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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Trump, Omarosa and page 322.

Trump, Omarosa and page 322.

This is something I would like to share with you, real quick. So I was in my kitchen, I’ve just made myself some Peruvian coffee to start the day and I was going through the Fake News channels to know what to not focus on that day and I saw this: video1

Hahaha! Priceless! Trump tweets about Omarosa and compares her to a dog! Folks, when all this is over, remind me to tell POTUS he owes me a cup of Peruvian coffee and a waterproof kitchen TV!

This is pretty violent and surprising right? What did I tell you about POTUS? When you don’t have a satisfying rational explanation to the things he says or does, you need to dig further to really understand his message.

Why is he calling her a dog?

On August 12 2018, Omarosa crosses enemy lines and is interviewed by Chuck Todd about her new book. Let’s watch from 14:42 to 15:42. video2. Did you catch it? At 15:15 Chuck says to Omarosa: “You’ve made no bones about that you have a lot of tapes”. You can find the transcript of this interview here.

Bones? Who likes bones? Is it just a coincidence or is Chuck also signaling we are in canine territory? Imgur1.

Now let’s go to the beginning of the interview and watch from 2:13 to 2:53. video3. Did you catch it? The N word attack against Trump is located in Omarosa’s book at page 322! 322? Skull and Bones! Again!.. Now we understand what Chuck was really talking about when he said “You’ve made no bones about that you have a lot of tapes”. He was confirming the 322 reference he made in the beginning of the interview and we now know Omarosa is a Skull and Bones asset activated, funded and mediatized to try to harm POTUS. Imgur2

When you get here, what do you do? You look around to find another confirmation.

John Brennan never disappoints. Take a look at what he tweeted about the Omarosa situation: Imgur3.

With the training you have now received, you should be able to decipher this tweet. Let’s take the capital letters of the tweet and solve the corresponding anagram. This is what we get: Imgur4

As you can see, Trump informs us Omarasa was hated by people in the White House and Brennan enriches our vocabulary with the urban word “Niya”, a girl hated by many, who keeps her head high and who has really good friends… Skull and Bones friends…

Well, there you have it. You now know why POTUS compared Omarosa to a dog. Now question to the Skull and Bones operators who hired Omarosa to harm POTUS: you’ve already tried something similar against him with Stormy. How did it end?

Q1670 What happened to Stormy? Fake news! Q

Don’t you guys know this Einstein quote: “stupidity is doing same thing and expecting different results”?

Popcorn. Yes, the extra-large one.

Q1840 [Fish]ing is fun. These people are stupid. Q



Tiptoe by Jeremy Blake

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