is MDCN=34 (WAY DOWN has already been analyzed). And as you can see 322 is coded in MDCN.

Conclusion: these 2 tweets are about the 13 illuminati bloodlines and the Boeing 757…


This tweet couple is my favorite. It took me some time to understand why Trump was talking about these economic indicators without ever giving them! Hahaha! He was essentially saying: don’t look for the numbers, look at what I am saying. These two tweets are a mathematical challenge: by citing the Unemployment Rate and the GDP, Trump is providing the numbers allowing us to answer to Cuomo’s 586 in the most brilliant way! Notice how in the second tweet Trump is hinting at doubling 18 to get the 36. Notice how the timestamp differences (19 and 9) are not related to 23. They are not coded to guide us to the fact we can manipulate them: this is how I knew there was a calculation involved…


Time stamp difference from re-tweet of misspelled word chocked to choked.

For the timestamp differences, you now know the drill. We get 33 (Freemasonry) coded in the first tweet, 322 (Skull and Bones) coded in the second tweet.

For the first tweet, notice capital letters MADE=23.

Exploring the Trump twitter archive, we see this tweet was first sent 10:06 AM EST and re-sent 4 minutes later at 10.10 with the correction from “chocked” to “choked”. The “C” is corrected. This is done on purpose because C=3 and 4 minutes=2+2, here is your 322. This is an indication Cuomo is affiliated to 322.

But there is more: the capital letters of the first tweet are WBGACMADENYIAMADEAGAA, if you regroup them this way: W-BGAC-MADENYIAMADEAGAA, you notice MADENYIAMADEAGAA=105=MASONRY and the sequence of capital letters becomes 23-13-105. Which induces the question: is Cuomo part of the 13 illuminati bloodlines?


For the first tweet, the timestamp difference is 5 hours 8 minutes or 308 minutes. C=3, H=8, here is Hillary Clinton joining the party as promised by Trump in the beginning… And for confirmation, she is in the tweet itself with a reference to her “DEPLORABLES”.

Why is Trump bringing in “DEPLORABLES” in capital letters and comparing Hillary’s and Cuomo’s statements? Because as I said above, he is teaching us reduction: DEPLORABLES=109 which, reduced is 10+9=19 or, final reduction = 1. Cuomo’s statement is 586, reduced is 5+8+6=19, or final reduction = 1. As you can see the two statements have the same final reduction 1 (and through the same path because they both transitioned through 19). When words or sentences behave like this, they are sharing the same energy source and therefore the same purpose… Who would be my Friend and explore this Universe?...

Q1924 Timelines change. Watch the budget. Q

Then, we see 23 is coded in the capital letters: W and HACHC. Of course, we excluded the quoted sentence since it is not part of Trump’s code.

For the second tweet, notice the capital letters IAHLSA = 50. If we re-arrange these letters, we find the name ALISHA. Then, I found the case Guntlow vs Barbera that happened while Cuomo was Attorney General of New York. This is a paragraph from the case of false arrest by Alisha's husband Marc Barbara:

Defendants assert that Marc Barbera, Ryan and Battuello had probable cause to arrest plaintiff on charges of harassment in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child.3 In our view, however, the parties' sharply divergent accounts of the arrest created questions of fact regarding the existence of probable cause. Plaintiff indicated that she merely tapped Alisha Barbera on the shoulder and politely asked her to sit down-conduct that would not fall within the purview of Penal Law § 240.26(1) (see People v. Bartkow, 96 N.Y.2d 770, 772 [2001] )-while Alisha Barbera testified that plaintiff screamed at her to sit down and then struck her in the lower rib area of her right side. Marc Barbera indicated that he saw plaintiff hit his wife in the ribs and that plaintiff became aggressive and began flailing her arms when he turned to talk to her. One of the two independent eyewitnesses to the incident, however, indicated that plaintiff pushed her hand down on Alisha Barbera's shoulder and that Marc Barbera did not witness the event but was informed of it by his wife. The other eyewitness indicated that plaintiff struck Alisha Barbera with an open hand, but could not state where plaintiff struck her. Both eyewitnesses stated that after either Alisha Barbera or Marc Barbera had a verbal altercation with plaintiff, Marc Barbera left and Alisha Barbera told them that plaintiff was in trouble and would be arrested because Marc Barbera is a state trooper. Plaintiff also testified that she did not react when Marc Barbera turned around to talk to her because she could not hear him.

