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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: The Boston Globe media operation: the Illuminati against Trump.

The Boston Globe media operation: the Illuminati against Trump.

As you may already know, The Boston Globe newspaper is currently leading a coordinated media attack against Trump under the disguise of defending the Freedom of the Press.

In this article,

the Associated Press informed us last week that The Boston Globe has reached out to editorial boards nationwide to write and publish editorials on Aug. 16 2018 denouncing what the newspaper called a "dirty war against the free press." Imgur1

In response to this attack, Trump tweeted this: Imgur2

As you can see, the “PROVE IT!’ at the end gave to the tweet a cryptic touch that prevented Mockingbird media from understanding Trump’s message:


What is Trump really saying in this tweet? Let’s decipher it.

First, the obvious. He is describing the scandalous transaction made by the New York Times when it bought the Boston Globe in 1993 to resell it 20 years later at an infinitesimal fraction of its purchase price and writing in its books a 94% loss! As you can see here, at the time, the media picked up on it: Imgur4.

So Trump is describing a reality: the NY Times bought the Boston Globe with real money and essentially handed over to somebody for peanuts. Now I have a question for you: where would a failing and struggling newspaper that lost 94% of its value in 20 years find the energies and the credibility to lead a media campaign against the President of the United States and be followed?

Q1688 There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. #ControlledMSM Study Nazism.

Now let’s look at the numbers Trump provides. This is where things get really interesting. As you can see, to describe the transaction, he is having an auditor approach while those who are trying to debunk him with other numbers have an investor approach. Whatever the real numbers are, since we have already agreed there was at least a 94% loss in this transaction, Trump can now “code” his message using the numbers that will guide us to what he is really saying. Let’s analyze. He says 1.3 Billion Dollars + 0.8 Billion Dollars (losses & investment) = 2.1 Billion Dollars (purchase price). Do you see it? Look and follow the process very carefully: Imgur5

So, again, we are in Skull and Bones 322 territory. Trump is telling us the people who made this transaction and who are now instrumentalizing The Boston Globe against him are no other than the Skull and Bones secret society he is fighting to free the Country and the World. Understand folks, this is what they do: the reason why The Boston Globe can be used to do whatever they want is because the new owner is just a puppet and there is no industrial incentive in the company anymore, it’s just a conduit for political operations. Look: Imgur6

Source: link1.

Does this ring a bell? The fake billionaires they create as fronts?

Q133 Public wealth disclosures – False.

Q6 Why did Soros transfer his bulk public funds to a NP?(non-profit) Note this doesn’t include massive slush funds that are pulled by several high ups.

Now that we know what we are dealing with, let’s go deeper in the tweet. Did you notice the repetition in “sold the the Failing…”. Error? No. Once again, this is the tweeter account of the United President of the United States of America who can afford any Ivy League graduate to correct his tweets. This repetition is there for a purpose. What is the gematria of “the”? Yes 33. What is 33? Yes, Free Masonry. It’s the number of degrees in the Scottish Rite. Interesting… The Freemasons have joined Skull and Bones to fight Trump. We already knew there was an occult connection between Skull and Bones and Freemasonry but to see them exposed like this in a presidential tweet is unprecedented.

Let’s go even deeper. Do you see this “COLLUSION”? POTUS put it in capital letters to give us the clue we had to focus on it. What is its gematria? 120. What is the gematria of “MASONIC LOGIC”? Yes 120. Coincidence? No. It’s the answer to the challenge “PROVE IT”. By saying “PROVE IT”, Trump is essentially saying: “can you find any logic in buying a major newspaper that had no particular problems and resell it with a 94% loss a few years later?”. The answer is: there is none, it’s “MASONIC LOGIC”, this is the way secret societies do business, buddy-buddy business. They use vulnerable puppets that would carry assets for them but in reality they manage these assets and make them do whatever they want. Like organizing a coordinated media attack against POTUS…

How about this “PROVE IT”? Gematria? 105. What is the gematria of “MASONRY”? Yes, also 105. This is the final confirmation POTUS has given us. We can now draw the following graphic: Imgur7

Now you have to remember this “MASONRY”=105. This number is a very important number for them. I will show you more about it but before, take a look at the history of the Boston Globe as they proudly describe it : link2.

As you can see, the company was created in 1872 and published its first issue on March 4 1872. Did you catch it? March 4 = 3/4 = 3/2+2 = 322 Skull and Bones. Then, the company changed ownership only twice: acquisition by the NY Times in 1993 for 1.1 Billion Dollars, acquisition by John Henry in 2013 (notice they don’t disclose the price). What if I told you that these dates, just like the date of the first publication, are not random? That’s what the illuminati do: they code everything with numbers and dates to give shout outs to their false priests and divinities… Look: Imgur8

Now let’s go back to the number 105, the gematria value of “MASONRY”. As I told you earlier, this number is of the utmost importance to freemasons. The address of the Boston Globe offices is 1 Exchange Place, Boston. Gematria of “Exchange Place”? 104. Add the 1 of the address and there is your 105… Have you ever wondered why Infowars and Alex Jones gematria are both 105? What are the odds? Always remember Alex’s meltdown on Syria: you saw the real Alex who hates Trump, his family, what he represents, Q and us. Don’t be fooled. With God’s help, Trump is implementing a strategy to take down all the Secret Societies and put an end to their rituals harming us and our children, and, as a result, all their members and allies hate him. As simple as that.

This is it my Friends. This is it. Everything you have read, all the research you have done in the past, the friends you lost because they said you were a “conspiracy theorist”, everything you have gathered and that took you to Q is now happening right in front of your eyes. For the first time, we have a President of the United States who is standing and fighting the satanists who have destroyed our Country and our Planet. It’s happening. And every day, Trump is giving us news from the battlefield. Every day, he is tweeting and talking to let us know what is REALLY going on so that we can bypass the Enemy of the People: the Fake News.

When you are done with this post, you will see many attacks of people claiming they are Q followers but that this gematria thing is to be dismissed or that what I have just exposed about the satanists is ludicrous or a conspiracy theory that will make us look crazy. Well, I don’t even have to respond, Q himself has already done so:

Gematria: Q40 4,10,20 A,b,c,d,e......

Conspiracy: Q924 There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed. Their weapon against the awakening. Q

As we move forward, the picture of the Enemy is getting clearer. You now gather from POTUS himself that this war we are engaged in is primarily spiritual. This tweet where he has coded the illuminati and the freemasons is the first of its kind, he tweeted it in the morning. Now watch the first minute of the following video to see what happened in the afternoon: video1.

Q1831 TRUTH. Surrounded by EVIL. NEVER STOP PRAYING. WWG1WGA!!!!!! Q


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