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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Stolen plane in Seattle: Q gave them 61 days, then all hell broke loose.

SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Stolen plane in Seattle: Q gave them 61 days, then all hell broke loose.

Friday August 10th, 2018. A 29 year old Horizon Air ground service agent named Richard « Beebo » Russell, steals a Bombardier Q400 turboprops from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Only equipped with a flying experience he said to have gathered from video games, he manages to turn on the aircraft and takes off at 7:32PM for the ride of his life. As he is being chased by 2 F15s, our friend “Beebo” happily chats with the air traffic controllers between a couple of very complex acrobatics he manages to pull off from this low maneuverability plane. After he circles over suburban areas south of Seattle, he crashes at 8:47 PM in Ketron Island, Puget Sound, located 25 miles south-west of the airport.


Then Q posts this: Imgur1

Think missile? Q is obviously talking about the missile launched by JB’s network at Air Force One on June 10 2018 and that he posted about 2 days later: Imgur2.

We know from Q1479 and my previous posts

how John Brennan’s network used external spying platforms like China to illegally export military tech and intelligence enabling them to hijack US submarines and aircrafts. It is in this context this missile was launched in an attempt to assassinate Trump on June 10 2018 as he was on his way to Singapore. We know from Q1729 and Q1730 this missile was stopped by F16s using classified weaponry. Imgur3.

Now why is Q pointing in this direction while displaying the image of a Bombardier Q400? What is the time difference between these two events? August 10 2018 – June 10 2018 = 61 days. Do you remember? What is 61? Do you remember Trump’s speech about the farmers, where I told you he announced Q was about to break his silence and post soon? Here, watch for 30 seconds: video. Yes, 61 is the gematria of Qanon! Coincidence? No. Q is telling us this Bombardier Q400 is his response to the missile launched by the black hats 61 days before and that he is going to bomb the hell out of them. Imgur4

Right on. Now that we know this, let’s take a closer look to extract Q comms.

First, Richard “Beebo” Russell used to run a bakery on the Oregon Coast. link1.

A bakery? So Beebo was an Oregon Coast baker? Where are the crumbs?! 8chan, did you hear this?! Hahaha! I love this! So Deep State, you thought you were the only ones with sleeper cells and operators with burner identities?

Second, we have all noticed Richard Russell is also the name of the USS Richard B. Russell submarine named after a democrat Senator who was a member of the Warren Commission that was set up to cover up the JFK assassination. Q is clearly signaling he picked this name to signify he knows the missile was launched from a submarine and for the purpose of assassinating POTUS.

Then, the aircraft took off at 7:32 PM and crashed at 8:47 PM. Time difference: 75 minutes. 75 can be written (3+2+2)(2+3). As you can see, we are still in the context of the opposition between Trump’s 23 and Skull and Bones 322.

Notice Ketron Island is located 25 miles south-west from the airport. 25=2+23. Again, the mirror of 322 Skull and Bones.

Coincidence? If you think these are coincidences, then listen to Beebo’s conversation with Air Traffic Control. link. What would be your explanation for him saying to the controller: “You are very calm, collect, poised,”? What is the gematria of this sentence? Yes: 322! Did you get the joke and the symbolism in this exchange? Q is saying our former “controllers” are 322 Skull and Bones… Slick… Look, Mockingbird media picked up on this, they know exactly what is going on, some of them are trained to understand the comms: Imgur5

How about when Beebo says he has a “few screws loose”? Gematria? 187. This whole operation with the Q400 and the 2 F15s was a 187 targeting black hat assets located in Ketron Island and its vicinity.

Now do you want the icing on the cake? What if I told you this Bombardier Q400 operation was announced by our Commander in Chief, POTUS himself? Yes. POTUS. He subtly announced it in his July 31 2018 Tampa speech where I told you he gave us a crash course on the comms and how to use gematria. Let’s listen again until 45:15. video3. Here is the transcript: Imgur6.

What do you notice? Do you see this “But I made choices that I wouldn’t have made”? Do you see it is completely out of context and looks like it’s randomly hanging there? Unlike the other items, it cannot be tied to anything. Now listen to Beebo. He says: “I’ve got a lot of people that care about me. It’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this.” Beebo is seeming to echo Trump’s regrets on some of the choices he made. This is the first connection to Trump’s speech. Coincidence? Stretch? Then explain why Trump randomly says in his speech “overnight” and “Mike Pompeo”, gematria = 118. Then, Beebo says he is a “broken guy”. link2.

Gematria? Yes: 118. As you can see, to remove doubts, we are given not just one but two connections between the Commander in Chief’s speech in Tampa and this Q400/F15 military retaliatory operation targeting Ketron Island and its vicinity.

If Q gives us more information about this operation, I will share with you my findings about the Osmium element and how it is connected to the Q400 and Netflix… It seems Q will tell us more because he announces in Q1846 4 BOOMS that will happen [next week]. Gematria of “next week”? Yes 107. This Q400/F15 operation is just the beginning, Q has already “signed” 4 bombshells that will come out of it. Popcorn please.

Now where is Beebo? Was he even in the aircraft? Taking a closer look at the Q400 acrobatics, we can all safely assume he was not. You thought we would have had public access to his comms with Air Traffic Control if things were as presented? No. The communications would have been secured. The only reason we had access is because Q wanted us to gather the information allowing us to understand this was a secret military operation targeting Skull and Bones assets that were connected to the missile launch against Air Force One. The “stolen” Q400 was used to give the F15s and probably other military assets enough cover for them to do what they had to do and disintegrate the identified black hat positions.

Are you tired of winning yet?

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q


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