Is Q team sending a message to Cuomo? As we will see 2 tweets later, Trump finishes his tweet with the word RIGGED. Gematria? Yes 50, just like ALISHA… Is it a veiled message to Cuomo signaling Q team knows the case was rigged or is it just a coincidence? Happy hunting!


As you can see the 2 timestamp differences are both coded for 322.

The first tweet is a 23 second long video link2.

Coincidence? You know by now what it means. In the video, Trump says he’s ok with Made in the USA and Made in America. Why the repetition? Because of the 2 23’s coded in MADE and IN. He is essentially saying: 223 is back.

In the second tweet, the capital letters CPHM=40 is confirming what I told you in commentary 1: Trump puts an emphasis on 40. I will tell you why shortly.

Then we have this RIGGED=50 that I told you about and that has to be connected to ALISHA=50.


For the timestamps of these two last tweets, you see Attorney General Sessions is coded. Behind this “presidential rant” about Bruce Ohr and Mueller, Trump is whispering to you: “hey, did you get it? Sessions is on this…” Exporing the archives, we see the first tweet was first posted at 9:37PM EST with the “error”: astonishingthat. It was corrected with a “blank” space 9 minutes later and at 9:47, which is 10 minutes after the “error”, Trump capitalizes BLANK=40. So? We have 2 blanks: one for the correction and one capitalized, which makes 2X40=80 right? This 80 is confirmed by the word Gregg Jarrett used to describe Sessions and that Trump is replacing by BLANK. That word was “Feckless”. Gematria? Yes FECKLESS=80. Why is Trump avoiding the word and replacing it with 2 blanks (one rhetorical blank and another literal blank). This is because Trump knows Sessions is not feckless. This is why he coded AGS=Attorney General Sessions in the timestamp differences. Now I have a question for you: why do you think out of all the blanks he could choose from, Trump picked the one between “astonishing” and “that”. Is he signaling Trey Gowdy has a role in all this? TG=27=>9 and the “error” was corrected 9 minutes later. Coincidence?


Now that we have all these clues, let’s solve the puzzle.

As you can see, we have been in 23 vs 322, Skull and Bones and Masonry territory all day. From the clues given in this tweet sequence, I have discovered Andrew Cuomo was in fact part of the 13 illuminati families though the Kennedy bloodlinelink1.

Why did Trump insert the cancelation of the parade right after talking about CUOMO and why did he capitalize WAY DOWN =105=Masonry? He is giving us the real reason why he canceled the parade: there was a powerful attack and he needs to take more time to reduce WAY DOWN the power of those fighting him. This is why he is signaling he will buy more jet fighters in the same tweet. He is subtly bringing the Air Force One missile incident into the conversation and how the missile was neutralized by F16s:

Q1729 F-16s intercept. Q

Trump gave us some additional information to know about this attack. Why did he bother bring in an equation to mathematically respond to Cuomo? Why did he repeat 50 and construct 80 with 2 blanks? Do you see where he was getting at? It’s right here in this question about Cuomo’s statement: “Which section of the sentence is worse?” He is signaling we should decompose the sentence, just like we did when he compared it to Hillary’s “deplorables” statement. How? Cuomo’s statement is 586. We can put it in sections as hinted by Trump and write 586 => 50-80-60. When you do this, the answer to the questions about 50 and 80 appears magically: Trump put an emphasis on 50 and 80 because he was hinting at this decomposition, he wanted us to build “sections” out of Cuomo’s statement. Now what is this 60? The clue was here: chocked corrected to choked. What is the gematria of choker? Yes 60. And a choker symbolizes submission. You now see why Trump said about the budget going to the roof and him canceling the parade: “Never let someone hold you up!” in commentary2. Now you are beginning to see it, this parade was a power game between Trump and the Illuminati. They were essentially signifying to Trump: hey we can put whatever number to this thing now that you have committed to it, we have a CHOKER=60 around your neck. Now that this is 60 is secured, it should be easier for you to solve 50 and 80. Do you see it? Gematria of Donald? Yes 50. Gematria of trapped?. Yes 80. Cuomo’s statement meant: Donald is trapped and choked. And POTUS responded: no, I am not, here: I am canceling the parade, I never let someone hold me up and by the way do you remember Alisha? Do you know Sessions’ latest favorite hobby? He has fun loading Boeing 757-223’s with documents about the past… You thought he was sleeping? No no no, look: I have changed “feckless” to “blank” to show him my true respect. The rest is just a show…

Q372 Panic in DC. TRUST SESSIONS. Enjoy the show. Q


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